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  1. You mean the year Madonna wore brown hair? She's really serving that
  2. for Haus Rats Another L for BrunetteGa stains
  3. She looks 60 And she always pulls this 'serious' granny do-up when she's on her serious damage-controlling projects
  4. Male artists put their faces on covers too, female artists have done covers without their face on it too, is it worms?
  5. Doja was at her highest. Global, uncancelled, versatile. She came in this bitch happy as hell. Evanescencing like the rent was DUE


  6. Well they aren't just anyone's dogs TMZ reported that she's giving away $500.000 for a safe return of the dogs. The fact that it happened right as she went to Italy makes me think it was planned.
  7. Lady Gaga's dog Miss Asia is recovered at the scene by a body guard after the shooting on Wednesday night https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9299591/Lady-Gagas-dogwalker-shot-four-times-chest-two-men-stole-two-gods.html
  8. The laugh after "Get ready for Madame X" She knows about it