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  1. Kiss Me Once oprah15

  2. Freaky Prince


    As if it wasn't already hard out here
  3. Freaky Prince


    Please my queen, I deserve it
  4. Freaky Prince

    The delay happened like 20 days before the album should've been out, I'm almost positive that CDs were already being pressed. People need to drop the "she will rework" crap. The only thing she can scrap and redo are the music video if she had any prepared. Please miss thang, no one gives a shit about your kindness bullshit, let alone putting it in your videos. OT: Yes, Rain On Me is coming
  5. Freaky Prince


    Either 4th or 5th we will see
  6. Freaky Prince


    Chile he got like 2 lyrics wrong also
  7. Freaky Prince


    Why don't you tell them how you messed up all the banners?
  8. Freaky Prince


    3 DAYS LEFT! If you already submitted please ignore. I will mass tag once more and thats all
  9. Freaky Prince


    We really don't sis, but Impossible is a classic.
  10. Freaky Prince

    This scalding tongue-burning throat-destroying TEA
  11. Freaky Prince

    Hung Up vs. All the Lovers Get Together vs. Get Outta My Way Sorry vs. Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love) Future Lovers vs. Closer I Love New York vs. Everything is Beautiful Let It Will Be vs. Aphrodite Forbidden Love vs. Illusion Jump vs. Better Than Today How High vs. Too Much Isaac vs. Cupid Boy Push vs. Looking for an Angel Like It or Not vs. Can't Beat the Feeling Fighting Spirit vs. Heartstrings History vs. Mighty Rivers Superpop vs. Go Hard or Go Home Triggering vs. Silence Aphrodite: 10 COADF:6
  12. Remember when we were sick of Missy shoving Dua down our throats? Look at us now... Yeah they switch like faggots.

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    2. Dennis Reynolds

      That was still annoying; it wasn't about her as much as him abusing the mass tag list dead2 

    3. Mystique

      Mmmhm and everyone who dragged her for being bland is suddenly stanning.. funny how bitches turned into ha fans ari8

    4. Royalty

      Yup suddenly seeing people liking her when they used to drag her is upsetting but I’m not surprised

  13. Freaky Prince

    Or she just wants to give the fans a proper era with videos, performances, interviews and not just drop the album and stay at home