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  1. The Great Gatsby was based in the 1920s. You know what else took place in a 20's decade?

    1. Hylia

      Is it season 2 of FOTP Survivor by @error404

  2. I ventured onto r/nosleep and there was a new story posted. I clicked on it and all it had was a link to your profile. Truly the scariest thing posted on that subreddit to date. #Speakeasy

  3. Valentines Day is soon. The 1920s were a fun decade.

    1. Daenerys

      please be my valentine 

    2. Princess Aurora

      Oh no, don't say that. The 1920s ended up with a huge Economic Crash so no thank you

    3. Hylia

      9 hours ago, Princess Aurora said:

      Oh no, don't say that. The 1920s ended up with a huge Economic Crash so no thank you

      The way I screamed

  4. give me your disney+ login information

    1. Luca

      Bold of you to assume I have Disney+

    2. Big Brother Live Feeds

      omg oomf is that poor.... pick a struggle

  5. Big Brother Live Feeds


    1. Daenerys

      oh how i've missed you

  7. Big Brother Live Feeds

    Don't vote for Hyun.
  8. Big Brother Live Feeds

    Live Feed Update After the veto ceremony, @RihannaRTT says to @Liam that it's obvious he is too much of a threat to keep around so his move makes sense. Liam says that he is not a threat in the slightest. He continues by saying that his one sided rivalry is borderline creepy and he needs to get checked ASAP. Rih says that the rivalry is not one sided and in fact stems all the way back from BB1. Liam looks confused and annoyed then screams "season one?! You are still mad about something from season one?!" Rih says yes and that he vowed to get revenge on him one day and now is his chance. Liam says that he missed the chance and will be leaving the house next anyways so he can sto with the nonsense. @Michael. sits on the couch, watching the argument all unfold, but he then starts to fall asleep. That's when @Skyline comes over with @Sylk and they both start to draw dicks on his face. Sylk then writes the entire "cock is my favorite taste..." monologue on Michael's forehead. @Maraj sits in the lounge room with @Hyun., @Cosmic, @Justin Bieber and @Alex.. Maraj says that he doesn't understand why everyone is targeting him all of a sudden, especially when there are much bigger threats like Skyline or @Daenerys. Hyun says that they need to take care of Daenerys after his shooting star advantage wears off at the final ten. Alex says that it's gonna suck dealing with Daenerys for the next few days while they wait for his power to wear off. Cosmic says that Daenerys will probably use it on the final day he can and take one of them out. Justin says that the cards they were dealt in this game have sucked so far. They all agree and say that this has been the hardest season so far and they really thought their entire alliance could really make it to the final ten together while steam rolling through their competition. Hyun says that they can blame Daenerys for blowing their games up so early like he did. Justin says that they will have their revenge one day.
  9. Big Brother Live Feeds

    you aren't? that's news to me!
  10. Big Brother Live Feeds

  11. Big Brother Live Feeds

    Fan Ranking Italics mean they have been evicted 1. @Daenerys 2. @Michael. 3. @Skyline 4. @Maraj 5. @Diamond 6. @Hyun. 7. @Kuba 8. @RihannaRTT 9. @barbiej33p 10. @Saiga 11. @Cosmic 12. @Sylk 13. @Aidan. 14. @Tomás 15. @Zachary 16. @Alex. 17. @Justin Bieber 18. @Royale 19. @Rachel Berry 20. @Royalty 21. @Liam 22. @Milk 23. @Luca. 24. @Power Dutchess 25. @Lachlan 26. @Taylor 27. @Hermione