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  1. Game

  2. Game

    5, the childish beat ruins it for me
  3. Game

  4. Game

    10 10 10 10 10 10 10
  5. i mean I'd prefer if Future was there, but i'm okay with them too
  6. the music is too loud, you can barely listen to her voice, but still i'm glad that there's a 4 minute version
  7. Celeb News

    that's cute, i loved the thingy she did when the beat dropped her makeup and hairstyle!!!! the oversized jacket ...... i think there's gonna be an official music video, i hope so
  8. Game

  9. Game

    0 for the rat with Cheap Thrills 2.0 he can choke
  10. Game

    0 seriously it's generic as fuck, there is no connection between Taylor & Zayn and their forced vocals are tragic ....
  11. Discussion

    Into You still remains the best song on Dangerous Woman, so KB/FB & TBY & Moonlight stans should keep quiet
  12. this sounds like something she would record in 2013, her voice sounds really different. i'm glad this remained unreleased, i never liked "this one's for you"
  13. Into You, Touch It & Sometimes (close 4th is TBY)
  14. Discussion

    Because people need some good dicking on Valentine's Day too