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  2. This sounds like from BTD(P) tbh, love it though!
  3. @Freaky Prince Church of Mess is returning next month rip3

    1. Freaky Prince

      Freaky Prince

      As if it wasn't already messy enough wendy4

    2. K$ANIMAL


      I won't go back to that empty place ew2

    3. Urbi


      Lemme register wendy1 

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  4. I hope she won't get into her iggy azalea 2017 era
  5. Not the top comment being "Katy Perry trying to be sexy is the most awkward thing ever lol"
  6. I thought he didn't release video this era, yass
  7. omg I remember when my dad used to hate on Gaga bc of her nose rip4

  8. Why am I having such a crush on someone I haven't seen in ages like ugh :(

    1. Jake


      I know the feeling, and it's sad because you can never get with them

    2. edwinfg


      Same thing happened with me brit2

    3. Dreamsssss


      The thing is he lives pretty nearby so I go for a walk or ride around his home to meet him on accident even though I know I will never be with them I'm such a desperate creep omg :(

  9. Idk, your reaction to Cali Gurls made me think it wasnt Bubblegum Pop Anyways, I have decided the next song.
  10. Bone Apple Teeth? (even though you said its a solo song )
  11. Ok, but the other songs from the second half are either ballads or collabs