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  1. Oh I assumed that something had been set since everyone started posting Time to crawl back into my pit
  2. What is happening?
  3. Oh. Pretty bummed about that. Well RIP I guess
  4. Did anything get discussed...?
  5. Well this tanked RIP I guess
  6. wtf is happening
  7. I just think it's too much if that's the case tbh. I can appreciate being sensitive about it and it makes sense for Manchester but to skip it everywhere that has had any kind of bomb scare/incident is just extra... I guarantee nobody would've blinked over her playing it in London.
  8. Yeah but it wasn't successful & no one was killed. It makes sense for Manchester because of the nature of it being a concert etc but if she's going to skip it in every city that has had some attack then very few cities in Europe will get to hear it. I kinda think it's oversensitive and she should just play it (if that is the reason it's being skipped)
  9. I initially thought that but I saw her in London, the second night of the tour. It was really good but that's one of my favs so I was kinda pissed that it's apparently been snubbed.
  10. So I saw Lorde last night and she didn't even play Homemade Dynamite wtf
  11. Georgie </3 breaks my heart to see you step down as a player because you constantly wow me and I love you so much! But I'm glad that you will be around in some capacity whether it's sharing your work or being a part of MC. Don't be a stranger sis!
  12. The good sis Midnight will go down a la Original Doll, a mythical piece of work that never sees the light of day. Was it a real album? An urban myth? We will never know.
  13. Midnight was set to drop tomorrow
  14. I been ready for WEEKS when can we start
  15. Belinda is already resident CALown tho we don't need another ;(