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  1. I feel like they need to look forward to international fans and more stuff that's out instead of binging of same song 10 times. I mean I'm ok, I'm happy for Taylor but I preferred older vmas like her fearless one/red era but without all of the controverseries because I can't stand drama old or new or at least move forward or make up at least. Kanye was dumb and Kim is dumber as a plastic bag with money in 1 hand lol. I don't know what I read but I think Rihanna quoted 1 of the years when Taylor won ikywt and she called her w word or the s word...I'm hoping she didn't say that because I like her music to as fan/Stan. I don't think so but I'm hoping not. They did good for Missy but other artists need regnicion to. Its like awards shows cancel everyone and should include everyone to. I don't mean bring up older material I'm just curious little
  2. Life13swift

    General News

    I hope it helps do movies of Batman justice since Ben couldn't do too well much with his acting...I think I might miss him little lol. I think I've seen twilight more than few years ago but people online want Kristin Stewart to do his catwoman role so they can be on screen together again...Idk anymore
  3. Drag ha gurl. PlayStation is doing just fine selling. Google is idk little off...not too much with them tho. I know I don't want try yet either
  4. Life13swift


    I really hope it can go number 1. People need to stream. Someone needs to do streaming party for it. Taylor deservesnumber 1 status
  5. Life13swift


    Look what you made me do I almost do Forever and always Enchanted 1 3 Sparks Fly Wildest dreams I know places Forever and always (piano vers) Tell me why
  6. Life13swift


    Taylor better snatch his wig off and go to number 1
  7. Life13swift


    Thinking of u is my jam I swear girl should have done video. It would have hyped her well its fun song to
  8. Life13swift

    Celeb News

    I sort of almost knew this was almost happening since Gaga is always performing shallow with Bradley, his gf needs chill little..as long as their taking care of that child to.
  9. Life13swift


    and God to of the vid
  10. As long as maker exec is doing better with his career now than before instead of it being just toys r us relater then yes. I feel like I sort of had feeling people didn't want shop there anymore. Same thing to Kmart (Idk about 1 of the ones I visit sometimes) but most of those are gone from most cities here..only very few left I think
  11. I guess...I hope whatever works out for him and his toy company works out well someday. Its sad cause it used to be place I used to walk into years ago when I was a kid. Now its typically nothing tho lol. I sort of agree little or partly since if u go out of business, u go out of business, and I think Shane means is u need to move forward and don't have stick memories all the time. Because then you and your mind aren't going to be too focused anymore when your stuck on past. Or at least make something better than toys r us (don't make it exactly like it either) imo.
  12. Um She always sounded like this tbh..its same old same old again..problematic. I love her music talents/songs but I don't like her problems or her politics either..
  13. I've been curious to Madonna stans, did Bruce Springsteen shade Madonna in anyway? I wasn't sure that's why I'm asking

    1. Mr. Mendes

      No, he hasn't. The fanbase doesn't have anything against him, we just wanted to see her get #1. Actually, he's a really cool guy. Despite his fanbase, he himself is very liberal and a very progressive thinker and shares a lot of the same points of view as Madonna does. 

    2. Life13swift

      Oh ok thank you for explaining :)

    3. Mr. Mendes

      No problem! 

  14. Life13swift


    Your welcome