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  1. Discussion

    Why isn't the deluxe version of BTD available on the British Amazon?
  2. Gaga coming @ your fave's career with LG6 like


    1. Vertigo-go

      Holy shit, this gif is like the entire music video rip2


    2. Honey

      Goddess Cupcakke cry7 

  3. Discussion

    Yes, but it also have some of her longest
  4. Taste
  5. I mean, this really doesn't look like choreography they would do on a show for kinds battling cancer Also, the person who posted the video, muted it Xg lead choreo?
  6. Did you save the pics?, I wanna delete them from imgur
  7. Game

  8. Album

    snatch that hit thread
  9. Rumor

    She is yet to perform DIC I think you meant 'DH'
  10. Rumor

  11. You're welcome