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  1. In his defense, he had no physicals, so those are only iTunes sales. But, I know he's fuming and throwing a tantrum because of this
  2. Government Hooker LoveGame Dancin' In Circles Teeth Sexxx Dreams
  3. Aura G.U.Y. Plastic Doll Mary Jane Holland Donatella
  4. Perfect Illusion Electric Chapel Diamond Heart You And I Manicure
  5. How did it win a Grammy because of Ariana when before ROM Ariana had 1 Grammy and Gaga had like 12?
  6. Yes, ROM would've been even bigger and they would've made SC a single.
  7. Telephone Sine From Above Diggin' My Grave Hey Girl Do What U Want
  8. Always Remember Us This Way Dope Speechless Million Reasons Joanne
  9. Rain On Me Shallow Born This Way Poker Face Just Dance
  10. This better be a live performance or something, not the music video
  11. Clownery. Just do the show like the 2021 one and get it over with