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  1. Celeb News RST coming to UK and Ireland

  2. Bizarre Woman tried to kill Obama and Texas governor

    A Texas woman has been charged with mailing explosive devices to President Barack Obama and Texas governor Greg Abbott that she made using a cigarette packet and a salad dressing cap. Court documents show that 46-year-old Julia Poff could have caused severe burns or even killed Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbot if the package she mailed to him had been opened as intended. Agents were able to trace the improvised explosive device back to Poff on the basis of a destroyed shipping label. A Pall Mall cigarette packet and a salad dressing cap used to create the bomb were also found to have originated from Poff’s home. Packaging for the cigarettes was found in her home in Sealy, Texas as well large quantities of fireworks. Black powder of the kind used in pyrotechnics formed the explosive component in the device. off sent a similar device to the White House during the Obama presidency, the documents for the prosecution show. The F.B.I. determined hair found on the package had come from one of her cats. It appears that Poff was motivated to send the letter bombs because of financial difficulties and grievances over government payouts. When it came to Abbott, Poff was upset that when he was the Texas Attorney General, the state had not ruled in her favor in a dispute over support payments from her husband. Her complaint with the federal government was more convoluted. Documents for the prosecution claim she blamed the Obama administration because her application for social security benefits had been denied. The investigating agent also stipulated that Poff did not like the president. As well as being accused of attempting to kill or maim politicians, Poff is also charged with falsely declaring bankruptcy and peddling fake nutritional supplements. Following Hurricane Harvey Poff asked for funds for a widowed father and a young child. The state says she failed to pass on the donations made to her at the law firm where she worked. Poff, who has pled not guilty to the bombing charges, faces a prison sentence of more than ten years if convicted. The case continues. Source
  3. Other Lady Gaga backstage with fans

    I think people are just overreacting She's still close to us and communicating Yes, she isn't far up our ass as she used to be in 2011, but I found it a bit too much back then She still shows her love to us during her shows
  4. Achievement New Joanne World Tour boxscore

    If she does shows in SA, I think she can easily sell out stadiums, and maybe in Asia too
  5. Discussion she's coming, she's coming

  6. Christina Aguilera vs. Your Fave

    Xtina sold over 50m albums?
  7. throwback to Madonna revealing her fantasies about being a pedophile

    Dad and daughter Mom and son
  8. Celeb News Reputation World Tour stage layout

  9. Celeb News Miley's album dropped out of BB200 after...

    6 weeks 5-36-79-133-175-133-AWT https://www.billboard.com/charts/billboard-200
  10. Celeb News Madonna's nude photos from 1977 up for auction

    Photographs of a naked Madonna have surfaced from 40 years ago. The singer was controversial even before she was famous, having posed for these images for photographer Cecil I. Taylor at the age of 18, and which show her naked bottom half, flashing her nipples, and fully nude. Each never-before-seen image has a starting bid of $500 (£380) and are part of a collection up for auction on gottahaverockandroll.com. The images were taken in the 70s at the Art World Institute Of Creative Arts just before she launched her huge music career, during the time she was living in Ann Arbor, Michigan. At the time, Madonna signed a model release form as ‘Madonna Ciccone,’ dated May 19, 1977. (Picture: Gotta Have Rock and Roll) There are apparently 108 images floating around, according to TMZ, including negatives and copyrights. The auction comes not long after Madonna filed court documents which have halted the auction of the sale of a letter Tupac Shakur wrote to her while he was in prison, claiming it had been stolen from her. ‘I have never sold, gifted, transferred or otherwise disposed of the Shakur letter,’ the restraining-order request read; the order was filed in New York Supreme Court in July. (Picture: Gotta Have Rock and Roll) The Gotta Have It! auction house was told to pull 20 items from the sale. ‘The fact that I have attained celebrity status as a result of success in my career does not obviate my right to maintain my privacy, including with regard to highly personal items,’ Madonna added. Source
  11. My fellow Christina fans, you suck!

    I love this quote from the Bible Jesus spilled the tea
  12. Photos Gaga and Alaska 5000 on Instagram

  13. Bizarre Shane Dawson tries selling his underwear for $100k

  14. Music Video Sia - Santa's Coming For Us (Music video)

  15. The Legends Only Lounge

    Just remembered Cherry Church's existence Talk about pop excellence