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  1. Design here

    Chromatica III is my favourite track from the album. Now bury me alive. brit13

  2. No no, it's just a joke (but still a pretty good one, innit? ) And hope you get better soon! Stay strong, boo
  3. this tweet no lies told tho
  4. I didn't think she could make a better project than "Charli" just within the time period that she had... BUT SHE DID. Big big BIG respect for her producers and creative team, this has been a journey. Also, Fantano better give this album a goddamn 10
  5. Design


    Wow, so weird to see Good In Bed being rated as the least enjoyable by many, 'cuz it's my favourite non-single, actually Or for now, at least
  6. Design here

    graphic design is her passion


  7. Design


    I'm not usually into commercial pop, but what she did with all of the 3 releases... Honey, I'm hooked and booked. I wish that there will be more quirky, weird, new-wave inspired tracks like "Future Nostalgia", because I never thought I'd hear something like that from Dua Lipa. I am what? PerchedT. Also, Hugo Comte working on all of the album photoshoots... Ugh, I love and live (he also did the photography for Caroline Polachek's "Pang", for those wondering).
  8. Design


    Ok, the song is like a 7/10, but the visuals, especially the single artwork, is like a 10000/10. Makes me feel excited on what the album has to offer at it's most experimental. Altho with Gaga, it's always best not to judge a book by it's cover, but... a bitch is hopeful.
  9. Design here

    SHYGIRL is about to blow up, mark my words cry7


  10. Not your typical pop list, but here goes nothing Kate Bush - Hounds of Love; The Dreaming Pizzicato Five - This Year's Girl; Romantique '96 Sophie - Oil Of Every Pearl's Un-Insides Kero Kero Bonito - Bonito Generation; Time 'n' Place Fantastic Plastic Machine - Luxury Daft Punk - Discovery Tyler, The Creator - Flower Boy Grimes - Visions Todd Terje - It's Album Time Deee-Lite - Infinity Within The B-52's - Self-titled Neon Indian - Vega Intl. Night School the taste
  11. Design here

    hi, I haven't been here for like 84 years, but I just wanted to share this joy of a song with my fellow gays bey6



    1. Venom

      Literal Legend outsold

  12. Design here

    A star is porn.




    1. Chris Morlock

      Porn is Good for the Soul kesha8 

  13. Design here



    1. xoticvvitch



  14. Design

    Thank-you. I mean, but really, when you think about it, Sophie's music (and more or less the PC Music gang too) have been taking an ironic approach to the current or past pop trends. GFOTY's music is probably the best example. Like, "Friday Night's" lyrics just basically being about going to a club just to suck some dicks in a bathroom stall and hook-up with multiple guys, which are being contrasted by the jittery-energetic techno-inspired beat and melody. I mean, familiar things can be said about Charli's "Vroom Vroom", or QT's "Hey QT", which was basically a hyperbolized parody of the then-current minimal-future-house trends.