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  1. Game

    omg yaaassss! I will have another one other than my Millionreasons.mp3 to listen those iconic albums (except artpop ofc) again! thank you! I'll be sending my entry in 4 days! i'll be living those albums each day!
  2. Hello sis, i'm @King Perry and i am always fashionably late and i stan two basic has-been faves
  3. Firework and Roar was used in a leading musical variety show here in the Philippines! never ending ha impact!
  4. get a new year sleep sisssss
  5. Game

    solid 8! when will American Oxygen?
  6. Game

    Katy Perry: Iconic Collection 1. I Kissed A Girl 2. California Gurls 3. Teenage Dream 4. Firework 5. E.T (feat. Kanye West) 6. Last Friday Night (TGIF) 7. Part Of Me 8. Roar 9. Dark Horse ft. Juicy J 10. KP4 Lead Single 11. KP4 Another Number 1 Single 12. New Song 13. Promotional Single Bonus Tracks 14. Remix of the New Song 15. Another Promotional Single She can do it in KP6 in 2018 which is a celebration of her 10th anniversary
  7. Discussion

    she said in her radio interviews in the 3rd quarter if 2016 that she will served a sex anthem in her album, so possibly she will have one in her new album serve us big balloons, katheryn pervy hudson!
  8. talent always rise! queen katheryn!
  9. hi sis can i ask who is that hottie in your avi, he's fabulous anyway, i am serving big balloons for my entrance can i get a witness.mp3?
  10. when will other faves?
  11. same too sissy, but waiting for my greatest gift of all which is KP4
  12. Discussion

    I listen to Work Bitch aka "the best workout song", "Passenger" when i feel aroused and Perfume when i'm going through heartbreaks other songs are thanks to wil./.am