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  1. Freaky Prince


    She did that now give us LG6 lead
  2. Freaky Prince

    Gaga > Katy > Taylor
  3. Freaky Prince

    Tweets deleted
  4. Freaky Prince

    Waaaaitt, I thought that was Gaga's real account and read the first words and my JAW DROPPED
  5. Freaky Prince


    Oh wow tell her to say fuck you hi to FOTP
  6. Freaky Prince


    KM14 Tour better be KMO Tour level of production, istg...
  7. Freaky Prince

  8. All of her tours since Fever have been heavy on technology, dancing, costumes etc etc. So, since Golden is a country album, do you think the tour will follow that and be more stripped back with just her and her band or will she serve high budget production again?
  9. Freaky Prince

    She did that The superior Speakerphone performance
  10. Freaky Prince

    I forgot about Golden for a while, but I've been jamming lately It still consists some of her highlight, fags will degrade it just because it's county
  11. Freaky Prince


    Well, that's because Katy's music is simply panned Critics are always biased towards pop albums, so her getting a score over 70 is awesome news.