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  1. IT’S FUCKING DONE I don’t know if y’all had as hard a time with that as I did but jesus christ
  2. I'm struggling hoping to have it to you soon
  3. KLMJKNHBJKJNL omg thank you guys?? I voted for Sidious but I should've gone for snow dammnit I will cut you bitch Congrats @Snow!!! I wanted to badly to be here today but alas I was not somewhere that I was able to participate. Very well deserved winner! @Kristina Thank you so much for hosting! This was so, so much fun and you hosted so beautifully. Cannot wait to play again when a new season arrives!
  4. As @Shawn's Slave said, no one knows for sure all of the reasons why miscarriages happen. It's possible that her age, medication, or any number of factors played into it. But, one also has to consider that miscarriages are not uncommon even if they don't get discussed often (which is due to religious stigma surrounding them that has not entirely faded away with time). Between 10 to 20 percent of pregnancies end in miscarriage, but it is commonly accepted that that number is probably much higher but we don't have data on it because they happen so early on in the pregnancy that the mother
  5. @Kristina Can you set a timer for the results show
  6. @everyone if you see stronger by britney, it’s this bitch
  7. Omg don’t be suspicious of me be suspicious of @Urbi he’s the one who boosted @Kristina’s score bc she’s an admin
  8. JDKSKDKS You at least can be nice about your criticism, someone in here is just eternally pressed
  9. Pls all this whining and for what For some genres, the classics are the classics for a reason. Beyond that, this is about a TRINITY, three songs that work together to form a solid whole. It’s not enough to pick 3 good songs, you gotta pick 3 good compliments and some of y’all do not. Y’all whine about the judges being too into subversive picks then when they finally spring for some of the more basic stuff that’s suddenly also an issue Just take the L
  10. Omg let me breathe I am just as surprised as everyone else