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  1. Remember when Nicki DOGWALKED Beethoven and Mozart? nicki6


    1. Venom


      Yes, but I remember it being with Starships lol3

  2. children were singing this song at graduations at weddings at funerals


  3. Dated on arrival


    1. Royalty


      DaTeD oN aRrIvAl ew2 

  4. I really am sitting here watching Tokyo Toni's reality show....


  5. Billie had the best album of 2019 moo5

    1. Freaky Prince

      Freaky Prince

      Oh, I forgot it lana5 Yeah, not the best, by far lana5

      And what is "still haven't" supposed to mean, I listened to it when it leaked lana5

    2. Urbi


      Nothing, I asked if you have listened yet - that’s it lana5 

    3. Chris Morlock

      Chris Morlock

      NFR says hello and fuck you. 

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  6. Gonna tell my kids Siri and Stephen Hawking did a song together


  7. Found a Spotify playlist with 118 recording of different rain sounds. God is good imready1

    1. Atlantis Princess
    2. Freaky Prince

      Freaky Prince

      Well I just looked it up today, I didnt know Spotify has such things.

      They also have vacuum cleaner sounds gaga7

    3. Entea
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  8. I hope all of this makes Taylor record Reputation 2.0 rih6

  9. "A poor man's Bebe Rexha" lol3


  10. Music peaked with Kill V Maim's last chorus, I said what I said nicki6

    1. Ghostface


      Finally, pop angel is speakingjj2 With that being said, I sense holy trio. jj5

  11. We're gonna be halfway through this month until yall change the spotlight sections dead4


    1. Dennis Reynolds

      Dennis Reynolds

      Just gotta wait until an admin comes online! dead3 Please standby...

    2. Ariana


      Kim Petras will stay luvs mad1

    3. Freaky Prince
  12. Happy Halloween nonbinaries xx


  13. I fucking loathe Salami Gomez. Thanks for coming to my ted talk brit15


    One more song and we start the gamekylie6