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  1. Beyoncé has been in the industry for 20 years, but has no memorable moments or visible influence, why?

    idk but I fucking hate Beyoncé edit: she has some bops but thats it'. i dont like her as a person
  2. LGBT A third gender for inter* to be introduced in Germany

    good, but this should be allowed ONLY for intersex people; but I feel like non-binary special snowflakes will take advantage of this..
  3. Welcome to the Björk Section! (+Taglist)

    tag me
  4. Which Björk song are you listening to?

  5. Should abortion be legalised?

    only in case of rape. use condoms bitch!
  6. I like cake

  7. Rank the Björk albums!

    yeah, she too
  8. Rank the Björk albums!

    it doesnt, TOAH, Ancestors and Where Is The Line are top 10 in ha discography edit: 600th post
  9. Rank the Björk albums!

    Godúlla is her best album! y'all messy ghays stay pressedT
  10. Rank the Björk albums!

  11. The Utopia Lounge

    so many Björksus stans
  12. Your most anticipated Utopia tracks?

    all of them !!
  13. Homogenic (1997) Megarate [FULL LIST PG.18]

    can I still vote?
  14. General News NYC terror attack: Eight killed by man driving truck

    and? Islam is much worse than Christianity