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  1. we're never getting a good video for this era again, i really hope Hannah will do good work for AG4
  2. bitch let's talk about your avie instead
  3. Sometimes is a cute bop, Fatty can't relate
  4. a really cute disco bop
  5. so okay someone said that Ariana said at the M&G will be released as a single at her bday & later today she posted this: the bitch is probably fooling us, but we'll see
  6. yaaaaaas ha Slave 4 U era is coming
  7. Discussion

    I missed ya fatties, poor Everyslay flopped, but it's okay, she can come thru with a 5th single
  8. Game

  9. Game

    5, the childish beat ruins it for me
  10. Game

  11. Game

    10 10 10 10 10 10 10
  12. i mean I'd prefer if Future was there, but i'm okay with them too
  13. the music is too loud, you can barely listen to her voice, but still i'm glad that there's a 4 minute version
  14. Celeb News

    that's cute, i loved the thingy she did when the beat dropped her makeup and hairstyle!!!! the oversized jacket ...... i think there's gonna be an official music video, i hope so