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  1. Beg her on my knees to play me Babylon Has Labs version
  2. Freaky Prince


    Night Crawling Gimme What I Want Angels Like You WTF Do I Know Plastic Heart Midnight Sky Prisoner Hate Me Bad Karma Golden G String Never Be Me High
  3. Freaky Prince


    Aphrodite Impossible Princess Kiss Me Once Disco X Body Language Fever Light Years Golden Rhythm Of Love Let's Get To It Kylie Minogue Kylie Enjoy Yourself
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    Well your opinion is shit
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    I literally hear rock only in WTF Do I Know, Night Crawling and Gimme What I Want
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    I don't know if I listened to the same album as rest of yall This is definitely not a "rock" album as she's pushing it, there are like 3 rock songs. The first 7 songs are good, but the last 5... can kinda fit on Younger Now? I don't know, I will give it more chances
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    Genius isnt reliable
  8. Exile is ROM's biggest competition, hooe it pulls thru. She has no chance at Pop Vocal
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    Yes, a January/February release ala ANTI
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    Tinashe But Alan Walker's is a classic and a bop, sp...
  12. Is it known how many doses people will have to take? Or will it be a yearly vaccine like the one for regular flu?
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    Music video for a fan fave from each album
  14. I don't understand Thursday releases She could've debuted so much higher, all it took was releasing like 5 hours later
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    Blackpink couldn't do it