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  1. I used to catalogue my songs, when it came to ratings/reviews. But I didn't think my own ratings were justifiable enough. I think I am too harsh, or not harsh enough with my own judgment of songs. So I stopped doing it, purely because of that. Half the time I was thinking, "I gave it that many stars? why? lol".
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    Be Alright
  3. As a man myself, I feel embarrassed this even came to pass... Why defy logic like that and glamour someone who isn't even the gender in the first place... Just makes human intelligence sink even lower to the ground...
  4. I just wanted to say, I really like your username/display name <3


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    2. Life Reaper Sammy

      Yes that too! I've made up some weird names in the past. Guilty of that. And some not so creative... If only there was a name generator on forums eh?

    3. TattooedHeart

      Lol I wonder what that'd look like on a place like here

    4. Life Reaper Sammy

      It scares me to think. lol

  5. I hate it when someone is in denial about a certain music genre, to the point, they label it as something else entirely different.
  6. Fear my thoughts - Gates to Nowhere