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  1. You literally tagged me in NHB to ask me who I am and I replied but okay lol And not you overlooking the receipt I just posted about you being wrong. You're the one who posted something dumb :rip:
  2. You're the thick one. Even if I don't count the covers or her giving away a song like I Pray to some flop artist, there are still 7 entirely new song lmao, far from two. And not you trying to tell me to stop logging in. You're still pressed like 2 years ago when you used to rant about me in that COP server :cringe: some things never change. Btw I never was the one who f*tshamed you, don't know why you're so obsessed with me. And not the 2 remaining Lambs on fotp liking your reply with a blatant lie, did they even hear the Rarities themselves @Bionic-AHHH! @Billie Frank:rip: Bold = entire
  3. two new recordings? gurl there are at least 10 new songs, more new tracks than the Caution album :rip:
  4. So did your fave. No mask, even worse. And not a Lamb trying to drag someone for having chubby cheeks :rip:
  5. Lmao Rarities IS marketed as a new album. She even has a book to tie it too, which means more promo lol Barbra Streisand in her 70s also released a rarities album Release Me in 2012 (with songs as old as the 60s) and it debuted at #7 on the charts. Mariah's Rarities debuted at #31.
  6. Mixed voice also comes from the diaphragm lmao you have no clue what you're talking about lol. And there's a difference between doing one line properly and doing an entire song properly.
  7. You're the one constantly writing essays about morality as if the goal of BG isn't to diss pop girls. It's like if I go eat at McDonalds and I keep telling people they shouldn't eat junk food.
  8. Keep in mind it's an album full of new songs. Stevie Nicks released a rarities album a few years ago and it debuted in the top 10 with 33k. And Stevie is a lot older. Why did she flop?
  9. stay out of BG if you can't deal with this kind of threads crybaby
  10. I never said she has terrible technique and is the devil. Your bestie said Mariah is superior to Celine and I said what was not perfect in her technique. and you had a meltdown
  11. Gurl no, context is just you using everything as excuses for her. Smoking doesn't help, but many vocalists smoked like Aretha, Dionne, Sarah Vaughan, Whitney etc and it doesn't affect your technique to control your chest, mixed voice and head voice (underdeveloped for Mariah). Whitney also had nodules at some point and could outsing Mariah in 98 lol. and Dionne still has good control of her chest voice at 80 lol It's muscles and coordination. Mariah can sound good but her muscle coordination is underdeveloped.
  12. The never-ending nodules excuse lol She has nodules cuz she pushes her voice to reach whistle notes and you know it. Even Vision of Love sounds sloppy now. Regine can do the Daydream version at age 50 easily cuz she has good chord closure. Mariah struggled to sing Whenever You Call live in her prime and Regine can do it at 50.
  13. Just because she used to be able to sing with more support doesn't mean she doesn't use it to make up for her crumbling voice. Deep down you know I'm right but whatever. And don't bring up age cuz older vocalists can sing their entire old classics with amazing stamina in one breath. and you settle for this as the 'standard'
  14. It's actually objective. The whistle register is not even a supported register, it's not even considered musical. She just switches to WR whenever she tries to divert the attention from her lack of breath support. And her WR is very pitchy and uncontrolled now