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  1. 26 minutes ago, Divine said:

    how so? it wasn’t sent to radios until after it started smashing, it wasn’t added to many popular playlists until after it smashed, it was hardly advertised and shoved down anyone’s throat when it was first released, so how is it not organic. y’all are really gonna need to learn that unexpected success due to it going viral on social media =/= inorganic.

    Debut single #1 on TTH + cover lmfao1

  2. 11 hours ago, Haruka said:

    That shits just lazy this album had potential more singles and a few more videos. She wants to be a actress  and savior hoe but don't bite the hand that fed you. I still have not received my signed poster or album insert that I paid for last may and if I get just a fucking dot or a L after all this time the bitch will be called out.

    I fear you aren't getting anything nicki4