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  1. Maria

    idk about anything else but this is an abomination
  2. Maria

    Can you believe Gaga is so successful, her haters can’t even find things to hate her on?
  3. not a christmas mix queen really coming for mariah’s gig!
  4. ugh all this acclaim and success, i am so proud of gagz truly her 'we love her again' moment
  5. Sign me tf up! @Queen https://www.last.fm/user/dirtyowl3
  6. Maria

    I don't think I'll have the time to play. My life is rlly hectic rn and playing CAL would probably only make it worse nnn. Will try to finish & send you the overalls (radio & sales) this weekend but I can't promise anything.
  7. Maria

    nnnn i am sorry to disappoint but idk when i could finish overalls uni got me so busy, it's a mess
  8. Maria

    WEEK 7 CHARTS SINGLES / ALBUMS I'll try to find time to do overalls (sales & radio) this week.
  9. Maria

    lmao sorry guys i forgot i had charts to finish come join in the meantime, if interested haha! : ) https://www.rabb.it/virgin_mary
  10. Maria

    Awh, thank you Hector. For both your hard work this season and your continuous support. Hope this break (or whatever this will be lol) does you well. I appreciate you a lot!!! No homo tho haha. And on the same note, I'd like to thank everyone for allowing me to take over in my attempt at trying to keep the game alive and for your moral support (yes, including u Robert). I know I wasn't the best host and I know I could've done better, but I'm glad I could have helped your eras continue. Pls don't forget to tweet about X10 when it comes out, one week after "Truce" in 2020.
  11. Maria

    week / season is over im in class rn so charts will come later today! thread will remain unlocked until further notice thank you
  12. Maria

    ugh i hear your struggle sis, we're barely getting it on the 19th
  13. Maria

    Aren't you banned?