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  1. Freaky Prince


    What the hell
  2. Freaky Prince


    It's 3.30am, I can't sleep and I'm streaming DW wtf
  3. Freaky Prince


    How much did Bionic and Lotus open with?
  4. Freaky Prince


    Oh shit Even the last song is 7/10 at least Bloody Mary Scheisse Electric Chapel Marry The Night Government Hooker Heavy Metal Lover Americano Highway Unicorn (Road To Love) The Edge Of Glory You And I Judas Born This Way Hair Black Jesus Amen Fashion Bad Kids The Queen Fashion Of His Love
  5. Freaky Prince


  6. Freaky Prince

    Hasn't she hiatus'd enough?
  7. Freaky Prince


    Not everything has to be rocket science
  8. Freaky Prince


    Where is the album we need the damn album The song disappointed me btw
  9. Nah, just keep it on Tidal, you can fake numbers there
  10. Freaky Prince


    That weave
  11. Well surprise releases and exploiting your unfaithful husband can get you this far
  12. Freaky Prince

    Tonight's your lucky night I know you want it
  13. Jeez, I'd sell a kidney to see her face when she found out Apeshit sold 21k and that the album is tanking this badly