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  1. Music vs American Life Impressive Instant vs Hollywood Runaway Lover vs I'm So Stupid I Deserve It vs Love Profusion Amazing vs Nobody Knows Me Nobody's Perfect vs Nothing Fails Don't Tell Me vs Intervention What It Feels Like For A Girl vs X-Static Process Paradise (Not For Me) vs Mother and Father Gone vs Die Another Day American Pie vs Easy Ride Music: 7 AL: 4 Just like the MDNA vs Rebel Heart game, that was what I expected
  2. Living For Love/Girl Gone Wild Devil Pray/Gang Bang Ghosttown/I'm Addicted Unapologetic Bitch/Turn Up The Radio Illuminati/Give Me All Your Luvin Bitch I'm Madonna/Some Girls Hold Tight/Superstar Joan Of Arc/I Don't Give A Iconic/I'm A Sinner HeartbreakCity/Love Spent Body Shop/Masterpiece Holy Water/Falling Free Inside Out/Beautiful Killer Wash All Over Me/I Fucked Up Best Night/B-Day Song Veni Vidi Vici/Best Friend S.E.X./Give Me All Your Luvin' (Party Rock Remix) Messiah/Love Spent (Acoustic) Rebel Hea
  3. Zelda Breath of the Wild and Sonic Mania are the games that I'm playin' right now!
  4. I really hope she'll do that one day, there are a lot of known demos that are still left to be leaked: 28 songs!! Worth of 2 albums! I'd love her to release those someday!
  5. Thanks for the advices. The objective of the rediscover mixes are to be similar to the originals, so I can't change it too much, but I'll take some of these in consideration! @Chris Morlock thanks I'll see what I can do, though I generally don't use elements that aren't from the original songs.
  6. Completely agree, it's barely in my Top 10, definitely not Top 5 material.
  7. Hi everyone! As you may have noticed, I have been doing "Rediscover" versions of Britney's albums for the past few months. Good news: Glory is next on my to-do list and I've already begun working on it! I started to do a Rediscover Mix of Slumber Party, however I'm not sure that I'm taking the song to the right direction. I usually don't share my unfinished work, but I really need your opinion, so here's a 40s snippet of it: Please help me!
  8. Yes I remember! The Ask Anything Chat!
  9. When will the Hard Candy Top 5 start?
  10. oops! actually saw your request just NOW, will do it asap!