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  1. @Kuba your avi oprah2

    stan for the best show ever!! whit1

    1. Kuba



      It's fucking brilliant cry9

  2. Bad Romance Just Dance Born This Way Million Reasons John Wayne The Edge Of Glory whew, my weave is in danger
  3. where is the VIP section? rip2

    i want to download some stuff from the Björk masterpost rip4

    1. mommy did her thing

      mommy did her thing

      yes please brit2 what happened tho?

    2. Hunty Bear

      Hunty Bear

      sent! read the pinned thread at the top of the section jj2 

    3. Kaleb


      @Hunty Bear can you send me an invite too?

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  4. replace Million Reasons with John Wayne and perform The Edge Of God last
  5. my first term grades are tragic brit2fall6

  6. LoveGame, Paparazzi, Marry The Night, Do What U Want
  7. 500th post yas1

    1. mommy did her thing

      mommy did her thing

      Mess aura1 status updates dont count laughcry1

  8. I'm kinda excited if the lead single is another bop like Colors or Ghost, I may re-stan
  9. https://mobile.twitter.com/halsey Look at her bio Queen of indie music is coming
  10. you aint got

    you aint got

    no you aint got no poker face

    cry6cry6 a bop!!

  11. i just drag my finger on the keyboard so my playlists names are something like 'rtyhnmkvcfgh' or 'asdfgyuikhb' for example