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  1. Truly! What are your top 10 tracks from the 2010s?
  2. and then my skirt came DOWN... DOWN! DOWN! DOWN!
  3. For real though, do I know you? I don't think I've ever posted photos on this forum before. nicki1

  4. 1. Pray You Catch Me 2. Hold Up 3. Don't Hurt Yourself 4. Sorry 5. Daddy Lessons 6. Sandcastles 7. All Night Freedom and Formation don't fit the narrative at all so they can be stand alone singles! 6 Inch also should have been on Starboy with a Bey feature.
  5. I'm in love with him as well... Put that baby down and cradle me father.
  6. I met her on Monday after the Troye Sivan show! She was so sweet and sooooooo sexy omfg! She came out in this long black robe, with this sick corset and some pink platform heels.
  7. Tracklist Style Reversed Tracklist Style Song Equivalent Style + Bonus (Meet Me In Space vs Timber (Solo Version))
  8. Enchanted should be #1 while Back to December should remain #2.
  9. Woo yas queen! Get that Top 5 and release Everyday for the AMAs!
  10. Womanizer vs Invitation Circus vs Make Me... Out From Under vs Private Show Shattered Glass vs Just Luv Me If U Seek Amy vs Clumsy Unusual You vs Do You Wanna Come Over? Blur vs Slumber Party Mmm Papi vs Just Like Me Mannequin vs Love Me Down Lack and Leather vs Hard To Forget Ya My Baby vs What You Need Rock Me In vs Better Phonography vs Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes) Amnesia vs Liar Quicksand vs If I'm Dancing Trouble vs Coupure Electrique Rock Boy vs Mood Ring Circus - 5 Glory - 13
  11. It's alright, but it got boring halfway through.
  12. Yeah, I meant female albums. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sorry never went #1, Formation was the only song from LEMONADE that hit #1 on iTunes. Sorry, 6 Inch, and Hold Up peaked in the top 5 and that's it. It was a good assumption though.
  13. Nope, the only other song that got close was All I Ask, which went #3 after Carpool Karaoke.