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  1. Discussion

    I'd love for her to do a "back to basics" style comeback record, in the sense that it reminds the GP why they loved her in the first place. It's been popular to do acoustic/country style records like these, but I'd like for her to do something different more original with that concept. At the end of the day though, I just want for her to evolve naturally, not because she feels like she has to. Witness tried to be the new evolution while still clinging to some of her hold ways, and it suffered for it artistically. All we need is a fully committed concept that she can stand by (whether it's fun or more serious) and I'll be happy. I can't even think of a particular sound I'd like for her to go with since she's so versatile, I'm sure anything she goes with will slay if it's cohesive.
  2. Discussion

    I have never been worried about her making a comeback. I know she will. People were still checking for her during Witness, they just didn't like what they heard. Most of the individual songs on Witness were good to great, but the album just lacked focus. That's my biggest issue with it. All she needs to do is come back with a focused concept album that brings back her relatable lyrics and she'll be fine. I can't wait to see what she does next! Black hair would help too.
  3. Add me too.mp3!
  4. Rumor

    I'm definitely here for Tsunami as a single even though the era's dead, but for goodness sakes does her label have no faith in her to release a single without a feature???
  5. Discussion

    I've literally never seen this one used once before. Are cute, but I'm not gonna cry if or go. I'd love for the ice cream and crying therapy gifs to be emotes though omg. And there's an incredible gif of her whipping her ponytail that I saw once but haven't been able to find since if anyone knows what I'm talking about.
  6. Celeb News

    I was kinda doubting the original photo, but these new pics really do look like Katy. I'm not gonna lie I'd probably scream if this backup dancer theory is true.
  7. Omg I absolutely love this song. I first heard it when Charli XCX played it on one of her radio shows. I heard it on the radio at the gym the other day and was shook.
  8. Music Video

    Katy...I'm saying this because I love you. Let this era go.
  9. Discussion

    I haven't even though about her and Toni! I'm still shook she's going after Josie tbh
  10. Discussion

    Yes!!! Betty's been so badass this season. And you're right! She just kind of popped up out of nowhere. Perchedt for the rest of the season.
  11. Discussion

    Omgggggg. Not who I was expecting at all. Though tbqh I'm kind of underwhelmed at the reveal, but I get the vibe that it was supposed to be underwhelming? I feel like there's definitely more to the story, which we'll probably find out in the second half of the season. Otherwise I really enjoyed the episode!!!
  12. Discussion

    omg we find out already!? I can't wait! But for the record, I've been suspecting Mr. Cooper, since it would have to be someone who knows Betty well enough to mess with her. And he's been largely out of the picture this season. And him blackmailing his wife wouldn't be out of the question since they don't exactly have the best relationship.
  13. Discussion

    No not yet!!! I'm gonna watch it tomorrow. I am PERCHEDT though. Who do you think the Black Hood is? I have my suspicions.
  14. Discussion

    No not yet!!! I'm gonna watch it tomorrow. I am PERCHEDT though. Who do you think the Black Hood is? I have my suspicions. EDIT: nnnnnn double post