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  1. ICEQueen

    Ugh! I love my polarizing fave! Makes for a more interesting career and music. Mariah's career (beautiful voice) is a flatline of a career, you know what to expect from her every single time. Rather boring.
  2. ICEQueen

    Las vegas = retirement/music career in the toilet/zero demand World wide aka Local.
  3. ICEQueen

    Research?! Aren't you the one that opened that Wikipedia thread? Now that is research!
  4. ICEQueen

    Bitter, Why because we make fun of gaga? Don't monsters make fun of Madonna all the time, are they not bitter? The double standards
  5. ICEQueen

    Oh Yeah, I forgot her made up illnesses and lies.
  6. ICEQueen

    It means she is an overrated mess of a performer. I see you monsters drag and make fun of Katy, Britney etc for doing the same uninspired and clumsy performances.
  7. ICEQueen

    Payola, ha power!
  8. ICEQueen

    Who is looking at her show? That gif its all over the internet and other forms. Who has time to watch this bish make a fool of herself yet again?!
  9. ICEQueen

    Omg What is funny is the mental gymnastics (Ironic huh?) that the little delusionals go thru to justify this mess. Her whole career has been like this, mess after mess. I really hope she gets the Oscars for BA cause her career as a pop star and performer is almost nonexistent nowadays.
  10. For Tv show not a motion picture. Try again.
  11. ICEQueen

    At 54 Years of age.
  12. ICEQueen

    She is joke!!
  13. ICEQueen

    When you are a dedicated performer and not a half assed, overrated wannabe, it shows
  14. ICEQueen

    Gaga sis why even try?!
  15. ICEQueen

    The poor, poor attempt