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  1. Omg this literally looks like the Slytherin Common Room lmao. I love it. Is there any insight to how she picks people for this??? Do you just have to be as extra as possible? Because I can be that if need be.
  2. OMG. She usually sticks largely to the new album, so this is exciting. Though I honestly want to hear Reputation in full lmao. So glad I got my tickets last night
  3. "Don't keep giving these haters a job, they don't deserve one." Katy singlehandedly ending professional trolls.
  4. Liz Lemon


    She never ceases to amaze me
  5. Liz Lemon


    What an oddly specific time but yay!!!
  6. Liz Lemon


    As much as I love the song, it would perform about as well as Out Of The Woods did. I'm happy with her doing more videos and singles this era though because the vids have been great for the most part and I still love the album.
  7. Liz Lemon


    Same! I kind of go in fits with her, but her music really is good, there's no way getting around it. I honestly think Dangerous Woman is one of the best Pop albums of the past few years, so I'm perchedT to see where she goes from there.
  8. Liz Lemon


    Is that Calvin?
  9. Liz Lemon


    I can't wait to see what she does with this album after everything that's happened! I've been really getting into her albums again lately.
  10. Liz Lemon


    I pretty much agree word for word with your review! A Lifetime Achievement Award is my current favorite as well. It's somehow classic euphoric Kylie, but under this new Country sound. I was pleasantly surprised by this album. She's solidified herself as an artist who can pull pretty much any genre off without losing her own essence. I think this album will continue to grow and stand alongside her best works in time.
  11. To compare Katy to Harvey Weinstein is honestly offensive to all of the people who were actually sexually harassed by him. It doesn't help the conversation of the Me Too movement at all. This backlash is one of the dumbest things I've ever seen.
  12. Kween. If you had asked me a year ago about her doing AI, I would've said it was a terrible idea. Nothing she did was right in the GP's eye. But this may actually be the best thing she ever could've done. She's killing it!
  13. Liz Lemon


    While this is true, I kind of love that she doesn't even bother commenting on the stuff that she knows herself is ridiculous. She and Benjamin both know that nothing wrong took place, so she's not fanning the flame by responding to it. So good on her. She's been amazing on Idol so far. I can't believe people are this upset over this.