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  1. Freaky Prince

    I prefer her, but I still like over a half of Rainbow
  2. Freaky Prince

    What is this supposed to prove?
  3. Freaky Prince


  4. Freaky Prince

    Don't make my kill you...
  5. Freaky Prince

    Hunt You Down is so slept on
  6. Freaky Prince


    Ksksk I know, this just got me hyped and carried away a lil bit
  7. Freaky Prince


    HDD is a reliable source My point is that, if their point was just to report that Gaga is working on her album, they wouldn't have said that there were whispers of a new album on the way. The way they worded it sounds like the album is in finishing phases and ready to release
  8. Freaky Prince


    There wouldn't be "whispers" about a new Gaga album on the way if all they meant was she was working on it, since she's been working on it for over a year now
  9. Freaky Prince


    Working on your album and having your album on its way are very different things
  10. Freaky Prince


    The album is done, they just gotta add that Cardi verse
  11. Freaky Prince


    That wig said NO to homophobia, poverty and unemployment
  12. http://hitsdailydouble.com/news&id=315277&title=NEAR-TRUTHS%3A-GRANDE%2C-GRAMMY%2C-GRAND-TOTALS
  13. Freaky Prince


    She was a guest judge on Germany's Next Top Model (duh it's in the bottom left corner ). The models had to do a short clip like this where they lip sync to For Free. She did this when she entered the set to show them how it's done
  14. Freaky Prince


    Telephone part 3: Gaga has killed Beyonce and needs help. Cardi saves her. As they are hiding and running away from the police, they fall in love with each other and at the end of the video marry. A CONCEPT