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  1. In that case, 10 points.
  2. Give it to @Kristina then
  3. I'm giving 30 points to @Anna-wa
  4. Yas quality!
  5. has all the answers.
  6. Discussion

    The moment she turned all her stans into bottoms.
  7. Discussion

    American Life is her best album.
  8. Yeah but the moment she drops something like 2 On she'll get ha smash hit I think.
  9. If she drops something similar to her early stuff (2 On, All Hands On Deck) she will be.
  10. Photos

    She looks like she just dropped out of college.
  11. Celeb News

    Y'all so dramatic.
  12. Celeb News

  13. Celeb News

    To me it was.
  14. Celeb News

    Oh I won't. Just wanted to use this gif.
  15. Also she's been liking a bunch of shady tweets about Remy.
  16. ABRA is such an amazing underrated artist! #BuyPRINCESS
  17. Photos

    I'm so excited to find out the twins' names, it's like waiting for an album title announcement.