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  1. We love a legend @Royale yes!

  2. Ringing in the festive season with a new set!


  3. My dad's friend knows the Blind Man IRL I don't have any tea though
  4. The Pianist is so depressing, y'all. The Kite Runner is up next, and I've heard it's even worse.
  5. I feel so stupid right now because we talk every day and I never even knew you were a fellow writer. You're a master of imagery; this was so stimulating to the senses. I want more!
  6. 3d7b5d6.gif




    1. Brightflower


      what even is that from?

    2. Hermione


      @*Starlight* It's Danielle from Real Housewives of New Jersey!

  7. Hello beautiful, how is your Halloween going?


    1. WinnieIsFree


      Gr8t, how is your Halloween. Are you getting wasted tonight? cheer1

    2. Hermione


      You know it! Performing a seance with my squad to get in touch with Anna Nicole Smith. rih1

    3. WinnieIsFree


      awk1 that’s fucked up


      Contacting Whitney Houston as we speak, she told me Mariah is skinny yes


  8. I really needed this tonight. sob1


    1. Brightflower


      A bop to be honest

  9. omg change your set rip4

    1. #Music


      eat my lips


    2. Hermione


      I'm adblocking that pic rip4

    3. #Music


      block my avi


      make FOTP a better place


      for me & for you and the entire human race

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  10. Your member title cry7

    1. Kylie


      I'm so happy you finally saw it oprah4 

  11. Queen gearing up for 2020


  12. Your profile is making me sad. I miss you. :(

  13. YOUR SET. giveup1


    1. Royale


      You better stan! clap3 

  14. I was the queen bee of the Hogwarts Alliance (named after me once I sacrificed myself and told them to vote me out because I'm a full-time honors student with a budding social life and three part-time jobs ) so my low placement from last season is inconsequential and suggests nothing about how well I played the game! I still ran shit in the house.
  15. ...And we're back. Hello, ladies!


    1. Hermione


      Kenya is honestly so beautiful and it always gets overshadowed by the fact that she's mean sob1

  16. I'll be sitting this season out to give you guys a better shot at winning but I can't wait to be a viewer!
  17. I'm still logged into his ATRL account that I gave to him. Let me find the email address he changed it to and then send him a message telling him that BB7 is starting!
  18. Hermione


  19. Does anyone here know anything about astrology? Give me the tea on Leo and Virgo compatibility.


    1. TattooedHeart
    2. Hermione


      2 hours ago, BEAUX said:

      you guys might agree on things IF and i repeat it because some of y'all suddenly refuse to see it when we talk long-term relationships .. IF you both agreed to compromise... because the virgo's "i will keep to myself" nature will def. need to change (lbr now)... also the leo's ever-annoying "oh, they need to make an effort to win me" will have to be changed as well... 

      The leo will eventually take the 1st step because they are always key initiators of possibly everything...

      the sex will be bomb though ;) so there's that.

      My parents are leo and virgo so yeah.. i have to be honest and give you the tea1 , both are great but in relationships, you'd need some communication and understanding, like meet half-way. both of these signs are simply way too comfortable being self-sufficient and that's the truth tea most won't admit, knowing that and embracing it will let you know how to deal with it.

      Thank you. I could definitely compromise for the person I'm thinking of. I like independence in others and I'm very independent myself so the self-sufficient part won't bother me. I don't like being needed, I like being wanted.

    3. Saiga


      I'm leo and I've been seven years with a piscis... you shouldn't read into it. jj1 

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  20. 0267fe07-1b1f-494e-a335-78c649daa8b7.gif

    Image result for rhobh season 5 reunion gif

    1. Memorial Address

      Memorial Address

      Someone should edit the 2nd one to say "Because you don't get dick anymore, bitch."

  21. No, I haven't but this is excellent news. Do you have a source?
  22. I finally finished my terrifying philosophy midterm paper. sob1

    I'm going to bed for now but this thing has been hanging over my head for the past six weeks and I can't wait to catch up on celeb gossip, clean out my inbox on here, start working on my upcoming articles, begin figuring out my transfer plans, and generally just feel my stress levels decreasing (even though I have other assignments right around the corner  noway1).

    @Sylk @Taylor @Diamond @#Music @Dennis Reynolds @Starlight @Royale I will finally reply to y'all tomorrow. laughcry1

    1. Holiest Dreams

      Holiest Dreams

      King, good luck with everything!

    2. Quill


      I understand king! good luck! katyanna1

    3. Sylk


      Sending sylk kisses 

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  23. I liked the trailer and I'm still excited for the movie but I hate Kylo so much. Star Wars fangirls are doing the same thing to him that Potterheads did to Snape and Draco Malfoy where they turn them into heartthrobs and ignore all of their horrible qualities. Kylo's stans are delusional and unfortunately it seems like they're going to be very appeased this time around. I thought Rey/Finn was cute in The Force Awakens honestly. And I doubt that Finn/Poe will ever happen so I'm not getting my hopes up, but that would be even better. Just anyone but Rey/Kylo.