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  1. Maria

    Every once in awhile, I will pull a CAL Randomizer. -What does it mean? A special event that will give a boost to your song/album/artist. It can be anything but the point is that it was not planned! -This week: Your song has been chosen to be featured in a viral Toyota commercial featuring Lele Pons! Which song? That's where we pull the CAL Randomizer. I will put the highest charting single this week from each artist and will be using a free randomizer website: https://www.randomresult.com/pick.php . The song that gets picked will be the song! https://www.rabb.it/virgin_mary Join here to watch which song is gonna win the randomizer!
  2. Maria

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    CHECK THE REVIEWS HERE: https://calhub.wixsite.com/kworb/metacritic @Kuba @Lucky17 @tigerlily13
  4. Maria

    did... did you just spam a page... only to post this?
  5. Maria

    ATTENTION PLAYERS Starting today, I have decided to make a slight change in the way playlists work. From now on, instead of 7 songs, each playlist can include up to 9 songs. This is a temporary change and might probably (not) be kept when Ron comes back to hosting. You may now post your earnings and update your playlists. obsessed @Harry Styles @Joanne @Hector @Edu @Love So Soft @Beauty Queen @ryjapo @Robert. @RebelHeart15 @Jon. @Flippy @Harry_CAL @Eglė @tigerlily13 @Lucky17 @Royalty @Oriane @Cosmic @marsblyr @Kuba @Maria @Bleachella @8Bit Heart @Michael. @Party Monster@Surrealism @Alesus @Fanta Thailand
  6. Maria

    WEEK 15 [S8] CHARTS https://calhub.wixsite.com/kworb/singles | https://calhub.wixsite.com/kworb/albums CAMILA HAS BIGGEST ENCORE DEBUT OF ALL TIME MALUMA SCORES THIRD #1 Well this week was certainly one of many debuts. We can’t begin to talk about the week without mentioning the massive success of Camila Cabello with her sophomore album Mutually Detrimental, which officially debuts at #1 on the CAL 200 Album Charts with over 1 million copies sold SPS, making the album the third biggest debut of the year. But this isn’t all, as Cabello’s domination of this week doesn’t end there. Mutually Detrimental has officially broken the record for the biggest Encore Debut for an album of all time, debuting with over 275 million streams across the board, resulting in over 550k sales in SEA, dethroning Maluma from holding the honor. Could we be seeing a shift in power for Encore, from the longstanding king to the new queen, Camila? Further on the albums charts, Troye Sivan’s Boys & Girls holds at #2 after it’s huge debut week, while newcomer Katy Perry makes her first appearance on the chart, debuting at #5 with Dreams, selling over 350k copies SPS. Christina Milian’s new EP, Freelance, also made its debut on the charts at #4 with 381k copies sold. Over on the CAL Hot 100 Singles Charts, we see Maluma making his dominance as the biggest male artist of all time even bigger, scoring a third #1 from his debut album, Maniac, with the title track, Maniac (Like That). Camila’s current single, Jealous, brings her CAL Hot 100 peak to a new high of #2, featuring the rising star Frank Ocean. Elsewhere on the charts, Florence Welch’s anticipated return makes a shockingly good debut after so long, with Sleepless debuting at #9 with over 500k sold in SPS. Christina Milian’s new single Outskirts, fails to impress and instead it’s album track WORK that makes a strong debut on the charts at #13. After the VMAs performance of WORK, many were wondering why Outskirts was released as a single, leading to confusion and a split of sales for the lead single for the EP. Katy Perry also scores her second top 10 entry with Attitude, selling 529k copies at #8. SUMMARY BY CO-HOST @Bleachella obsessed @Harry Styles @Joanne @Hector @Edu @Love So Soft @Beauty Queen @ryjapo @Robert. @RebelHeart15 @Jon. @Flippy @Harry_CAL @Eglė @tigerlily13 @Lucky17 @Royalty @Oriane @Cosmic @marsblyr @Kuba @Maria @Bleachella @8Bit Heart @Michael. @Party Monster@Surrealism @Alesus @Fanta Thailand
  7. Maria

    From now on, no. The server will be taken down. I'll announce how things will go down when it comes to videos later this week.
  8. Maria

    WEEK 1 [S9] STARTS NOW Yes, this situation is messy. However, we will start a new week and will bring every feature slowly as we advance. So yes, this is the North Korea version of CAL, welcome, there's no turning back etc. Since you can't post your earnings, I will try to work on Campaigns. Again, CALB and corps will respond in a few. Anyways, you may start promoting / releasing articles! obsessed @Harry Styles @Joanne @Hector @Edu @Love So Soft @Beauty Queen @ryjapo @Robert. @RebelHeart15 @Jon. @Flippy @Harry_CAL @Eglė @tigerlily13 @Lucky17 @Royalty @Oriane @Cosmic @marsblyr @Kuba @Maria @Bleachella @8Bit Heart @Michael. @Party Monster@Surrealism @Alesus @Fanta Thailand
  9. Maria

    WEEK 15 [S8] CHARTS https://calhub.wixsite.com/kworb/singles Albums will come when I get the "Dreams" and "Mutually Detrimental" pre-order numbers from Ron. To compensate, I'll post the radio charts later today. Corps are going to contact / respond in a few. And yes, the website only has the singles charts sdfds. I'll be fully updating it at the same time with album charts. obsessed @Harry Styles @Joanne @Hector @Edu @Love So Soft @Beauty Queen @ryjapo @Robert. @RebelHeart15 @Jon. @Flippy @Harry_CAL @Eglė @tigerlily13 @Lucky17 @Royalty @Oriane @Cosmic @marsblyr @Kuba @Maria @Bleachella @8Bit Heart @Michael. @Party Monster@Surrealism @Alesus @Fanta Thailand
  10. Maria

    I am still working on the W15 charts! They will probably come tomorrow. The thread will be unlocked later today and will most likely start the new week tonight. https://www.rabb.it/virgin_mary
  11. Maria

    HOSTED BY MARIA Welcome to CAL (Create A Label), the game where you manage artists, release music, promote them and take over them damn charts! When it comes to promoting, each player can post from 0 to 15 articles each week for each artist they own. Besides, all the articles must have over 400 words. Our game has been evolving constantly ever since it moved from The P*p Z*ne to FOTP, so there's a few standards that we need everyone to follow when it comes to articles. Below I have attached the format you need to follow for each type of article that can be posted. PLEASE INCLUDE: - name of the region the promo is aiming for (eg Europe, U.S. etc.) - title of the article (something in the vein of 'Ariana Grande visits Jimmy Fallon'; something like 'Ariana visits Fallon, dishes on new single' works too) - at least one image (in case of text articles) - for every article in the form of an image you post, I will need you to post a text version below it (you can post it in a spoiler or use Shrib) SALES 1 single copy = $1 1 album copy = $5 Artists take 35% off their tour gross. obsessed @Harry Styles @Joanne @Hector @Edu @Love So Soft @Beauty Queen @ryjapo @Robert. @RebelHeart15 @Jon. @Flippy @Harry_CAL @Eglė @tigerlily13 @Lucky17 @Royalty @Oriane @Cosmic @marsblyr @Kuba @Maria @Bleachella @8Bit Heart @Michael. @Party Monster@Surrealism @Alesus @Fanta Thailand
  12. Maria

    WEEK 15 & SEASON 8 ARE OVER! A bitch will start working on these charts but since there's so much to update, they will probably come out tomorrow. However, I'll be posting the S9 thread in a few hours and corps will contact you in the same timeframe. In the meantime, please take your time to review the 3 albums released this week.If you have sent your review to Ron, pls send it again to me. https://www.rabb.it/virgin_mary obsessed @Harry Styles @Joanne @Hector @Edu @Love So Soft @Beauty Queen @ryjapo @Robert. @RebelHeart15 @Jon. @Flippy @Harry_CAL @Eglė @tigerlily13 @Lucky17 @Royalty @Oriane @Cosmic @marsblyr @Kuba @Maria @Bleachella @8Bit Heart @Michael. @Party Monster@Surrealism @Alesus @Fanta Thailand
  13. Maria

    Yes, that is correct! Each week, every player can post 0 to 15 articles in order to promote their new single / album / video / EP / music, basically. The tweets are just another way of promoting basically, they count as social media promo, plus are helpful when it comes to building a fanbase for your artist.
  14. Maria

    Gorgeous! No, you can name your label whatever really, lol. A corporation will send you a contract today. Do you know how the game works? In case of any questions, feel free to PM me.
  15. Maria

    who asked phraell to become a music producer why can’t he STAY FUCKIN AWAY FROM THESE GIRLS