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  1. Her releasing all of her bsides, except Sparks, doesnt sit right with my spirit tho I could've made myself a KMO Complete playlist with Golden Boy and Crystallize
  2. Golden Boy is already on Spotify
  3. My Image Unlimited On The Up Trippin' Me Up Love Attack Sexual Gold Excuse My French Voodoo
  4. Dua never went #1 on UK iTunes this era? BOMB
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    Chained To The Rhythm
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    ASIB is literally over 2 years old now, so yes we love albums with stable recurrent streams
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    The random re-smashing
  9. Wasn't Rose confirmed to have a solo out in late 2019 and it didn't happen? Hers is probably coming, but I doubt Lisa's would come that soon after
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    Magic vs. All the Lovers Miss a Thing vs. Get Outta My Way Real Groove vs. Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love) Monday Blues vs. Closer Supernova vs. Everything is Beautiful Say Something vs. Aphrodite Last Chance vs. Illusion I Love It vs. Better Than Today Where Does the DJ Go? vs. Too Much Dance Floor Darling vs. Cupid Boy Unstoppable vs. Looking for an Angel Celebrate You vs. Can't Beat the Feeling Till You Love Somebody vs. Heartstrings Fine Wine vs. Mighty Rivers Hey Lonely vs. Go Hard or Go Home Spotlight vs. Silence DISCO: 6 Aphrodite: 10
  11. Not BTS and Taylor snatching the records from Tekashi & Nicki in 2 weeks back to back
  12. It's a reliable insider https://atrl.net/forums/topic/331459-kylie-minogue-dua-lipa-real-groove/
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    Use me as a personal toilet goddess
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    Most streams in a single day
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    Celeb News

    The Joehoes is coming?