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  1. No permission Sorry, we can't show this content because you do not have permission to see it. OMG PLEASE
  2. Sinner's Prayer snippet https://twitter.com/GagaPerformance/status/788031180155260928 LEAK IT ALREADY
  3. Dancin' In Circles snippet https://twitter.com/GagaPerformance/status/788028448333787137
  4. how hard is to zip 14 songs and then upload it to zippyshare
  5. the little joansters are so selfish ''I respect Gaga and I wont leak it'' *buys it anyway*
  6. http://www.musicmall.bg/product.php?id=2462 its selling in my country too
  7. they banned me there and I cant browse it using Google Chrome so im using the crappy Internet Explorer