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  1. Mr. Mendes

    your best article tbh
  2. It's been almost three months since my grandmother passed away. My Mom and my grandfather are both still so broken by it, understandably. And I just don't know how to help. I don't know how to make either one of the feel any better. 

    1. ajp

      Through time, their pain will ease. One way you can help is ask them about memories that they have of her. It helps them feel that they are still connected. 

  3. Mr. Mendes

    Celeb News

    I wish that we could see more of this from both of them so this stupid stan war among their fans can finally be put to bed
  4. I don't.....why is Twitter so extra all the time? Like yes, okay they're more than right in being upset about what's happening in the world. But not every single tweet right now has to be about it. The woman was just celebrating her album release...and that's not to mention the fact she's also spoken on the current events in the country right now, it's not just been Chromatica tweets. I can't help but feel like the energy should've been channeled into actually doing something to further the cause rather than calling out a pop singer for no legitimate reason.
  5. Mr. Mendes

    I don't get what the point of this was
  6. Mr. Mendes

    First of all, there's already a thread where this exact thing is being discussed. Second of all, yes the beats are eerily similar but that that can happen with producers. Shep Pettibone is the man responsible for both tracks (the remix for Janet and Vogue) and it's not unheard of for producers to repeat themselves. A more modern example would be Beyonce's "Halo" and Kelly Clarkson's "Already Gone". Both songs were written and produced by Ryan Tedder and their production is nearly identical. There's also Pharrel who has repeated himself before in his production; the beats to "Boys (Remix", "Candy Shop", and "Blazed" are all incredibly, incredibly similar and all happen to be produced by Pharrell. It doesn't mean the artists ripped each other off, it just means the producer has tread ground they have previously. I get what you're trying to do but this was not the smartest or most effective way to do it
  7. Madonna..I don’t know, maybe? It’s not unheard of for artists in their 80s to continue making music. I don’t know that she’ll tour, but she may put out music still. Shawn will only be 43 at that point so I’d imagine he’ll still be making music and touring. I don’t think it’ll be the kind of success he’s enjoying now but there’s male artists in the pop genre that are in their 40s now that do okay all things considered so probably. Britney...probably not. I’m not sure how her life will look by then.
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    @Maria here's all the banners