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  1. Dua Lipa.
  2. Yay at this returning! I can't wait to see how the top 10 album charts will look like!
  3. Double post.
  4. After hearing the glorious Beach Boys cover, I went to check out the original Stevie Wonder cover and I'm glad. ♥


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    2. Coca-Cola

      hopefully that album can make you a fan yas1


    3. absinthe

      @Coca-Cola Listening to the tracks in random order and I'm liking them a lot. :D 

    4. Coca-Cola

      yes antm1


  5. Discussion

    Apart from a few songs, I don't know much of their discography. However, I am checking out their albums right now.
  6. Discussion

    I'm more into electronic music - late 70s to early 80s new wave to be exact - but pop is great.
  7. So much MJ, stan.
  8. Michael Jackson: Off The Wall Thriller Bad Dangerous Susumu Hirasawa: Water in Time and Space The Ghost in Science Virtual Rabbit AURORA P-MODEL: In a Model Room LANDSALE Potpourri Perspective Another Game Karkador P-MODEL big body DEVO: Are We Not Men? We Are Devo! Duty Now for the Future Freedom of Choice The Jacksons: Destiny Triumph