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  1. MSL

    Yes lol Xtina was much bigger than Ariana and Demi please. The GP instantly loved Xtina and gave her 3 #1s in her DEBUT era.
  3. the SCREAM I let out. SylegendK did THAT
  4. how would it have done? I think Shallow and I'll Never Love Again could easily be P!nk songs tbh, they suit her voice better than Gaga. I'm not a huge P!nk fan but I appreciate and respect her. I think the movie could have been huge for her
  5. MSL

    yeah overly defensive mariah fans. Everyone forgot about those pics and I simply said it looked exactly like her instagram pic from 2016 that are still there 3 years later. Mariah would have deleted them if she cared...
  6. mess u stan Gaga. Anyway Haley was just joking, i made a dramatic title. Have u listened to her Gaga You and I performance on Idol?