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  1. Mr. Mendes

    PLEASE CHECK THE OP FOR UPDATED STATS @Harry_CAL @Maria @ryjapo @8Bit Heart @Love So Soft @Harry Styles @Edu @Cosmic @Bleachella 
  2. Mr. Mendes

    It seems that an impasse has been reached. Half of the gays have selected one local, the other half has selected another local. In dealing with these two locals, there are things that have to be considered. Beyawnce fulfilled 1/2 of the overall challenge which was to hype the release by any medium that was so selected. However, the hyping went to absolute waste due to the song not being posted. There was no reaching out to the host explaining what happened and instead the only thing that was communicated was a simple "fuck it’s too late isn’t it". Disappointed but not surprised. Kellocal fulfilled neither part of the overall challenge. There was no hyping and no song. There was never any presence from her at all. However, there was communication with the host as to what happened. The communication was initiated by the representative of the artist with a simple but understandable reason as to why there was a lack of presence. Both of the people in question have showed degrees of commitment and degrees of non-commitment. But ultimately, it can come to only one. In weighing the options and upon consultation, the answer is clear. The one who'll be headed home today is... Kelly Clarkson. However, there are questions surrounding the person that was ultimately saved by the committee and whether or not they'll be committing. In the event that Harry Styles finds himself outed, a conversation will be had regarding whether or not Kellocal will find haself back within our clique. But for now, we must say goodbye. @Love So Soft
  3. Mr. Mendes

    Hello gays (and Dylan)! It’s time for a player vote. The bottom two are not able to vote so that means we’ll be relying on the 7 of that’s left. That means that at least 4 people need to vote to eliminate the same person. In the event of a tie, there will be a tie breaker (myself). The two up for elimination: Kellocal Clarkson and Beyawnce You may vote in thread @Harry_CAL @Maria @Harry Styles @Edu @Cosmic @Bleachella @Surrealism
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    @Harry_CAL @Maria @ryjapo @8Bit Heart @Love So Soft @Harry Styles @Edu @Cosmic @Bleachella @Surrealism
  5. Mr. Mendes

    THE RESULTS #1 | FLORENCE | 8.7 #2 | LORDE | 8.6 #3 | LANA | 8.4 #4 | CHARLI XCX | 8.1 #5 | CHRISTINA | 7.9 #6 | LINDSAY | 7.7 #7 | ZENDAYA | 7.6 #8 | HARRY | SAVED BY PANEL #9 | BEYONCE | UP FOR ELIMINATION #10 | KELLY | UP FOR ELIMINATION @ryjapo you can PM me and choose either to eliminate someone or automatically save yourself for the next round and have players vote who to eliminate. The choice is yours! @Harry_CAL @Maria @ryjapo @8Bit Heart @Love So Soft @Harry Styles @Edu @Cosmic @Bleachella @Surrealism
  6. Mr. Mendes

    Well technically the deadline has passed but there are 6 of you that haven’t posted their songs so I’m gonna extend the deadline to 9:00 PM EST which is 5.5 hours from now. If you don’t post by then, then your single just won’t be considered for anything and you’ll risk elimination. @Harry_CAL @Maria @ryjapo @8Bit Heart @Love So Soft @Harry Styles @Edu @Cosmic @Bleachella @Surrealism
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    HELLO LEGENDS! So a few people have communicated with me that they're worried they won't be able to post before tomorrow's deadline so I'm going to allow you all to start posting your singles any time between now and 2:00 PM EST tomorrow. Seeing as it'll be Friday for some of you in just a bit anyway, it's not a huge deal to post a little early (or early for me that is). Good luck everyone! @Harry_CAL @Maria @ryjapo @8Bit Heart @Love So Soft @Harry Styles @Edu @Cosmic @Bleachella @Surrealism