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  1. Slayyyter's music is very stan-worthy, but it being mixed and mastered on a potato doesn't help
  2. He's been part of the making of ARTPOP, Joanne, A Star Is Born and Chromatica. Source
  3. Go to the FOTP logo in the upper left corner, Settings, Stan Badges.
  4. Category is being a performer & having stage presence and she has no competition
  5. https://www.officialcharts.com/chart-news/taylor-swift-beats-the-beatles-uk-chart-record-as-fearless-taylors-version-becomes-her-third-number-1-album-in-under-a-year__32924/
  6. No, I dont. Say what you want about Trisha, but she's been right about so many of these Youtubers that got cancelled before the public caught up
  7. Sour Candy and SFA are European radio smashes Maybe even Alice Free Kygo is a bop, but 2012 single material
  8. It's called looking camp right in the eye, look it up