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  1. @Ronlop why did you delete my initial post, I wasn't trying to stir the pot
  2. bitch where
  3. on a side note, @Lucky17 i am so sorry to hear that you're quitting. thank you for all the kind words, you are an incredible person and a great CAL player. your work with christina is really legendary, the girl needs to take some lessons from you if she plans to release irl, and your work with celine is simply iconic, i mean if you want to tell me that a pop legend from the 80s who is now an acclaimed rapper is not the definition of iconic, i'll punch a bitch. thank you for helping me with everything in this game, thank you for writing Dreaming of California, thank you for including my songs in your Encore playlists. i am sure life is going to offer you nothing but good things throughout and i hope you know that, if you need anything, anytime, you can PM me. all the love, x.
  4. oh y'all wanted a twist? c'mon the end of xtube's career, let's get sickening