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  1. Discussion

    John Wayne video flopped for our sins
  2. ROL 2.0? forget what i said
  3. Game

    Um why are we rating Gaga songs now? 10
  4. Let her be, she's getting inspired
  5. Here you go
  6. Snatch me yas But you gotta check this anthem ended slut-shaming posting a lyrics video, cuz the lyrics are fire
  7. What have you listened to?
  8. @Milk I see you stanning Opulence Did you watch the video?
  9. She can, but I think that her dancing is limited now because of her weight
  10. Well, she ain't coming here But, if she would, I'd wear jeans and some Joanne t'shirt. Maybe a hat too. That's all
  11. What is this? I'm dead serious