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  1. Celeb News Zayn Malik November 1st book date

    He's hot so I'll get it
  2. Celeb News Tinashe releasing 'Company' This Friday

    Yaaassss Tinashe is underrated
  3. Ranking Gaga's Albums

    Yaasss slay queen with your amazing ranking!
  4. Discussion No one knows Britney has a new album...

    Britney is underrated
  5. Game Make Britney's Discography (released & unreleased) into an 11 Track Album

    1: Touch Of My Hand 2: Showdown 3: 3 4: BOMT 5: Stronger 6: Strangest Love 7: Everytime 8: Gimme More 9: Break The Ice 10: MATM 11: Change Your Mind
  6. Album Britney's "Glory" sold almost 300K WW

    Yas Britney yaaaasss
  7. Discussion Do you agree that "Ghosttown" deserved greater success?

    Ghosttown is underrated Whoever does not agree can go suck a dick
  8. General News Hedge Fund manager pulled in to fix Chipotle's sinking ship

    I got an enema for that
  9. General News Hedge Fund manager pulled in to fix Chipotle's sinking ship

    I am a bottom so I can't eat it anyways
  10. Photos Britney for Flaunt Magazine

    A lot of it is very tragic
  11. The Festive Lounge

    Yas I can't wait to see it I'm glad we are 2 queens with great taste Sylk is underrated
  12. The Festive Lounge

    I try What's your ranking?
  13. The Festive Lounge

    11: Emotions 10: Emancipation 9: Charmbracelet 8: Daydream 7: Mariah Carey 6: Butterfly 5: Rainbow 4: Music Box 3: E=MC 2: Memoirs 1: MIAM
  14. The Festive Lounge

    MIAM is underrated You don't know what to do is underrated daahhlling
  15. The Legends Only Lounge

    I want her new music to be kinda like a mix of Impossible Princess and Kylie + Garibay