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  1. THIS. Everyone's busy making fun of her dancing and her hair (both of which she already makes fun of herself) and are ignoring the fact that she deliberately stepped down and to the side to allow all of her diverse guests own the stage. The hate for her this era continues to be baffling.
  2. Okay but how did she low key serve her best live vocals in this
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    It's so sad because she's so talented and Night Time, My Time is one of my fave albums of the last few years's not looking good.
  5. Discussion

    I feel like all the drama surrounding it definitely changed everyone's opinion on the song, but I also truly think it's one of her worst singles ever. When 1989 first came out BB was one of my instant favorites, but it got old and irritating VERY quickly for me. It has one of her most melodically repetitive and grating hooks, and what the song did to her reputation makes it hard for me to love. I have days where I bop, but I think it's appropriately rated.
  6. How is "swish swish bish...another one in the basket" NOT a decent hook??? Lmao. It's literally been lodged in my head after the first listen and it's already a new catch phrase between me and my friends.
  7. I feel like people who only casually know her music wouldn't recognize her because of the haircut. She's most famously known for her black hair so they were probably like "??????" The people who seemed to be actual fans caught on quickly though. But things like this can always go either way, the people being surprised may not exactly like the artist and things could get awkward lol.
  8. Another one in the casket AKA me because I am DECEASED
  9. Queen of the NBA
  10. That's exactly how I feel! Like the title just sparks so many questions for me. Is it a Nike endorsement? Lmao. So excited
  11. Low key how I feel. Kinda weird the first 3 songs from the album are all features. That being said, this is the first one I'm actually excited for and really hope this is a smash and a bop. I literally can't wait to hear what in the world it's gonna sound like.
  12. Okay, first off, this was a TERRIBLE review. Nearly the entire review was spent talking about Selena's early career, giving her backhanded compliments, and shading other artists who have nothing to do with Selena's new song. There were like two lines that actually talked about Bad Liar. A mess. Also, I personally don't feel like Katy and Miley are having the identity crisis the reviewer thinks they're having. Witness has had a clear surrealist theme so far and I think Katy's been executing it perfectly while Miley sounds Naturally.mp3 great on Malibu. This is just Pitchfork pretending to understand Pop again. That being said, I'm obsessed with Bad Liar and think it deserves praise and don't really get why people hate it. It's quirky, unique, and totally different from what's on the radio right now. I'll be bopping all Summer long.
  13. Lol plans to get a good night's sleep CANCELLED. BRING ON SWISH SWISH BISH But also Witness too pls I was really excited to hear that tonight.
  14. Album

    I'm not gonna lie, I'm kind of torn. On one hand, I really love that the cover has a lot of meaning and symbolism packed into it, and I appreciate it as art, and it will likely go down as an iconic cover. BUT, I personally kind of find it terrifying to look at (which I know is the point), which kind of sucks bc I'm going to HAVE to look at it to listen to the album lol.
  15. Discussion

    I sincerely hope so. I was shocked at how many gaps there were in states. I want to go so bad since I missed the Prismatic Tour, but as of right now the closest one is in Atlanta, and that's quite a drive I'm gonna hold off for now and pray there's a second leg.