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  1. Yaasss slay queen with your amazing ranking!
  2. Yas I can't wait to see it I'm glad we are 2 queens with great taste Sylk is underrated
  3. I try What's your ranking?
  4. 11: Emotions 10: Emancipation 9: Charmbracelet 8: Daydream 7: Mariah Carey 6: Butterfly 5: Rainbow 4: Music Box 3: E=MC 2: Memoirs 1: MIAM
  5. MIAM is underrated You don't know what to do is underrated daahhlling
  6. I want her new music to be kinda like a mix of Impossible Princess and Kylie + Garibay
  7. I like calling it Xtra Yas she can!
  8. welcome sis.

    Your nickname made me howl ngl dead3


    1. Kylie Is Underrated

      I'm just here to spill some tea because Kylie is what?

      Kylie is underrated

  9. Kylie is underrated Kylie can suck a dick Enjoy Yourself can suck a dick Rhythm of Love is underrated Let's Get To It is underrated KM94 is underrated Impossible Princess is underrated and needs to happen again Light Years is underrated Fever is underrated and ALL of the bonus tracks are underrated ESPECIALLY Tightrope Body Language is kinda overrated X kinda deserves whatever it gets Aphrodite is underrated Kiss Me Once us underrated Kylie is underrated
  10. Giiirrrlllllllll what is this ranking?? Memoirs and MIAM deserve JUSTICE This is the tea