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  1. this song slaps, glad it's top 20
  2. I Care I Miss You Countdown Love On Top Dance for You End of Time 1+1 Start Over Schoolin' Life Best Thing I Never Had Lay Up Under Me Party Run The World (Girls) Rather Die Young I Was Here honestly this album was really over-hated when it came out, but i'm glad to see people warming up to it lately
  3. This is so good! As expect from Blood Orange tbh, he's probably one of the best producers out there right now.
  4. some of y'all are such a bunch of negative nancies how do u live this way OT: yes kylie yes eating it up who's doing it like ha
  5. Confetti went top 10 amazing!!! hopefully it pulls a Sweet Melody and eventually reaches #1
  6. so which one is it then OT: really like the album! the singles are obvious standouts, but the other tracks hold their own tbh, at least lyrically if not sonically. really wondering if she'll release another single from the album or finish the roll-out with the album release. regardless, excited for an olivia rodrigo-filled future.
  7. Bottom Bitch - Freaky Prince Bottom Bitch - Snow Bottom Bitch - Mario Streets - V For Vendetta Streets - Venom Streets - Phoebe Streets - Maria
  8. thank u for helping me spend my money, queen
  9. Like That - Phoebe Bottom Bitch - Mario Like That - Max Bottom Bitch - Jae Like That - V For Vendetta Like That - Maria
  10. Cyber Sex - Royalty Cyber Sex - Mario Say So -Max Say So - V For Vendetta Cyber Sex - Jae Say So - Gilly Say So - Maria
  11. Juicy - Gilly Juicy - Mario Cyber Sex - Royalty Juicy - Maria