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  1. Bc Bebe's lazy ass isn't able to release more than one half of her album
  2. The ppl knew all the words to Fingerprints Her best Roar performance vocally Is there a video of the whole show already?
  3. Discussion

    Thanks y'all for attending and not letting this flop too hard The results are in the OP Don't forget to pre-order Witness Also, Double Dutchess is coming this summer so get your coins ready Witness the tour is also coming to NA this year See ya!
  4. Discussion

    Thinking Bout You: 10 It always makes me sad. Just beautiful and touching.
  5. Discussion

    Now it's getting emotional
  6. Discussion

    Knew Better/Forever Boy: 8 9 for Knew Better, 7 for Forever Boy
  7. Discussion

    Ain't nobody like meee-heeee-heee
  8. Discussion

    Touch It: 10 It first needed to grow on me, but holy crap, I finally saw the light and realized the greatness of this beautiful anthem
  9. Discussion

    Omg I pulled a Gagz on you kii
  10. Discussion

    Touch It is on but my wig isn't
  11. Discussion

    Bad Decisions: 8 Oop, forgot about this jsksjks It still goes off tbh
  12. Discussion

    Btw: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/witness/id1236460498
  13. Discussion

    I Don't Care: 5 It's relaxing I guess?
  14. Discussion

    Sometimes: 4 Anyways..