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  1. Honestly all of them are pretty gorgeous in my opinion.
  2. With my vote of 8, Rich Girl has gotten an even 8.0! SONG #7 RUNNING

    1. Atlantis Princess

      Atlantis Princess

      Are y'all really gonna make fun of her eating disorder now? She's annoying but lol3

    2. Mr. Mendes

      Mr. Mendes

      @Atlantis Princess This isn't making fun of her eating disorder, this is making fun of her apparently wishing to wage a war against the availability of healthier/alternative food options. Nice reach though. 

  4. Everyone who supports or defends this clown’s recent Yoghurt circus...pls get on the right side of history 


    1. An Impossible Princess

      An Impossible Princess

      I...I can't defend her knowing this. bebe1

    2. Strobo
  5. The more songs leak out, the more pissed off I get about the ones she chose for the Moonlight Edition when there were so many better candidates.
  6. There's no thread on this yet so this is a little duel purpose. The trailer obviously, but it can also function as a discussion thread when this incredibly intriguing project releases in September!
  7. When they sell more sugar free cookies than Demi sold copies of her album >>>>>>
  8. She's gotta let Music (the song) go. It's like she thinks playing that song means that album is represented but ignores the fact this is quite possibly the worst song on the album And then of course there's Candy Shop which is pettiness you cannot tell me otherwise
  9. I wouldn't say she isn't doing anything wrong here. First and foremost she is openly attacking a local, small business and sending that attack directly to her fanbase. The pandemic is still going on, small business are still in real danger and if they get any sort of blowback from this (and hopefully they won't) then that could seriously hurt them under the current conditions. But beyond that, her choice to specifically call out the fact that sugar free and and alternate options were on such prominent display just adds to the already existing stigma that surrounds those who have medical condit
  10. I still think that 1989 is the next one to be released and that what she's hinting at is that Speak Now will be the third.
  11. sorry for pulling a Grandes POV tea and responding in two different posts I really meant to respond to this in the post above and just...forgot to. American Life was an interesting case because it wasn't just that it's message fit the theme of the show, it suddenly came back around after a long time of fans asking her to do it. When she did it at the second Tears of a Clown gig, it hadn't been performed since 2004. That whole album holds a very special place in a lot of stans' hearts and the reception she got from playing those songs at the first Tears of a Clown show I think is what ini
  12. There's a little part of me that feels like she knows how much we love it and that's why she avoids acknowledging it's existence...because she's an evil little twat.