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  1. Can't even vote because they're like ridiculously different albums. Witness is full of bops with a lot of songs I personally relate to, and Melodrama is more of a mood album with a handful of cute bops and some beautifully written songs. If we're being technical Melodrama is probably the better album, but I enjoy them both in different ways.
  2. Album

    I really like the new song, but does anyone else think her voice sounds slightly different? On certain parts of the song it doesn't even really sound like her, which I guess is to be expected with her vocal chord problems. Don't get me wrong, she still sounds good, just...different.
  3. I'm in an odd place because while I absolutely LOVE Lorde and am glad she's getting praise, critics are definitely biased towards her. 3 full listens was enough for me to love it and I think it's an extremely fascinating album, I still can't help but feel if another artist released this it wouldn't get near the rave reviews its gotten. I guess since Lorde presents herself as a serious artist and is such a music nerd, critics take her more seriously by default. Critics are an absolute mess nowadays, but I could just still be bitter from what they did to poor Katheryn
  4. Discussion

    A MESS. That line makes me smile because it's like she's saying that once the right time finally came, it was so easy for her to open up, like a child saying "open sesame." But, that's just how I take it. I don't cringe at all.
  5. QUINN THAT'S AMAZING. Ugh, that's so awesome I'm so jealous. I bet that was incredible to be a part of. I love how she appeared to treat everyone so warmly and with respect.
  6. Discussion

    Do they hate it because she says "open sesame" But ugh I'm literally welling up just thinking about it
  7. I started to get upset at first, but now I just laugh at the reviews because they're so obviously bias. Katy is serving the fans GOLD this era with exceptional music videos, music and general promo awesomeness. I mean she gave us 96 hours of just HER this weekend. I'm a happy Kat.
  8. Discussion

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who was utterly decimated by the second verse to this song. One of her most beautiful songs ever. SAD is brutal as well. I really didn't expect to get into that song, but the raw honesty of the lyrics and the HUGE chorus really makes it hit hard for me. I think we all relate to it even if we don't like to admit it But I actually think the ballad I personally connect to the most on this album is Into Me You See. "I was petrified, only knew how to hide They can't hurt me if they don't know me A full facade made a mirage outta me" I mean why didn't she just come to my house and stab me in the heart? Like who the hell gave her the right to do that? And I think her vocal performance on the song ranks with the best she's ever done.
  9. Performance

  10. Discussion

    Omg thank you I kinda just started typing and tea started spewing everywhere
  11. Discussion

    As someone who's loved reading album reviews for years, I'm honestly dumbounded at Katy's reviews. I think the problem is critics don't know what they want from a Katy Perry album. Critics tend to like artists and albums with very cohesive and straightforward themes and sounds, which we know Katy doesn't really do. What they don't seem to understand is that Katy's always been more than one thing. She can easily switch from escapist fluffy party jams to ace ballads and convincing inspirational anthems without breaking a sweat. Critics take this as a lack of cohesion and focus, but I take it as Katy showing off her versatility and wide range of emotions and personalities. As far as Witness goes, I don't think I've ever seen such a huge amount of critics thoroughly missing the point of an album. Witness is about her waking up in all aspects of her life and wanting to share her newfound enlightenment and self-appreciation with someone else. Every critic is trying to use her calling this era "purposeful pop" as a reason to trash it because she didn't go full political, but that was never the intent. She didn't make blatant political songs because the album was about the actual "waking up" process, and the other songs have purpose in other ways. Look, Witness is not a perfect album, I'm not an idiot, but it doesn't deserve these hilariously scathing reviews. I absolutely love it for its ambition and the sense that this artist is really trying to do something different, which no one is talking about. This was a very risky album for her to make, and she persisted anyway. But TL;DR - A lot of critics nowadays are full of it. Teenage Dream, one of the most iconic albums of the last decade is now deemed "perfect" by the same people who dragged it and called it terrible upon release. As Katy said herself, time is the ultimate truth teller.
  12. Celeb News

    I think you're right. I honestly take Swish Swish to be more of a general "getting over negativity" song than a straight up diss track. I feel like most of the lyrics are actually about self confidence, and the song actually feels like a more appropriate clapback to the ridiculously bad press and fake news surrounding her lately. I hope to goodness Taylor doesn't drag this out for another era, because all of this feud attention is starting to make people hate both of them They're getting dangerously overexposed again and if they don't end it soon people are going to get fed up with it all. Katy's gotten to tell her side, now I just want them to privately make up and score a 32 week #1 smash duet because I love them both so much
  13. See that's what I thought. I don't recall her ever being the one to bring it up. She just responds and talks about it directly.
  14. Did she? I thought James brought it up and asked her?
  15. Discussion

    I LOST IT when I heard this song for the first time. It really is that bop. I think what I love most about it is that how she sings about people thinking she's lost her touch or is going to become irrelevant, and then immediately responds with a CLASSIC style Katy chorus, showing that she could easily make Teenage Dream era bops and score easy hits if she wanted to, but she's just deliberately doing things her way this era. Amazing.