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  1. So many good ones, but no one ever talks about When I Found You from Britney and it's low key my fave song from her. Really cool and interesting and beautiful.
  2. I'm frustrated that streaming is making songs shorter, but that being said I was worried about Chromatica's length but I absolutely love it so I'm not too bothered.
  3. Okay now that I'm done screaming and the shock is over....I actually like it. I like the general aesthetic of it, and love that she looks sad on an album called Smile. For better or for worse, it's kind of an iconic cover.
  4. She's making a stronger case for that acoustic album with each passing day. This is amazing!
  5. Katy's #1 again and suddenly everything feels right in the world
  6. Gonna do some #promo for my blog. I actually went through this pretty in-depth a while back if anyone cares to read! https://baileysbeats.wordpress.com/2019/05/05/taylor-swifts-lead-singles-ranked/
  7. Okay well I can't NOT hear the Holding Out For a Hero comparisons now but she really delivered the best banger in what feels like FOREVER.
  8. She's really out here doing the dang thing. This entire era is a complete and total serve.
  9. This album is STUNNING. THE country album to beat this year, and it's only January! Their harmonies are out of this world.
  10. I'm happy she's back and doing better, but I unfortunately can't bear to listen to her voice on this song. I just can't take the yelling. Was really hoping she'd show more restraint on this one.
  11. I love it so much It's literally Teenage Dream era all over again
  12. The only thing else I think you could be thinking of is her cover of White Christmas?? It's kind of jazzy and acoustic, but it's like OOTB era Katy.
  13. Can we all stop acting like Katy is the only main Pop girl flopping right now? When was the last massive hit that ANY of the faves on this site had besides Taylor and Arianna? The music scene has changed so much, and half of the main girls haven't even released albums in over 3 or 4 years. People just aren't into mega pop stars like they were in the early 2010s, so everyone is just trying to figure out their new place in the age of streaming. Yes, Katy has struggled harder than most after her first flop album, but she also has actively said she's not gearing up for an album yet. It's