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  1. Other @Taylor stans, vote between these two photos

    Good catch
  2. Other @Taylor stans, vote between these two photos

    2 bc hair
  3. Event The Reputation Stadium Tour | North America announced

    Surely she will. She's missing a ton of states. I just hope she announces the next round of dates soon if she's going to because I need to know if I need to get in line for the next closest venue
  4. Event The Reputation Stadium Tour | North America announced

    Omg hey NC fam. She's only posted 27 dates right? I mean she'll surely add more right? I remember I got upset that Katy didn't post an NC date initially and she ended up adding one later (only to cancel it moments later ) so there's still hope (I hope )
  5. Event The Reputation Stadium Tour | North America announced

    Add a North Carolina date fat I refuse to miss another one of her tours
  6. Discussion Trinity from Reputation?

    I just listened and I'm having trouble forming coherent thoughts rn BUT my immediate instant faves are probably Getaway Car, This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things, and New Year's Day, but even that sounds ridiculous to exclude I Did Something Bad and the rest of the freaking album lmao
  7. Discussion "Reputation" Leak Anticipation

    Where are your from? My US iTunes still says November 10th.
  8. Discussion Your favorite choruses of 2017

    2017 really has been an interesting year for choruses. Some of my faves are Love, Look What You Made Me Do, Chained To The Rhythm, and Cut To The Feeling (probably the best proper massive chorus of the year).
  9. Single Carly Rae Jepsen | Play It On Repeat | Dec 8, 2017

    Queen Of Saving Desolate Years In Music
  10. Discussion Reputation track list leaks!

    So we're like...100% sure this is confirmed? Not complaining because I'm actually shaking at (most of) these titles, but we're sure?
  11. Single Taylor Swift | Call It What You Want | November 3, 2017

    This. The song is sneakily very catchy. On first listen I didn't even realize the chorus was the chorus until it was over but then it was in my head all day. I love that she's experimenting melodically this era. She's proven time and time again she can write a massive pop hook, so I think she's earned the right to do more subtle experimenting.
  12. Discussion Will We Get Early Reviews of reputation?

    I'm looking forward to the reviews too! I'm also kind of curious to see how the actual reviews will be, seeing as almost every review of the songs so far have been negative. But I really don't know why people are doubting her, because WTNY was panned before 1989 came out and Shake It Off was a massive success obviously, but it's still regarded as one of her weaker singles. I'm sure the rest of the album is going to be where a lot of the best songs are. I mean she saved Blank Space, Style, AND Wildest Dreams for the album's release. I'm really not concerned. Regardless of what the reviews are though, I'm pretty sure we'll get some early next week. Reviews almost always come in a couple of days before an album's release, whether they're positive or not.
  13. Discussion The singles for Reputation are actually bops

    I agree! I feel like I'm the only one here who's genuinely loved all the singles so far. LWYMMD was INSTANT for me, and after like 3 listens of ...RFI? and Gorgeous I absolutely loved them too. CIWYW is beautiful as well. Plus, she never releases the best stuff off the album first anyway, so I'm sure the album itself will be fantastic too.
  14. Music Video Taylor Swift - Call It What You Want (Lyric Video)

    I love this so so much. Begin Again's darker, jaded sister.
  15. Single Taylor Swift | Call It What You Want | November 3, 2017

    If Taylor is about to serve her own Run Away With Me, I genuinely fear I won't survive tonight.