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  1. 1. Groupie Love 2. Love 3. Lust for Life 4. Summer Bummer 5. Coachella
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    And that's why Rick Nowels is the greatest producer for 'Lana Del Rey'. Rick and Lana, together, create different kinds of songs and they're really good at it. Amazing song (the outro is legendary).
  3. Hollyweird Muck and Mire (feat. Courtney Love) City of Angels Love Dark Times Lust for Life (feat. The Weeknd) Architecture Starwberry Fields Forever (feat. Sean Ono Lennon) Holy Grail Solve et Cuagula
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    Excited to hear how it sounds.
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    6. A proper production was needed for that song.
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    A cute song. Fine China is way better than Yes to Heaven.
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    She obviously was worried that a Black Beauty 2.0 incident would happen all over again, so she was handling the situation personally.
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    Too repetitive in my opinion. The Blackest Day is better (speaking of 6> minutes songs).
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    Can you please add me? @Hunty Bear Been stanning her since late 2012.
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    Angels Forever, Forever Angels