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  1. Let's not with that because we know what this is, just be honest about it. You can say it's not a Rihanna vs. Taylor thread all you want but you've been having a Rihanna vs. Taylor conversation this whole time. Beyond that, it still doesn't give any legitimacy to your argument. Your adding in a lot of superfluous data to make a point and even then it doesn't work. You were saying Rihanna's numbers are disappointing because she has more songs out, but she really doesn't. You had to lump in features to even be able to claim that she had any sort of gap, and even then it was 15 songs. Then you wanted to tout Neilson digital era sales to back it up which, as has been explained to you by more people than just me, are incorrect. Have been incorrect for over a decade now, have been irrelevant in terms of success metrics for over a decade now. Now you wanna start talking radio and single peak positions? Give me a break. In terms of radio, what does it matter if a song is radio driven? A radio hit is still hit? And don't even bring up single peaks, you'll just get yourself hurt there. We're not gonna sit here and pretend that Rihanna doesn't 11 #1 songs and pick out the ones that didn't go #1 as being some sort of proof of a ridiculous theory. I've never been a huge Rihanna stan, and I never will be. But we can't ignore that she's one of the biggest artists in the world, has been consistently since she came out, and is going to go down in history as one of the most impactful musicians in history. That's not me saying that, not her stans, but every reputable publication and even her peers have said. Hell, some of the absolute biggest artists to ever walk the face of the planet including Paul McCartnery, a Beatle for christ's sake, has said the same thing. If you wanna continue arguing with that with a digital song sales argument then you can but you better be prepared to not get very far with it, sis. That's all I know to tell ya. When you can come back with some more compelling evidence than what you've got right now then we'll talk but you're better off just ending it right here.
  2. Mr. Mendes


    One of the best to ever do it tbh. His interviews were always incredibly rich due to his often deep questions, and most importantly, he allowed his guests to speak. He rarely interrupted and really let them tell their stories which I’ve had mad respect for for a long time. He also had a wild sense of humor too which was always a lot of fun. RIP to a legend.
  3. Mr. Mendes


    Omg really? Idk how you've managed to escape her. Between her iconic stint on Dance Moms and the amount of marketing Nickelodeon's done with her (she even has her face on ice cream) I thought you'd at least see her products around.
  4. And right here is where the whole argument loses all credibility. Splitting hairs over 15 songs is fucking stupid. First of all, let's not act like Rihanna's really flooded the market in terms of single output any more than Taylor has. Album per album, they released just about the same amount of singles (in fact Taylor slightly outpaces her in terms of singles per album but they're very close) until the release of Folklore and Evermore. You're acting like Rihanna's out here pushing an ungodly amount more out which is not the case. Second of all, Rihanna only has more singles than Taylor when taking into account featured releases. Taylor has released more singles as a lead artist (57) than Rihanna has (52). Your entire point is based solely on features. Features don't need to be playing any part in this conversation because while she's credited on the tracks, we really can't consider these Rihanna songs. If you want a metric of how successful she is as a singles artist, look at what she pulls as the lead. Getting into features, especially with big names, just overcomplicates this because there's more factors than just Rihanna at play there. And while we're at it "these figures are straight from billboards nielson report" is also fucking stupid. I don't know if you did any research into how those reports work or not, but those numbers are outdated the minute they're published. There is no certification out there today that is up to date. Why? Because there's no such thing as auto-certification. When a song crosses a certification benchmark, it isn't just officially certified. The certification has to be claimed by the label and verified by Billboard, a process which can take months. By the time a song is certified 4x Platinum, it could have claimable sales of 6 million or more. There's a reason people don't use RIAA certifications as the crux of their argument. They're not valid. Especially when you're getting into songs that were out before the streaming era.
  5. Okay I'm not a fan of the song but that's a massive overreach when we've got the stuff of No. 6 Collaborations Project, Yummy, etc. sitting there. Is is it boring and derivative sure but there's no way you're claiming it's worse than I Don't Care and Yummy.
  6. Okay having heard all three songs now I highkey feel like they're all in on this together in some capacity and are sitting away somewhere cackling at the social media mess.
  7. She legitimately is the most fucking insane conservative in our government right now and that's really saying something. Her total lack of understanding for how even the most basic of things in our government works just absolutely fucking mystifies me. I hope she gets her crazy ass face laughed in by everyone and we all get to see it play out, jesus christ.
  8. I can see what you're saying as well, I genuinely can. What I try to remind people is that whenever he's talked about it in interviews, it's never been something that he's brought up himself. He’s never gone out of his way to make sure it gets brought up so he can shoot down. It's always been a question that the interviewer has hit him with and after years and years of it happening, I can't blame him for getting frustrated with it. They have been asking him this highly invasive question since he was fifteen years old, a literal child. He never used to answer with anything other than a simple no but that turned out not be enough. He just gets pestered with it all the time. I know that to a lot of people it looks like he's panicked and everything but I genuinely just think he's done with the question and he has every right to be. Nobody wants to be constantly pestered about their sexuality, no matter what it is. People love to get mad at him for the responses he gives and just don't stop and think maybe he gives those responses because he's had to answer this same question for half a decade. He answered the question once and that should've been enough. Period. I just consider it a rude and invasive question. Not just to him but to ask anyone about their sexuality when they’ve not brought the topic up themselves is rude and it’s pissed me off to every celeb it’s happened to. As for rushing into marriage...this isn't really a rush to me. They've only been officially dating a year (that we know of) but they've been in each other's lives since they were teenagers so all things considered they've had some sort of connection, be it friendly or romantic, for around 7 years. I’d also have strongly disagree that no one pushes it on him. It’s not a big thing here but on social media it very much is. Chart data can’t post about him without hundreds of “when’s this faggot gonna come out” comments.
  9. Well this is all I have to say on it. I'm not a fan of her. I don't think I ever will be. But I can't pretend that she's not done wonders for his mental health. He played it off but mentally he was in a really bad place for a long stretch and she genuinely makes him happy. He's become noticeably more content and happy in his life and while I can't say I like her, I like what she does for him. And because of that, I can congratulate them. And we can judge all we want, joke all we want, but everyone deserves to be happy so at the least we can celebrate that they do give each other happiness. And I really don't wanna hear this whole "how can a gay man marry a woman" bullshit, stop forcing a sexuality onto someone creeps.
  10. It can really be improved upon as a movie so it could be a brilliant idea. The Boydguard is not a good movie...they could make it one though.
  11. Mr. Mendes


    Basically! She won't accept responsibility for running over her own cats because "the cats can't hear the car". By her logic then the CEOs of every car company should be going down for people who die in accidents involving their cars.
  12. Mr. Mendes


    That’s true. I also wondered if she held off on doing it earlier because she wanted to have official, non-arguable proof of a win. Not that there was any actual doubt but without the congressional certification there was the insane people who thought a miracle was coming and I just wondered if she wanted to leave only when all the i’s were dotted and t’s were crossed.
  13. Well damn I wish the other girls would sell out with bops up to the standards of the decade defining top drawer material that was Maneater, Promiscuous, and Say It Right
  14. Well then I guess the only thing in their was is getting rejuvinated interest. I guess we'll have to see how it plays out!