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  1. Liz Lemon


    I gasped. TD teas. Please...PLEASE let this be a hit.
  2. Idc if people trash this list for hailing this as #1. This is my favorite Pop album of the 2010s, and THE best Pop era of the decade. It's just as fun and fresh today as it was almost 10 years ago, and my CD still smells like cotton candy.
  3. Big! Yes! Though I weirdly loved the album instantly, it's only gotten better over time! Def my fave album of hers. Self-Titled has aged better than Lemonade (which she should've called Milk), but 4 is more enjoyable track for track imo!
  4. Liz Lemon


    It's not really fair given that TD is the best Pop song of the 2010's, but they're all great openers!
  5. Liz Lemon

    Music Video

    This is the cutest thing I've ever seen. People will actually watch this just for the cute dogs, so hopefully they end up streaming the song too
  6. Kinda annoyed they're reviewing them all now just because she's now deemed cool enough for them to review (still upset at them for reviewing Bryan Adams's 1989 cover album instead of the album itself), but these are really good reviews and anything higher than an 8 is kinda huge for them to give out, so at least they appreciate her. And the scores really are pretty spot on, though I'd give Preach Now a 10, and bump Reputation up at least two points.
  7. Liz Lemon


    I was not physically prepared for the basketball.
  8. Liz Lemon

    Celeb News

    I love how insane her titles have gotten. Bring on Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince lmao
  9. Liz Lemon

    Music Video

    Hands down my favorite Lover track so far! This did for ME! what Call It What You Want did for Rep. This adds a new layer to what we know about the album so far and I'm so excited.
  10. I absolutely adore this song and always fight for it. It's one of my faves of hers and maybe my favorite album closer.
  11. Omg apparently this is track 3! I was thinking it was going to be the closer for some reason. So exciting to go into a new Tay album without knowing how it's going to start OR end!
  12. Liz Lemon


    Right? I think people are trashing it bc it's not some huge banger like NRO. It's actually a brilliant song. I'm glad at least the critics are on board with it. Anyways, it's hard for me to rank her singles this year bc she's been on a roll and all of them have been amazing!
  13. Liz Lemon


    Did you see the Billboard article claiming we're in the Katy Perry renaissance? Amazing.
  14. Liz Lemon


    I can't at y'all not liking this. The song is absolutely brilliant. I'm glad critics are at least getting it. She's 2/2 so far. Now give us an ALBUM kween.
  15. Liz Lemon


    That's what I've been thinking! These are sounding like her most cohesive combo of singles...ever? I just can't believe her saying that there isn't an album planned lmao. These would fit so well together, musically, visually AND lyrically!