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  1. Bop of 2018 tbh


    1. Royalty

      We love tea

  2. I'll Never Have a Hit Again...
  3. It's local Just drop the video on Youtube and call it a day. Like what the fuck? That dumb ass Apple deal is what stole the spotlight from JW
  4. And why INLA over ARUTW which is doing better on every platform... They just never change...
  5. Can't wait for another extended trailer And Apple Music again... Can she stop US-centering everything she does
  6. Freaky Prince


    ROUND 4 Is That Alright? ( @Gaga = the queen of pop ) VS Shallow ( @California boy ) Vote for the song you want to EVICT! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.
  7. Freaky Prince


    Error 404 cheeks fat not found
  8. Freaky Prince


    If the Joanne video is what they consider Grammy nom worthy, we're in a shit creek
  9. Freaky Prince


    Meh this
  10. Freaky Prince

    I legit dreamed she dropped 2 new songs
  11. Freaky Prince


    @Roman Zolanski PM me your nominees  ARUTW remains the better song, ask any chart out there 
  12. Freaky Prince


    Pop Dup is 100% going to Ed and Beyonce