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  1. here

    What should I eat / drink after food poisoning? It's been a couple of days and my stomach still bloats after I eat basically anything.

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    2. Red

      the BRAT diet. 


      I had a bad stomach flu randomly one day with vomiting. It stopped after I got IV, but I let my stomach readjust for a day or two.


      Things you can eat:

      Apple sauce




      Plain Potatoes




      Basically bland and full of starch jj2 

    3. Chris Morlock

      @Design google said this:

      The National Institutes of Health recommends mild foods like broth, soup, fruit juices, soft fruits, vegetables, and liquid solutions like Pedialyte, and against eating foods high in dairy, fat, fiber, and sugar. Another recommended course is the BRATdiet – bananas, rice, applesauce, toast

    4. Driven

      Ginger Ale and Tea

  2. here

    I wish more pop songs of today would have the same quirk that this track has. Or maybe I'm not just keeping up with the times that well enough jj2


  3. here

    This song makes me ridiculously happy.


  4. That's somewhat the idea though
  5. Vroom Vroom was the one of the best alternative pop EP's of the year tho
  6. here

    after you liked my status, i was very surprised that anyone actually bothered, so I visited your profile, and all I can say is that I do feel like you have a wonderful music taste lj1 followed ya tea2

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    2. Nocturn

      Kate Bush and Grace Jones. gaga13  Can't wait for Grace's new album. She is working on it forever. jj3 And I want to read her book. lj1 

      I heard one or two songs by Yello. Not my cup of tea. eve1 

      Yes at  The B-52's and La Roux. jj2 

      I like a few songs by Neon Indian. 

    3. Design

      Yeah, Kate Bush is probably my permanent fave, I connect to her music on a spiritual level oprah7 And I honestly wish I had at least 1% of coolness that Grace has wat1

    4. Nocturn

      Kate Bush is so good with emotions. She never fails to capture different feelings though lyrics, music and her voice. She is empathic too. And her music is such an inspiration. There are many artists I stan, but nobody's music is inspirational like Kate's. I wish she makes music more often.



  7. here


  8. here

    What a lovely sound cloud1 gaga13


  9. EDM is dead and retired by now and is only popular within fuckboys though
  10. Yeah, it was great. But... OH, I REMEMBERED. Yeah, damn right it was great.