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  1. This thread is not something I enjoyed doing, but there's been a lot weighing on my mind and my heart since coming into all of this information.  I'm not in this for drama, I'm in this for the whole truth being made available to everyone here who deserves to know it. 


    1. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      "Queen Of England"... You can tell that was posted by an American. rip3

  3. We really don’t talk about how The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is one of the best book adaptations of all time enough. 

    1. Gwen Stefanee

      Gwen Stefanee

      The camera work, directing choices, and overall cinematography were so great. Not to mention that the script was amazing and all of the actors who portrayed every characters were doing the damn thing! It's their Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

    2. CHANEL #1

      CHANEL #1

      In general they did a really great job with the entire series. Yeah, yeah they made some changes with Mockingjay. But overall, they did better adapting all the books than can be said for most.


    1. GlenCoco


      Queen Laura Bozo 

    2. Chris Morlock

      Chris Morlock

      I thought dolly Parton before Taylor 

  5. do yourself a favor, click on the tweet, and look through the thread


  6. There were no Xtina stans for years and then all of the sudden there's a mini-army. Not at all opposed to it, welcome you all tend to be a lot of fun (except for that one but the Agugaga clone but they seem to have disappeared), but if I was gonna guess any of the faves would have a new army come along I would not have guessed her. 


    1. Atlantis Princess

      Atlantis Princess

      Are y'all really gonna make fun of her eating disorder now? She's annoying but lol3

    2. Mr. Mendes

      Mr. Mendes

      @Atlantis Princess This isn't making fun of her eating disorder, this is making fun of her apparently wishing to wage a war against the availability of healthier/alternative food options. Nice reach though. 

  8. Everyone who supports or defends this clown’s recent Yoghurt circus...pls get on the right side of history 


    1. Gwen Stefanee

      Gwen Stefanee

      I...I can't defend her knowing this. bebe1

    2. Strobo
  9. She was on another fucking level with this song


  10. He served here idc. The Arabian vibe of it is just giveup4


    1. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      Yes, I feel this era deserved far better. The album kinda flopped in Europe, in the UK it only manged to chart at #12. I find Shawns career really strange, he's such a well known name, yet doesn't seem to chart high compared to his peers. I'm not at all dragging him, i just find it odd. 


      Anyway stream Teach Me How To Love. 


    2. Mr. Mendes

      Mr. Mendes

      @Billie Frank

      This era has been the first time that the album hasn't really done all that well across the board and I honestly think it came down to poor decision making in terms of how they chose to market it and when they chose to release it. They made a big mistake releasing it December when he has always been more successful in spring/summer and especially since the album itself has a more summery vibe to it. They also made a mistake by essentially releasing it alongside the documentary because while that could've been a good promo tool, they wasted most of the momentum the era had on promoting the documentary and by the time the album came out there wasn't much left to do. Had the doc come in December and they used that as the announcement of the album and then they actually kickstarted the era in March/April and dropped the album in May, that would have been much better, especially since he'd have more freedom to do things with the vaccine roll out and restrictions beginning to lighten up a bit. He's also been more interested in his personal life than his career the last year or so which is totally fine, I don't blame him, but that should've kept him from rushing into a new era. But, it seems he's hungry to work again. He's been sighted on the set of something for the last couple of weeks and there are rumors circulating that they have a summer single with a pretty large promo campaign for it planned so it may be for Teach Me How to Love, by far the most successful non-single the album has. 

  11. PLEASE


    1. Royalty




  13. we love a queen


  14. MONDAY. 12 PM. COVID VACCINE. Never been more excited for a shot in all my life. oprah15

  15. One of the largest theatre chains in the world (Regal) is based out of my city and they opened yesterday unveiling their COVID procedures and I’m going to be seeing a movie in a theatre for the first time in over a year in a few minutes cry0

  16. not this 




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    2. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      I'm an intellectual gay 

    3. Max


      A chaotic uplifting homosexual. I can live with that. ny5

    4. Fletch


      Horny Gay ari2

  17. Not Lil Nas releasing the gay bop I've been needing in my life

    1. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      Yes. He's carved such a unique sound/style too. 

  18. Bruno kinda snapped a little bit on Unorthodox Jukebox, every time I come back to it I have such a fun time with it tbh. 

    1. Gabe.


      omg, i have been bopping a lot to Locked Out of Heaven as of late, what a SONG.


  20. Tulsa Jesus Freak is one of the best things Lana has ever recorded bar none. 

    1. Urbi



    2. TRENCH


      a discography top 10 no arguments 

  21. I'm not crazy, these new Demi album visuals look like rejects from Kacey's Golden Hour visuals right? Like that's immediately what I thought of, butterfly and all. bebe1

    1. Gwen Stefanee

      Gwen Stefanee

      Yes. Also, the title is so Mariah that I couldn't even believe it when I first saw it. She's pretty much setting up for a "you've got it the wrong way around hun" moment, but unto herself.

  22. Beyonce and Taylor making HERSTORY we love to see it

  23. Ol' Lizzie not being the villain was a plot twist I didn't see coming

  24. Can we say timeless? Can we stay legendary? Can we say iconic? 


    1. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      Its overplayed as hell though. Somebody Told Me is better. 

    2. Mr. Mendes

      Mr. Mendes

      @Billie Frank Yes it is overplayed but honestly I can get why. It's one of the catchiest songs ever written and it's very difficult to get out of your head when the bug's been caught. I do adore Somebody Told Me as well though. Honestly, I kind of love all of Hot Fuss, it's really just such a fun, energetic, memorable little album. 

    3. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      I'm not disagreeing but it was overplayed so much to the point where I can't stand listening to it. Its the same with Uptown Funk.