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  1. i mean that's practically how everyone types now so it's kinda the new norm
  2. Mr. Mendes

    i will accept Causing a Commotion
  3. Mr. Mendes

    I don't know if this is gonna go the way you think it's gonna bc most of the fossils will reject 2 of the 4 songs on the WTG soundtrack and ESPECIALLY the god awful movie itself. There's a reason no one ever talks about it, even in the fanbase. WTG the song is really the only thing worthwhile from this little project and even it's not in her top tier.
  4. Mr. Mendes


    a group hosting is just a disaster waiting to happen
  5. when is she gonna finally come out as a murderer
  6. Mr. Mendes


    1. Bad Girl 2. Erotica 3. Deeper and Deeper 4. Why's It So Hard 5. Where Life Begins
  7. Mr. Mendes


    I Kissed a Girl: 12 Hot N Cold: 20 Waking Up in Vegas: 4 California Gurls: 20 Teenage Dream: 24 Firework: 46 Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.): 18 The One That Got Away: 30 Part of Me: 20 Wide Awake: 34 Roar: 14 Dark Horse: 4 Chained to the Rhythm: 28
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    king is coming. the shower scene....ma'am pan down
  9. I was apprehensive about what this might turn out to be but the trailer is putting a lot of my nerves to rest! It looks set to be a deeply personal and unfiltered look at his life, something he's never allowed to happen before so this should be good!
  10. Mr. Mendes

    lmao you’ve always been terrible huh
  11. Mr. Mendes


    why’s he worried about it, does this flop still make more than $400k a year
  12. Mr. Mendes

    1. Erotica, like LAV, is mostly filler and the singles are the only true standouts. 2. ARTPOP: different =/= good. 3. Joanne > ARTPOP. 4. Anti isn’t Rihanna’s best album. 5. Work didn’t deserve to be a hit. 6. Beyonce won’t ever have another solo #1. 7. Self Titled > Lemonade.
  13. This video popped up in my recommended a little earlier this year, around the time that it became abundantly clear Biden was going to be the nominee. I've never been an avid watcher of The View so I completely missed this when it first aired and went viral. I was an avid supporter of Bernie (and still am) and not the biggest fan of Biden. However when I saw this video I was able to see what many have seen for a long time and what many have come to see. This is a moment that transcends politics, yet it’s also my go to response to the “Why Biden?” question. I don’t agree with Biden on everything. He wasn’t my first choice. But at the end of the day, there’s more to being a president than your platform. The commander in chief is a role that demands decorum and dignity, compassion and empathy, the ability to listen and the ability to speak to the heart just as much as the mind. In this moment, Biden wasn’t thinking of Meghan McCain as a republican, as the daughter of a man he was once in competition with. He saw her as a daughter struggling to cope with watching a loved one suffer to the same disease that he himself watched a loved one suffer under. He spoke to her as a friend, as someone who understood, and offered support beyond a party line. And why? Because when it came down to it he was able to differentiate between the need to play the political game and the need to be a human being. This is the strongest endorsement that I can give to Biden. He possesses within him the capacity and emotional intelligence to think and indeed lead with good intention, lead with the heart, and most importantly lead without prejudice against those he may not agree with. I know many of you have doubts, I know many of you don’t see him as your first, maybe not even your second or third choice. But there is more than enough reason to believe in him. There’s more than enough reason to believe in his vision for the country. And there’s is no doubt that at the very, very least this man cares about the people he shares this country with, even if he may not agree with all of them. Vote. Vote like your life depends on it. Vote like your life depends on it because....it pretty much does.
  14. Mr. Mendes

    I mean is anyone really surprised? She just needs to....ignore social media. Cut it out of her life.
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    Alanis >>>>>>>>>>>>> Billie > Fearless