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  1. Katy My Sass Queen


    It's fake. The director or whoever wasn't aware Katy has been using lips since 2017
  2. I can't see her suprise dropping KP5...we need the hype! I just hope she really is touring next year like she said back in December 2018 to that KatyCat on FaceTime. She supposedly has arenas booked in Latin America for next year...
  3. Katy My Sass Queen

  4. Katy My Sass Queen

    She did NOT force a kiss on that American Idol. He clearly said it was planned. His words were taken outta context. Why the hell are people bringing this up.
  5. Teenage Dream Claims Katy Sexually Assaulted Him Josh Kloss made a lengthly post and it's probably BS! He claims Katy sexually assaulted him and literally the comments are a mess. You have people including Markus and Johnny defending her and other people believing him.
  6. Katy My Sass Queen

    Celeb News

    She’s lost 🤦🏼‍♀️
  7. Katy My Sass Queen


  8. Katy My Sass Queen


    Why is this person giving so much info...can't they get into trouble for this... I ain't believing nothing until it's actually confirmed by Katy herself not some random on some forum.
  9. Katy My Sass Queen

    Celeb News

    https://www.majorcadailybulletin.com/news/local/2019/07/25/56481/orlando-and-katy-splash-out-majorca.html This is old... 1) the article says "girlfriend" and not fiancé 2) They JUST got back from France like last week...
  10. Katy My Sass Queen

    Celeb News

    This is fake. Katy's been in Majorca, Spain with Orlando and friends on a yacht since Monday
  11. Katy My Sass Queen

    Celeb News

    It's past midnight in France and we have yet to see any pics of this...
  12. Anyone know how many albums Katy has to make under Capitol Records before she decides to leave them (if she does)?
  13. Katy LOVES touring and meeting KC's. She literally told a KC on facetime back in December she was touring in 2020...mind you this was said before she got engaged, so she could've changed her mind (which I doubt she has...) why would she say to a KC that she's touring next year and then doesn't...She can always go the HKT route and have a tour start in February 2020 and end in November 2020...that tour was short. Katy got so much **** during the Witness era, I don't blame her for saying this.
  14. Katy looking gorgeous in new Instagram video posted by her hairstylist, Rick Henry
  15. Katy My Sass Queen


    Can't Katy just enjoy her vacation with her family without the stupid paps snapping their photos from single time...