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  1. gonegirl


    THIS is taste.
  2. gonegirl


    you've got impeccable taste !!
  3. this is FANTAZTIC
  4. gonegirl


    i'm so down for this
  5. gonegirl


    i would say ARTPOP. i think it's well-rounded since it addresses both fame, art, culture, and personal experiences, but through a lens that no other artist has done. also production >>
  6. gonegirl


    i love that she honors them. not only do they deserve the honor but i'm glad respects them
  7. gonegirl


    its "for amy and for whitney" right???
  8. gonegirl


    they all have SUCH distinct sounds and atmospheres to them so it's so hard to choose. born to die is such an iconic debut -- it's still charting!! paradise tells such a distinct story and shows a side of lana i really love ultraviolence was the one i voted for simply because imo it's flawless and sounds like no other piece of music at least that i've ever heard honeymoon is so so so atmospheric and beautiful lust for life feels so full-circle and tells lana's story from such a new and refreshing perspective SOOO all-around a difficult decision and ultraviolence only wins because it sounds the least like anything else.
  9. i imagine somewhat of a narrative?? the pretty intro of basically ariana just talking to her fans, prefacing the album. then we enter the more uplifting, high-spirited part of the album (i.e. be alright and focus). then we shift to a more "sassy" pop type section (i.e. step on up, greedy, into you). following those lowkey romantic fast-paced songs, we shift into a more moody love driven part of the album (i.e. forever boy, let me love you, thinking bout you, sometimes) then i don't care and moonlight kind of round out the album, addressing both romantic love and self love that we saw bits of in the intro / first section. intro (baby loves) be alright focus step on up greedy into you forever boy let me love you thinking bout you sometimes i don't care moonlight
  10. gonegirl


    • i did something bad • so it goes... • call it what you want but it’s really really hard to pick favs. these are really just the ones i’ve listened to the most
  11. gonegirl

    this song deserved to break every record
  12. gonegirl


    i need something conceptual! with some r&b / dark influences. i want something sexy and slinky and raw
  13. gonegirl


    the lead will either be explicit and zero substance (cough cough bad decisions) OR be clean with a real sensual meaning (i.e. her breathe on me / touch of my hand)