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  1. I don't really like any of these albums and would rank each of them toward the bottom of their respective artist's discography, but in terms of my enjoyment from worst to best: 5. Sweet Kisses 4. So Real 3. On the 6 2. Xtina 1. ...Baby
  2. An incredibly talented young man who's got an amazing, six week #1
  3. Well then maybe he should be doing stadium dates there
  4. Mr. Mendes


    He and his team have just assumed that since he sold out US stadiums on the Purpose Tour, he can do it now. The difference is he cancelled those sold out dates during his breakdown and promised that those dates would be honored in the future. And indeed he's returning to those same stadiums...4 years later and in a significantly different position than he was at that time.
  5. Mr. Mendes

    I don't think they're here for the kind of thing she's probably about to end up doing. Her resurgence came from music that's pretty different than her typical pop fare and I think if she swings back into the weird stuff she used to do then she's probably gonna lose the public that hopped on the ASIB train.
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    Well considering Robert’s one of the best actors working today (as he’s proven in his incredible performances in The Lighthouse and High Life) then there’s a lot to be excited about with his casting.
  8. Mr. Mendes


    Not as bad as I thought it would be but it's still a 5/10, maybe 6 taking decent production into account
  9. Mr. Mendes


    It almost feels sacrilege but I just don't like the Like a Virgin album as a whole. I've really tried and have been listening to it a lot lately. It's iconic and produced three of her most iconic and best singles, but aside from that trinity, it just feels like filler.
  10. As someone who’s been a Bond fan for most of their lives, this is exactly what I wanted. It captures the Bond mood perfectly, especially with the tone that this film is taking.
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    Thank you!
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    WOW! No more mixed review floppage! Thank you all so much omg!!
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