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  1. All this over some shit posting and her typing like every person above the age of 35 does?
  2. The friend took what Selena was actually saying and twisted it. She was saying Taylor is her only friend in music, not period. But, even if she was saying Taylor's her only friend, I still don't think that any of this was necessary. Don't donate an organ just to hold it over someone's head for the rest of their lives at any moment you perceive them slighting you. Selena has been openly appreciative of this girl for years, including a shoutout to her just before this began. It isn't like she's not made her thankfulness very clear ever since this happened.
  3. Other artists who work with Luke do get called out. I don’t doubt that some of the reason that Kim gets it more is due to her being trans, that’s always going to be a factor. But what is even more a factor, and the primary reason she gets it more, is because she won’t shut the fuck up about it. She speaks openly on the subject and not only that, let’s everyone know that she does not care about what he has been accused of. She wouldn’t get it to the degree she does if she simply did what all his other collaborators do and simply not speak about it. It’s still wrong but she at l
  4. Thank you guys for participating! <3
  5. WCS is my #1 song but Maroon is a close, close second and I did give it a 10!
  6. Kylie @fab @Cher @Strobo @Simón. @Chris @Billie Frank @Amanda Laura
  7. And now, our top 2. I'm a bit infuriated by this and I'll explain why. I believe these 2 positions are deserved, this is my own personal top 2 in the same order. BUT WCS WAS ROBBED OF SOMETHING AMAZING BY ONE @Billie Frank I have been setting @Chris up as the villain of the rate, but truthfully, while he was tasteless, he didn't do something so horrid that it tanked a song from getting the top marks possible. Revealing himself at the last minute to be the villain, @Billie Frank robbed us of a 10. THAT'S RIGHT! EVERYONE BUT @Bi
  8. Tomatoes. Shame on your family. Boo.
  9. I still sob every time at this one Kylie @fab @Cher @Strobo @Simón. @Chris @Billie Frank @Amanda Laura
  10. @fab tried to sabotage but the 5x #1 smash prevailed Kylie @fab @Cher @Strobo @Simón. @Chris @Billie Frank @Amanda Laura
  11. @Chris Kylie @fab @Cher @Strobo @Simón. @Chris @Billie Frank @Amanda Laura
  12. @Chris This excuses you from none of your sins. A broken clock is right twice a day. @Strobo and @Billie Frank seek guidance and god Kylie @fab @Cher @Strobo @Simón. @Chris @Billie Frank @Amanda Laura
  13. Everybody point and laugh at @Billie Frank Kylie @fab @Cher @Strobo @Simón. @Chris @Billie Frank @Amanda Laura