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  1. Maria


    Hands On Me at #70? the smell...
  2. So that perpetuates the toxic idea that bisexuality is not a valid sexuality, but rather a fetish / choice. There is no problem with him and his girlfriend doing whatever in their bedroom, but the song itself has a disgusting (and kind of douche-y) tone that makes it seem as if the girl chose to "swing both ways" for the sake of his own pleasure.
  3. Maria

    omg how exciting 😍😍😍
  4. Maria


    well karma works fast
  5. Maria


    the ranking leaked: 1. God is a woman - 10 2. Love Me Harder - 9.99 3. the rest
  6. Maria


    hello, i'm lighting my scented God is a woman candles for Love Me Harder to reach top 5
  7. Maria


    Moonlight vs. Raindrops (An Angel Cried) Dangerous Woman vs. Blazed Be Alright vs. The Light is Coming Into You vs. R.E.M Side to Side vs. God is a Woman Let Me Love You vs. Sweetener Greedy vs. Successful Leave Me Lonely vs. Everytime Everyday vs. Breathin' Sometimes vs. No Tears Left to Cry I Don't Care vs. Borderline Bad Decisions vs. Better Off Touch It vs. Goodnight n Go Knew Better/Forever Boy vs. Pete Davidson  Thinking Bout You vs. Get Well Soon
  8. Maria


    As closers, I’d rank them: Long Live > Daylight > Clean = Begin again = New Year’s Day > Change = Our Song. I feel like she almost gave us her best one with Daylight, but it still doesn’t really compare with hearing Long Live after Speak Now wrecked you. Begin Again, Clean and New Year’s Day are all formulaic closers, which is a mellow / downtempo track that brings its album to a beautiful conclusion and wraps the story or closes it on a hopeful note. I don’t really remember how Change and Our Song fit into the narrative of their albums honestly, but I remember they were far from being better than the rest.
  9. In the history of reaches, I haven't heard of a more ridiculous one. Anyways, as incomplete as the album feels without DWUW, it's the right thing to do. Shouldn't have collaborated with him in the first place, but...
  10. Maria

    Celeb News

    Omg just finished reading the interview and I'm sooooooo excited!!!!!!! She also looks gorgeous, omg brunette really fits her! "Rainbow" is honestly one of my all time favorite albums and I didn't know I need the follow-up until "Rich White Straight Men" (a banger) came out.
  11. Okay, but this sounds like AOTY!