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  1. Maria


    omg can i still send them, i completely forgot
  2. Maria


    no tears left to cry positions Dangerous Woman thank u, next Problem The Way
  3. Abel posted a screenshot of the keyboard video on his IG story... I feel like he's on the lead
  4. Maria

    Janet Jackson - The Velvet Rope Beyonce - Lemonade Lana Del Rey - Norman Fucking Rockwell! Mariah Carey - Butterfly Kylie Minogue - Impossible Princess Taylor Swift - Reputation Lady Gaga - Chromatica Madonna - Bedtime Stories Rihanna - Talk That Talk Christina Aguilera - Bionic Katy Perry - Smile Britney Spears - Circus All of them are really good though, most are top 5 in their discographies!
  5. there was a BB rate? i've prob missed it
  6. AHHH avenging Figure 8!! queen shit
  7. this top 2 kind of makes up for some of these placements
  8. come on My Blood come on legend
  9. you upvoted my post, fully knowing u gave this a F**R................
  10. ?????? literally top 5 in her discography i demand a recount without the scores lower than 9!!
  11. legendary placement for a legendary cover from the legendary queen of the covers!
  12. Under Control, Hearts Without Chains and Midas Touch got snubbed only for I Need Your Love to outpeak them? rude yeah
  13. To repeat... all this disrespect... and for WHAT?!