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  1. i'm exposing you and your rigged bb9 votes tomorrow. cashapp me $50 and a gift card for olive garden by tomorrow afternoon and I won't reveal all.

    1. Hyun.

      let's do it baby i know the law... wouldn't be the first thing i rigged in my favor


    2. Big Brother Live Feeds

      screenshot. prepare for the nhb thread and discord lashings.


    3. Hyun.

      oh no the discord clique will come for me, whatever will i do?


  2. lets run over hyun together


    1. Daenerys

      No jury can save him now


    2. Big Brother Live Feeds

      no jury, no hannah, no clique, nothing. he's truly over.


    3. Daenerys

      3x BB winner... Hyun in the pool crying


  3. Big Brother Live Feeds

    we did nothing you obsessed FREAK. this is harassment. leave me alone or else my lawyers will be in contact and a restraining order will be filed.
  4. Big Brother Live Feeds

    blame hyun for my absence
  5. Big Brother Live Feeds

    Not this fight in the middle of my last update...
  6. Big Brother Live Feeds

    Live Feeds Update The final three of @Billie @Hyun. and @Daenerys gather in the kitchen and pop their final bottle of champagne. They start reminiscing on the past season and all of the characters they had to deal with and inevitably evict. Billie takes a sip from his champagne glass and says @StrippedX would be proud of them for drinking. Hyun says StrippedX had a serious problem and should consider going to rehab after the finale. Daenerys says he could meet with his fellow Xtina stan @Habits in the facility too. Billie says Habits is definitely going to an insane asylum after he’s reported for using that Sarah Paulson pic nonstop. They begin walking over to the memory wall and notice how everyone’s picture is black and white now, except for theirs of course. Billie says several people on that wall deserved to be there still. Daenerys laughs and asks who and Billie says @RihannaRTT. Hyun says that RihannaRTT was a great player but he had to take him out ASAP or else it would be his own picture in black and white. Daenerys says he’s thankful for the house meeting because it gave him the perfect excuse to really start playing. Hyun says he isn’t thankful because it gave him stress hives and it’s what started @Madonna’s daily tirade against the Speakeasy members. Daenerys calls Madonna a bitter old hag who just blames all of his in-game fumbles on everyone else. Billie agrees and says he thought it was funny at first but it got stale fast. While they walk to the living room, the conversation continues with the Speakeasy. Daenerys mentions how dumb @Luca was the minute the jury phase hit. Hyun says Luca is a terrible liar. Billie says that’s one of the reasons why @edwinfg tried evicting Luca, that and because he wanted the safety. Daenerys says that week was truly the catalyst for the seasons biggest mess. Hyun says the most annoying mess to deal with was @Alexx’s season long obsession with him. Billie asks where that feud even came from and Hyun yells that he has no idea and that it all started when Alexx nominated him out of nowhere. Billie says Alexx making it to final five was really impressive but Daenerys says Alexx was a sheep so it wasn’t all that surprising to him that he made it far. While they walk to the bedrooms, Billie says “funny you mention sheep because didn’t you have @Hylia, @Cosmic and @Maraj?” Daenerys says yes but Luca being dumb got rid of Hylia, Cosmic sacrificed himself, and getting rid of Maraj was simply due to not wanting to betray his day one. Hyun says that Maraj said since day one that he didn’t want any alliances so he shouldn’t have expected any loyalty at the end of the day. Billie laughs and says they are two cut throat bitches. The trio walk to the backyard and remember all of the competitions and kiis they had back there. Hyun remembers @Winnie. scaling the wall like a demon and his weird obsession with Madonna. Speaking of trolls, Daenerys asks what the deal with @mylifelies was. Hyun says he thinks she was a robot that was malfunctioning so the producers found a use for her by making her a houseguest. Billie says they should have pushed her in the pool to see if she malfunctioned. Hyun says “speaking of the pool, I still can’t believe they put us in there with swarms of electric eels and piranhas.” Daenerys says his favorite competition was the spinning thing you find on playgrounds. Billie says seeing everyone swing around on hotdogs was a cackle. Hyun says seeing everyone fall off the tightrope at the beginning of the game was his favorite competition. They re-enter the house and look at the memory wall one last time. They see @Simón. and ask if he deserved to be taken out first, look at @Ariana and blame him for Madonna sticking around for so much longer, look at @Freaky Prince and laugh at him being lost every day, they look at everyone else and say they’re forgettable. They then walk into the living room and clink their glasses together for one last cheers and yell “to final three!”
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    anything for you papi
  8. Big Brother Live Feeds

    well for one:
  9. Big Brother Live Feeds

    bitch if you don’t WAIT
  10. Big Brother Live Feeds

    Hello everyone. @Luca was a member of the Speakeasy. Due to his eviction, the HOH that took him out, @RihannaRTT, will be safe from the next eviction.
  11. Big Brother Live Feeds

    Fan Ranking *Italics indicate an evicted houseguest* 1. @RihannaRTT 2. @Hyun. 3. @Daenerys 4. @Luca 5. @edwinfg 6. @Maraj 7. @Billie 8. @StrippedX 9. @Madonna 10. @tomás 11. @Hylia 12. @Cosmic 13. @Alexx 14. @mylifelies 15. @Winnie. 16. @Habits 17. @Ariana 18. @Entea 19. @Freaky Prince 20. @Royale 21. @Quill 22. @Simón. 23. @Bhad Bharb
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    Jury House Update @edwinfg enters the house and it's completely quiet. Edwin assumes he has the house to himself so he begins to make himself at home. He claims his bedroom, makes himself a drink, and sits to play the Wii in the living room. After a few games, he then turns on the stereo and starts dancing to LOONA's newest comeback, So What. He dances, but not very well. Thankfully the producers caught every minute of it to distribute across the entire internet, humiliating him for decades to come. Suddenly, the lights go out. Edwin makes his way to the circuit breaker and turns it back on. He then starts dancing again when he hears the phone ring. This is odd since there are no phones in the jury house seeing as how houseguests are supposed to be secluded from the outside world. Edwin picks the phone up and hears deep breathing. He laughs then hangs the phone up. Edwin then turns around and sees @Winnie. standing directly behind him, holding a phone and breathing deeply. Edwin says hi and Winnie says it back and smiles. They start to talk about the game and how Edwin got evicted. Edwin asks why Winnie was so out of breath and Winnie says it's because he broke out of the jury house and ran to the BB house to trash the kitchen and he had to run back as fast as possible without being caught. "Oh slay!" Edwin says before they make a sandwich and watch America's Funniest Home Videos on a marathon.
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    Live Feed Update Following @edwinfg's eviction, @Madonna sits in front of the memory wall, eating a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, looking at the black and white photos that were once in full color. His mascara begins to flow down his face when he looks at Edwin's memory wall photo. He thinks about the one day alliance they had in order to get the Speakeasy girls out. He then yells "LIAR!" before throwing his bowl of cereal at Edwin's photo and he dramatically falls to the ground, sobbing. That's when @Alexx and @StrippedX walk in asking if he was ok. Madonna stands back up and wipes his face, trying to act nonchalant. "Yes, why wouldn't I be? I destroyed the Speakeasy. My mission is complete." Alexx and Stripped then walk away and Madonna looks back at Edwin's photo, sniffles, touches it, then walks away holding his head high. Meanwhile @Daenerys @Hyun. and @Luca scramble to figure out a game plan for the next week. Luca says he would love to stay but there's no way anyone is voting to keep him here, especially after @RihannaRTT's exposé house meeting. Daenerys says the triple eviction better take out two people from the other side because they're doomed if it doesn't. Hyun says he hates how there's nothing he can do and Daenerys says that everyone is sheep for just going with whatever RihannaRTT says. Hyun says just because he was the first of them to announce it doesn't mean he didn't participate just as much. Luca then stands up and leaves the room. Daenerys and Hyun sit in silence, confused as to why Luca left. Luca then re-enters a few minutes later carrying jars of ketchup, mustard, and mayo. He then opens RihannaRTT's dresser drawer and starts pouring the condiments onto all of RihannaRTT's clothes and belongings. Daenerys and Hyun watch and start to cackle. Luca empties the bottles and slams the dresser drawer and says "my parting gift to this piece of SHITE." In the middle of the night, @Cosmic sneaks into the kitchen for a late night snack. He turns on the light and sees the kitchen destroyed. Pots and pans thrown about, food scattered around the room, dangling from the lights, plates shattered. Cosmic runs to wake everyone up and shows them what happened. @Hylia looks up and sees "DIE RIHANNARTT DIE!!!" written in ketchup. Everyone looks at Luca as the suspect but he says it wasn't him. "Well someone better own up to this so we can evict them. After they clean it up of course." Madonna says crossing his arms. StrippedX realizes his alcohol stash was in the kitchen and runs to the cabinet where it's hidden, only to see all bottles missing. He starts yelling at Luca, accusing him of being a lying snake and Luca swears he's innocent. @Maraj and @tomás laugh at Luca always getting dragged and accused and Luca serves . Stripped and Madonna vow they will vote Luca out and they force him to clean the kitchen. No one offers to help.
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    It's time for the next announcement. Last night, the speakeasy members discussed who would be receiving the next punishment. The person who receives this punishment will not be allowed to participate in the next TWO hoh competitions. No safety. No power. Completely vulnerable for the next two evictions. Who did @edwinfg and the remaining speakeasy members decide will receive this punishment? HOH will begin momentarily.