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  1. Million Reasons was a local hit, yes, but why are we acting like having a successful single in the biggest market is not note-worthy? After the halftime show, Million Reasons received no playlisting at all, yet has 535M streams now. It also reached 3x Platinum and in a few year will get 4x Platinum. Not too shabby. May I add, it was a hit in Italy too, where it peaked at #12 and is 2x Platinum. Music video: 266M views, audio: 103M, lyrics video and performance video: 40M. The only push ARUTW got was being sent to UK radios and it was on TTH for maybe a month at most. Yet, 3 years later,
  2. Who are the features on Applause, Million Reasons and ARUTW?
  3. GP doesn't care about all that mental gymnastics
  4. UK can send Jesus himself and they would still tank, so I suggest Jessie keeps her portfolio clean from this mess
  5. Announce X7 challenge, do that challenge
  6. I got the beauty, got the brains Got the power, hold the rings