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  1. She really saw the Swifties doing the mental gymnastics to make Woodvale or an announcement of 1989 TV a reality last week and said "here's another EP of songs you've already heard" in return
  2. Her nerve to even say this when a large part of that mean people culture apparently worked for her show
  3. I've been called worse Also...no I really didn't deflect. I simply pointed out that it's not really a problem just because you said it's a problem. The logic of "oh you listen to ___'s music so that means you are in support of all the bad choices they've made" just doesn't add up, babes.
  4. Also, I’m curious as to why it’s specifically listening to Nicki that’s pissing you off when Doja Cat and Ava Max are working with Dr. Luke routinely? Or when Gaga only thought it was a good idea to remove Do What U Want after she took shit for it? Or Rihanna working not once but twice with the incredibly problematic Eminem? Or Katy and Madonna having released singles with a man accused of being a homophobe? Or when Dua Lipa is jetting off all over the world with her anti-vax conspiracy theorist boyfriend? Or when Beyonce is married to has collabed many times with a man who used to sell drugs
  5. Here’s the thing girl...some people are more inclined to be able to separate art from the artist than others, everyone’s different and it’s often case by case. It becomes especially easy to separate them when the artist’s behavior and their music don’t intertwine. If someone can distinguish, great. If they can’t, great. Absolutely you don’t have to like it when someone can separate product from the producer but coming out here swinging like this accomplishes what? I can say pretty confidently that most everyone I’ve seen on this forum that’s currently around that enjoys Nicki’s music isn’t a b
  6. I would say there’s some truth to this but....no. That’s a KKK hood that guy’s wearing. I live down here in Tennessee, we have Klan members literally handing out fliers on our street corners...that’s a Klan hood. And the fact that he not only took a Snapchat of it, but SENT the Snapchat shows me he’s a little too comfortable with it. I’m all for giving someone a chance to grow up and change but that apology he posted was not accountability that was damage control. American Idol made the right call.
  7. 😭😭😭😭


    1. Lynk


      How is this All Lives Matter though? Did I miss something? 

  8. I hope it's as good as the first two are! If she maintains this quality, this may end up as one of my favorite albums of the year.
  9. Gaga not being there is a bit of a surprise, but Ariana not being on it just comes down to her not having the time to match the others' sales. She is the massive girl right now, but she only got huge in the later half of the decade whereas these others had about 7 years to be far ahead of her in overall sales for the decade.
  10. It's not a screenshot, it's a tweet. All you have to do is go to the tweet, copy the link to the tweet, and then paste the link in the OP.
  11. Well I mean other singers being on the album would be what the commercial draw to it is. This is clearly a last ditch effort to revive the era and if it was just her with the same songs only with remixed production, really only Monsters would be checking for it. Other artists would draw in other fan bases and get some actual attention on the album which I would imagine is the goal. Assuming it happens at all of course.
  12. I mean I don't like her either but this is a very good thing for the film. The film has not been cancelled, it's just going to streaming rather than a theatrical release. That's hardly a death sentence for a film. Look at all of the massive films last year that went to streaming rather than theaters such as Soul, Ma Rainy's Black Bottom, and Nomadland. Streaming actually directly increases a film's chance for success as the distribution deals are more lucrative and cuts out the third party middle man of theaters. It's just how this industry works. With theaters still being closed all ove