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  1. Let's get a Porcelain Black award cry9


  2. I flopped, but I'm here
  3. Wow Bebe Rexha is trying so hard to be the Kylie Jenner of pop music rip1

  4. Photos

    I can't read suddenly, idk
  5. Game

    Sure, why not
  6. Game

    In which megarate? This one or the Madonna one?
  7. Game

    Madonna's 80s music
  8. Photos

    She used to be so boring while being around him He seems too much of a 'mommy's boy'
  9. Game

    You won't regret listening to it
  10. Photos

    Um no tyvm
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  12. Photos

  13. Opulence, Happy Days, Nasty and Paper or Plastic by Brooke Candy