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  1. Freaky Prince

    Celeb News

    It's obviously the other way around The lipstick popped, but the eyes were so basic for Nikkie's standards
  2. Freaky Prince

  3. Freaky Prince

    Celeb News

    The new GRL? Thank you, no. Is Natasha the only one who stayed? Or did Lauren stay too?
  4. Freaky Prince

    typed off key in my BG thread
  5. Freaky Prince

    The floppery
  6. Freaky Prince


    Not even gonna bother
  7. Freaky Prince


    I detected a little bit of 5 Foot 2 shade, I did.
  8. Freaky Prince


    Omg that Oscar he snatched for "Horse Lavatories"
  9. Freaky Prince


    It's for the dark web
  10. Queen freaky dominate prominate
  11. Current situation in the PM
  12. oh okay, get that hot body, bugatti and party in france