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  1. Okay, so I listened to this album, and, well, um... I'll need to listen to it again, I think.
  2. here

    happy birthday to me sass5 bey6 wendy1

    1. Sylk

      Happy Birthday!!

    2. Vulnicura.

      Happy birthday! 


  3. here

    I almost sh*t my pants when I saw that this entire album was uploaded to YouTube. cry7


  4. Well, missed this, as usual. Was partying last night, so that's that. Hopefully I'll make it next week, because for me, Sky of Honey > Sea of Honey.
  5. Good ol' Kate, poppin' the corns and feedin' the children.
  6. Honestly underrated. Like, when I first heard the song, I couldn't stop listening to it because it's just such great musical comedy, and the video did not disappoint me, oh, at all.
  7. Omg, just found this, sign me up. (If it is time to submit votes, then igmore me this round ) I'm all about discovering new music and (hopefully) finding something that I might end up enjoying.
  8. here

    There are certain songs that have something within them that remind you of your best summer days as a child and everything seems so simple again. cry7

  9. I don't who the models are, but I do know that the photographer is Serge Lutens All of his photographs have this outlandish esotheric feel in them that I can't possibly explain by words.
  10. here

    God bless the people who are finally uploading full Pizzicato Five albums to YT. cry6


  11. here

    So, yesterday I watched "Gaga: Five Foot Two" and it left a weird taste in my mouth. I suppose I don't relate to her world and persona at all, but I do appreciate her hard-work ethic (even if I don't find her actual work interesting anymore).

  12. Yeah, that's the thing, it's a great album when not having any expectations whatsoever, so I'ma resist talking about it for now.
  13. Oop, I missed it... again This is my least favourite Kate album, actually, so I'm not that pressed that I missed this. However, can you inform me like a day early when you'll be listening to Aerial? Because, bITCH, that album is totally worth losing my night's sleep.
  14. here

    yes please