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  1. Ariana: God is a woman Beyoncé: Don't Hurt Yourself Britney: Gimme More Christina: Mercy On Me Katy: Teenage Dream Gaga: Marry The Night Lana: Salvatore Madonna: Papa Don't Preach Mariah: Prisoner Rihanna: Russian Roulette Taylor: Call It What You Want wow this was actually so hard
  2. Maria

  3. Still doesn't make it okay to say shit like that btw. Maybe chill out, luv x.
  4. The overreaction. First, just because you're not the first person to say it doesn't make it any more right lmao. Second, no, you can't just assume whatever the fuck you wants. Maybe she is a public figure, but that doesn't give you (or anyone else, for that matter) any right to assume that "her latest instagram posts point to suicide". Like what?? What experience do you have in that?? Is there like a crash course about deciphering instagram posts that foreshadow suicide? Yeah, no. If you can't see how toxic and invasive is to say crap like that, especially when we are talking about a child's mother being presumed dead, then maybe you should get off your high horse before you get on the internet to talk ignorant bullshit. Nobody is telling you what to think, but if you spew your stupidity online, expect to get called out.
  5. Assuming that you know something about somebody's personal life based on some instagram post is really disrespectful and unnecessary, especially in a moment like this. Same thing for the "Glee is cursed" statement. Not the time, not the place.
  6. astonishing contradiction OT: yes, the pretentious ppl who act above pop music and make baseless assumptions over it are the worst. so are the pop fans who think they are above "alternative artists" and assume ppl don't actually enjoy them, just because they are not into it. an instance of that linked above!
  7. Kenny Loggins - Footloose Taylor Dayne - Tell It To My Heart The Pointer Sisters - I'm So Excited Fleetwood Mac - Little Lies Cher - Bang Bang Alannah Myles - Black Velvet ABBA - Head Over Heels or The Day Before You Came
  8. Maria

    Title: Days & Days Written by: Christina Aguilera Price: $1.5m, open to negotiate Style: electropop with a jazzy vibe and house elements LYRICS SNIPPET: [Chorus]: I’ve spent days & days counting the nights I wasted thinking of you. From dusk to dawn, morning to midnight, My mind was stuck on you. AVAILABLE
  9. Maria

    Title: Strangers Written by: Christina Aguilera Price: $2.5m, open to negotiate Style: R&B and trap influences, very breezy and late night kind of vibe LYRICS SNIPPET: [Verse 1 - snippet]: Laughing into the night, Until tears pour down our cheeks. Talking about dreams, Although we haven't slept in weeks. [Chorus - snippet]: Oh, how I'm missing my friend, oh, how I’m missing my, Mmmm, people grow apart, always with a broken heart. AVAILABLE
  10. Maria

    Title: There Yet / Are We There Yet Written by: Christina Aguilera Price: $1.5m, open to negotiate Style: pop with R&B and trap influences LYRICS SNIPPET: [Pre-chorus]: But you’re so gentle and sweet with me I have to warn you about my history. One day, I’m in my happiest place, The next one, I need more space. [Chorus]: Are we there yet? Are we together? I’ve warned you once, I change like the weather. Are we there yet? Are we together? I’ve warned you once… AVAILABLE
  11. Maria

    LYRICS + INSTRUMENTALS (link in titles): T.A.F.K.A.C.A. / "the skeletons i hide in my closet" (Album Release) @Bleachella pls charge $2.3m from Gaga's account for a digital release; also ignore the physical part from the release article, i forgot i can't afford dat