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    Omg, taste. Exactly! Like it's one of the rare songs that are generic, but are done so well that I don't care! Also, I just picked up the Target Deluxe and Cardboard Heart is AMAZING. All of the bonus tracks are just as good as anything on the album omg. I'm so excited to find a male artist doing the pop thing right.
  2. Album

    TOMATO omg hahaha. The entire thing is very enjoyable, but the standouts for me right now are Craving You (Maren is QUEEN), Unforgettable, Sixteen (I relate to this one so hard), and Leave Right Now (it's basic EDM lite but it totally works for me, I love his falsetto in the chorus). But I really like the whole thing! I appreciate he tells personal stories instead of just singing about generic bro Country subjects.
  3. Album

    I actually listened to this on a whim today and loved it! He's one of the few current Country acts who get the Pop/Country trick right. It gave me Maren Morris vibes, which is a GREAT thing. I'll be giving him my coins.
  4. omg, Look What You Made Me Do is still holding me hostage and slowly scalping me I can't handle another song rn
  5. Discussion

    As much as I love her, people just aren't here for her right now. I honestly think the best thing for her would be to just stop releasing singles (unless it's like one last mature song from the album), slay the tour, recalibrate and come back in2019. I think she overcooked the plans for this era a bit and people just aren't responding to it. She is still relevant (unlike what some people think) because people are still checking for her stuff, they just don't like what they're hearing and the fake news around her made people hate her. She can easily recover after some time passes and if she comes back with a truly great song. I mean look at Taylor, everyone hated her guts for like a whole year and now she's smashing all the records. Katy can come back from this era too.
  6. Sorry, Liz Lemon can't have a meltdown on FOTP right now. Why? Cuz she's dead. OH.
  7. Omg thank goodness About To Explode wasn't the real title. It was kind of awkward to me and had me worried. Look What You Made Me Do is already iconic. I literally can't.
  8. Music Video

    That literally sums it up for me. The video was (intentionally) goofy af, and I honestly loved every bit of it (I SCREAMED at the shooting star meme). It was like we were right back in the TD era and if this had been released then, people would have ate it up and loved it. I'm glad she's unbothered by it all and is coming out on top, because the only person who can keep you down is yourself, and she isn't gonna let that happen.
  9. Flawless taste, flawless ranking. Strong arguments could be made for 1989 and Red being her best, but Preach Now is simply THE definitive Taylor Swift album. It captures everything I love about her as an artist on one flawless album.
  10. I'm so excited my stomach hurts
  11. Discussion

    A trusted Billboard editor just tweeted "timeless." This may be real!!!
  12. A trusted Billboard editor just tweeted "timeless." I'm screaming if the rumors were actually true.
  13. Discussion

    You just described exactly how I listen to her.
  14. Discussion

    I was honestly expecting a release this week or the next, so I've been emotionally and physically preparing for weeks and I'm still not ready.