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  1. I have been looking respectfully for many, many minutes. Much to ponder, much to think about. Do good things and good things come back to you children. 🙏🏻
  2. I mean her sentiment is not wrong by any means, she's just not picking the right person to apply it to.
  3. Bad Girl. Fuck Rain.
  4. It's not gonna happen, you're just setting yourselves up for disappointment
  5. Come Alive, aka one of the best songs on MX and one of the best songs she released in the 2010s. That choir at the end…..chills.
  6. I was almost williing to bet money that this thread was made by a Madge stan when I saw the title
  7. The talk in film circles has been that she’s pretty likely to be nominated at the very least. Not many people have seen the film yet obviously (it’s been screened for studio employees and a little bit’s been said about it but not much). It’d have to be a gloriously bad performance to miss a nomination in a year like this honestly. There’s just not much competition (at least right now).
  8. I mean yes I agree they breached their contract and she has grounds to sue and should…but that’s not to say she’s not going to get a massive paycheck regardless. It’s made $320.7 million and still has a month and a half left in it’s domestic run and has still yet to release in some territories.
  9. Got to watch an early screening of The Suicide Squad for work…genuinely so good. A total 180 from the first one. One of the most unpredictable films I’ve ever seen. 

  10. It’s so good…it really is. And I was so ready to hate it. She just picked the wrong songs to pre-release, all the other tracks range from good to stellar. The title track is immaculate.