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  1. To compare Katy to Harvey Weinstein is honestly offensive to all of the people who were actually sexually harassed by him. It doesn't help the conversation of the Me Too movement at all. This backlash is one of the dumbest things I've ever seen.
  2. Kween. If you had asked me a year ago about her doing AI, I would've said it was a terrible idea. Nothing she did was right in the GP's eye. But this may actually be the best thing she ever could've done. She's killing it!
  3. Discussion

    While this is true, I kind of love that she doesn't even bother commenting on the stuff that she knows herself is ridiculous. She and Benjamin both know that nothing wrong took place, so she's not fanning the flame by responding to it. So good on her. She's been amazing on Idol so far. I can't believe people are this upset over this.
  4. I"m disregarding what I want for the song itself bc it's literally perfect as is and I wouldn't change a thing, BUT from a radio standpoint she could probably up the tempo a bit. Maybe make the whole tempo sound like the second verse onward? I think the added drums would help the GP hear that Trop Pop sound they love so much, otherwise I don't think they'd be here for it, which is a disgrace. I think the song has a fighting chance overall bc it's more of a classic Taylor song lyrically, so the people who are over the whole Reputation era might be here for it.
  5. Single

    I'm so glad one of the best songs on the album is getting the single treatment, and I can't WAIT for a video, but I honestly don't know if this will perform well. But I don't think she really cares at this point, and neither do I. I'm just glad the era's still going
  6. Taste. The cinematography is amazing. It's just one of her more subtle videos, I love it.
  7. 1) The Teenage Dream video is incredible and perfectly captures the song, and I just needed to put that out in the world 2) I'd say it's really down to Firework, Roar, and DH. IKG and CG are both iconic singles and very memorable to the general public, but as far as her biggest HITS go, the first 3 are probs the top contenders. All of them are absolute monsters, and are in heavy rotation on radio to this day. But if I had to pick ONE, I'd say Firework. I feel like it'll always be her signature song.
  8. I don't think it will go down as one of her most iconic singles, but I do think it will do down as one of her best. Such a ridiculously underrated song. Dance dance dance
  9. Discussion

    Katy did this, that AND the other with Power. Absolutely one of her best songs.
  10. Discussion

    Omgggggg. I can't believe we're getting so much news about studio time already! I thought at the very least she'd just throw out some fun things about writing and whatnot...KP5 sounds like it's coming sooner rather than later! Love all the producers attached so far.
  11. Discussion

    I'm crying. This is a dream collab of mine. Katy in the studio with the man behind If I'm Dancing I have no idea when to even expect new music, but I'm glad she already seems to be working on it. PERCHEDTTTTTTTT
  12. Discussion

    Though I love each of her albums, and strong cases could be made for Fearless, Red, 1989, and Reputation, Speak Now is THE quintessential Taylor Swift album to me. Written entirely by herself, it's her perfecting all of her signature topics all in one perfect album. I believe it holds up as her strongest, most consistent album to date.
  13. Discussion

    Her new hair has honestly grown on me and her makeup has been amazing, but I still prefer her trademark long black hair. But I just love long black hair period so I'm biased.
  14. Who hates Get Naked I'll kill 'em