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  1. Okay well I can't NOT hear the Holding Out For a Hero comparisons now but she really delivered the best banger in what feels like FOREVER.
  2. She's really out here doing the dang thing. This entire era is a complete and total serve.
  3. YES. "They call me, maybe later" she ain't slick
  4. I never thought I'd see the day Carly would sing lyrics like this but I"m low key living for it
  5. I wasn't ready for this at all this year I can't wait to see the PLAN begin full force
  6. I am physically and emotionally unprepared for this. Was not expecting an album this year (or at least this early) at ALL.
  8. Charli has another mixtape coming??? Two in the same year? I thought the actual album was coming next? I mean perchedT either way but still confusing.
  9. She probably already released CRJ4 since she loves to release things so early there
  10. Omg I actually discovered this song when I checked out their album after Love Me Like That came out and this is a BAWP. Would love to hear her vocals on it.
  11. Can't even vote because they're like ridiculously different albums. Witness is full of bops with a lot of songs I personally relate to, and Melodrama is more of a mood album with a handful of cute bops and some beautifully written songs. If we're being technical Melodrama is probably the better album, but I enjoy them both in different ways.
  12. I'm in an odd place because while I absolutely LOVE Lorde and am glad she's getting praise, critics are definitely biased towards her. 3 full listens was enough for me to love it and I think it's an extremely fascinating album, I still can't help but feel if another artist released this it wouldn't get near the rave reviews its gotten. I guess since Lorde presents herself as a serious artist and is such a music nerd, critics take her more seriously by default. Critics are an absolute mess nowadays, but I could just still be bitter from what they did to poor Katheryn
  13. A MESS. That line makes me smile because it's like she's saying that once the right time finally came, it was so easy for her to open up, like a child saying "open sesame." But, that's just how I take it. I don't cringe at all.
  14. QUINN THAT'S AMAZING. Ugh, that's so awesome I'm so jealous. I bet that was incredible to be a part of. I love how she appeared to treat everyone so warmly and with respect.
  15. Do they hate it because she says "open sesame" But ugh I'm literally welling up just thinking about it