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  1. Katy My Sass Queen

  2. Katy My Sass Queen

    She did NOT force a kiss on that American Idol. He clearly said it was planned. His words were taken outta context. Why the hell are people bringing this up.
  3. Katy My Sass Queen


    Am I the only one who finds it stupid that there's an "update" account on twitter/instagram for Katy and Orlando... I'm sure Katy and Orlando would find it dumb that there is someone who literally stalks them on social media. Like most of their tweets/posts are their comments to each other...and them posting photos of Orlando's son when his with them and not covering his face (Orlando covers his face for a reason when he posts photos)
  4. Katy My Sass Queen

    Katy IS bisexual...
  5. Katy My Sass Queen

    Celeb News

    I saw a tweet saying it was taken at Taylor's NYC apartment
  6. Katy My Sass Queen

    nope! she's def not the worst. she has so much energy on stage and has great stage presence.
  7. Katy My Sass Queen


    Did Katy get a new tattoo or they just 3 moles on her leg...
  8. Katy My Sass Queen


    I still believe we're getting KP5 this year and tour in 2020.
  9. Katy My Sass Queen


    People think Katy's pregnant cause of her last IG post and that's not what she meant.
  10. Katy My Sass Queen


    Then don't watch? Unfollow Katy cause she'll be live tweeting every week until it's done.
  11. Katy My Sass Queen

    Celeb News

    Ok and? this does not look like a dog at all. this looks like a regular drawstring bag and Orlando has a proper dog bag to put him but he's too dumb to even use it.
  12. Katy My Sass Queen

    Celeb News

    that damn dog is literally STUFFED in that stupid bag like a ******* toy.
  13. Katy My Sass Queen


    Orlando is canceled. I hate him.
  14. https://twitter.com/nicky_christie/status/1103909009092825088 Orlando Bloom is officially canceled. I lost respect and I hate his *** after this. This is the man Katy's about to marry and I feel bad for her and Nugget.