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  1. Can @Kim Jiwon tag me to the list? I love Britney
  2. I've been curious to Madonna stans, did Bruce Springsteen shade Madonna in anyway? I wasn't sure that's why I'm asking

    1. Mr. Mendes

      Mr. Mendes

      No, he hasn't. The fanbase doesn't have anything against him, we just wanted to see her get #1. Actually, he's a really cool guy. Despite his fanbase, he himself is very liberal and a very progressive thinker and shares a lot of the same points of view as Madonna does. 

    2. Life13swift


      Oh ok thank you for explaining :)

    3. Mr. Mendes

      Mr. Mendes

      No problem! 

  3. I'm sorry to hear that about the offscreen incident that's so sad. Rip to her. But thank you I've heard of star trek to I just haven't watched it before..I've heard of it tho
  4. I've been curious, I've been somewhere on YouTube clip or maybe I'm wrong. Is there an lgbtq couple in this series maybe? (
  5. I was curious, does this forum have throwback section on here maybe ?

  6. Love your username. Courtney is amazing singer. 😍clap3

  7. I always stanned them. I have two of their albums physically they have such good songs
  8. Yes I have 2013 one with Red photoshoot/performances and new recent one with 1989 tour picture performances
  9. Mine and Ours (I heard them both at work on country radio). I was so happy when I heard them play
  10. These people didn't have them participate . Well that sucks. Thanks for the Info to
  11. Girl yess. I'm hoping so to Same here. I would love it if she worked on her own with songs. We need another Speak Now or Red <3
  12. Its really nice list. Do you know If Greece is On the list at all ? I've been curios
  13. I can't believe I'm saying this I agree and disagree. I agree cause that's what the chart said about the positions on how well their songs impacted but Joanne singles barely did it. I'm glad shes managing the top 10 next week tho (I think it might be a rumor. I need to find that post again). At the same time Not to be rude I don't stan her but I might like pics of her and RT News of her but I don't stan her like I stan Gaga and Taylor. I'm glad the Little Monsters are having fun with this spam about her single. Katy wanted a Number 1 single with Roar and couldn't stop talking abut
  14. I love her looks in both areas to. I do like her better in Brunette tho
  15. That's a stunning album cover
  16. I'll try my best to do this. I've listened to lot of her music. Like Femme Fetale and Britney Jean are my faves, then couple faves like from Blackout to her In the Zone with Cinderella. I need to listen little more tho. How are we going to rate this when it has lot of songs, do we just dm you each record or something ?
  17. Omg I just saw this in the status. She deserves to drag Trump. He's bad for the whole country
  18. Thanks for the Tag I love this song. I'm new to Dua's Music
  19. Holy Crap. The Album would Sell a lot especially It were a Visual Album. It would be Magically stunning and Vintage vibed. Loved it when it came out to
  20. I Don't Want to Live Forever The Video is so good and Sexy so far
  21. Don't Let Me Dance Alone - The Saturdays