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  1. Freaky Prince


    3 songs rate? Supernatural > Backstabber > THS
  2. Freaky Prince

    Lemme actually give her a stream out of pity
  3. Freaky Prince

    You don't get a hit BG thread with Pink and Xtina, sweetie
  4. Freaky Prince


    No correlation imo
  5. Freaky Prince


    You expected an LG6 announcement?
  6. Freaky Prince

  7. Freaky Prince


    Oop #LG6Miscarriage
  8. My hope for MX is the pits now after hearing that tragic song
  9. Just give us new music, Golden aged quickly
  10. Freaky Prince


    @P.E.T.E.R. entered the chatroom
  11. Serving 'a rat is a rat'
  12. Freaky Prince

    Celeb News

    Joanne: The Resurrection, Easter surprise release
  13. Nothing new, but good to see someone from her team acknowledging new music Enigma is starting in a month and I don't think she'll rehearse much for it Unless it's for that press conference
  14. Freaky Prince


    Great. Seeing an 11 yo getting paid for dancing by old dudes is disturbing
  15. Freaky Prince


    Coming for Adele and Pink's wigs 1. Shallow: 5976 spins 2. Eastside: 5922 spins 3. Without Me: 5811 spins