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    Ultraviolence Well that was easier than I thought!
  2. Can I send my scores tonight then? Bleachers deserve justice
  3. /\quarius

    It was a response to other replies in this thread tho?????
  4. Throw Lana under the bus? Didn't know they were cousins. Y'all think a newcomer is suppose to associate with just anyone? And OF COURSE THERE'S ARTISTIC GROWTH, this shows you don't listen to Lorde to begin with. Lorde's Pure Heroine was an album dissociating and depersonalizing herself from her own generation, from the cliches and artistic tropes. Melodrama shows Lorde in a more vulnerable light because she's talking about relationship problems hence the title of the album itself. The fucking melodrama. It's exhausting and draining when you invest so much energy to it. Besides, Lana herself recycles images, lyrics and concepts all the damn time. Come on now.......
  5. The comparisons were lazy, to begin with, it's obvious Lana stans were affected because Lorde didn't kiss Lana's ass. Lorde has her own narrative which you're exactly right, it's more relevant due to the current landscape. It seems like Lana's interested in cultivating an image and a brand while Lorde is focusing on reaching out her audience. Going by from what I've heard from some stans Seems like Lana isn't even interested that much in impressing her stans because she knows she has them in the palm of their hand But then again Lana HAS been here longer so it's only natural to assume this, but Lana is in a comfortable place right now. Melodrama was an inspired album. Maybe that's why it speaks to the majority, given how frantic the world is right now. Which is interesting because, in this record, Lana wanted to speak her mind on the current political landscape that is affecting the world right now. Perhaps it sounds forced to several people? Meanwhile, Lorde displays vulnerability while making it relatable enough for people. It's also interesting that her sophomore album strays sonically and lyrically from her first album, it shows progress and growth without alienating her fan base. Melodrama for 2017, ladies and gentlemen!
  6. /\quarius

    Its called networking, which happens all the time in the real world?????? Posted from my SM-G550T1 using the FOTP app
  7. /\quarius

    Oh maybe cause the album is so cohesive it barely has any defining moments. Melodrama cant relate tho Posted from my SM-G550T1 using the FOTP app
  8. You know you live a sad life when you bring JLo and Mariah into a thread about Lorde. Ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Posted from my SM-G550T1 using the FOTP app
  9. Oh didn't know I was talking to a Pitchfork writer. Even the people that get acclaimed scores from them dont even fuck with Pitchfork Posted from my SM-G550T1 using the FOTP app
  10. /\quarius

    Anyways some people know how to keep up with the times, others need to complain because their interests aren't relevant anymore. Choose your battles! Posted from my SM-G550T1 using the FOTP app
  11. /\quarius

    Aren't all of those pop tho Posted from my SM-G550T1 using the FOTP app
  12. Jealousy is a disease, I hope a few individuals here get better soon xoxo Posted from my SM-G550T1 using the FOTP app
  13. Maybe cause it works for Lorde and not for Lana??? Not exactly rocket science Posted from my SM-G550T1 using the FOTP app
  14. Thankfully Taylor has better taste in men Posted from my SM-G550T1 using the FOTP app