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  2. The world can be a nasty place. You know it, I know it. How is this lady going to tell her coworker "don't waste your time on the youth, they're venomous." I'm a fucking human being, not a robot nor a disease for you to treat me this way. If you see me being UPSET, it's simply a reaction to the circumstances I'm in. I did NOT come into this world to suffer because of other people's attitude. And just in case anyone has any discriminatory views against the younger generation; WE ARE SIMPLY HUSTLING AND GRINDING BECAUSE OF THE RULES THE PREVIOUS GENERATION HAS SET IN PLACE. Don't hate the player, hate the game. Thank you and have a good day.

  3. "Thank you" oh stfu Donald, we don't want your gratitude Posted from my SM-G550T1 using the FOTP app
  4. I just saw this and I am literally dragging for filth the trash on Facebook. Some people were making fun of transgender people for their activism and we find this out today. So sick and tired of this BS. WELCOME TO THE NEW AMERIKKKA Posted from my SM-G550T1 using the FOTP app
  5. Oh, I don't care about Lana like that, maybe if she paid my bills, bought me food.... MAYBE then I would. Bitch is already getting my coins and my streams and that should be more than enough for ha
  6. Screaming @ this but my vote still goes to Kylie
  7. I don't have the time or interest to watch this, can you elaborate how this is relevant to my life and my friends? Or are you just SJW triggered?
  8. + if you think I "tore down" my friend, you give her way too much credit, she is not that sensitive. Kinda cute you're defending her tho
  9. Which woman, Lana or my friend?
  10. my friend wanted a coke spoon only cause Lana had one.... wait till I tell her Lana doesn't even do coke. flop stan ready to ruin her life!
  11. bitch you made me spit out my drink, youre gonna have to pay for it
  12. ??? didnt know the star rating system was still in place in some areas, we use a thumbs up or down system over here oh well, Mimi is still the queen of Xmas!