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  1. Ok but Kesha was never respected so she never happened?
  2. But you can't deny that The END was huge and IGAF one of the most successful songs of all times, and they had 2 big eras before, so they didn't really "come and go".
  3. Imagine thinking Lana isn't the queen of alternative

    1. K$ANIMAL


      Terrible ew1 

  4. BB starts and I get sick af, it's Not Fair.mp3
  5. Lemme leave for today, I'm feeling as sick as Azealia Banks.
  6. Hello I'm Zachary and I just changed my username nice to meet you xo
  7. This game still exists? When will Katy Perry Pop?
  8. Idk, I wasn't there after I left. But you saved me one time so thanks for that
  9. Well maybe that wasn't the only reason why I was lurking
  10. Just chilling here waiting for Lana to release the new single
  11. Can't wait for the stan world fuming when BA wins a Grammy