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  1. i'm exposing you and your rigged bb9 votes tomorrow. cashapp me $50 and a gift card for olive garden by tomorrow afternoon and I won't reveal all.

    1. Hyun.

      let's do it baby i know the law... wouldn't be the first thing i rigged in my favor


    2. Big Brother Live Feeds

      screenshot. prepare for the nhb thread and discord lashings.


    3. Hyun.

      oh no the discord clique will come for me, whatever will i do?


  2. lets run over hyun together


    1. Daenerys

      No jury can save him now


    2. Big Brother Live Feeds

      no jury, no hannah, no clique, nothing. he's truly over.


    3. Daenerys

      3x BB winner... Hyun in the pool crying


  3. i wanna get freaky on camera


    1. Big Brother Live Feeds

      my lens is getting foggy xx

  4. um seeing all the other comments left on pages... you didn't mention my 2x winning status which no one has done. how come? should i unsign up?


  5. next bb loser

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    2. Divine

      if you don’t play............

    3. Hyun.

      bring back team america i love my puzzles

  6. camera zoom intensifies

  7. floater

    1. tomás

      like the ones on ur back

    2. Big Brother Live Feeds

      shut up and sign up for bb9

  8. FOTP user Hylia has never won a single season of FOTP Big Brother. He came close one season but due to a few betrayals, he failed to secure the bag. And every day, we’re thankful for that. In LuranusLur we trust. Amen.