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  1. It's not gonna be "a complete disaster", don't make yourself look stupid lol
  2. Single

    Bieber releasing again? wow his ego really seems to need it
  3. Miley what's good?

  4. kii at me being higher than you in the fanranking despite being evicted
  5. Well I don't wanna see you win
  6. Charts

    Katy's record is save
  7. Charts

    I really hope Believer is coming for the #1 spot.
  8. Ok but Kesha was never respected so she never happened?
  9. But you can't deny that The END was huge and IGAF one of the most successful songs of all times, and they had 2 big eras before, so they didn't really "come and go".
  10. Check your DMs
  11. Shocked @Hannah ignoring the breaking of her own rules
  12. Don't leave your children with Taylor Swift
  13. I have all the receipts to drag ha to the bottom of hell
  14. I'm out so I wouldn't care
  15. @Justin Bieber DM'd me to work together btw, isn't that an alliance? He also didn't want to add you! @Hannah