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  1. All tea! Making one of their best albums 20+ years in, we love to see it. Let's pretend this isn't over two months after you posted this and call it a day shall we
  2. As was stated before, Bush may have been a terrible president but I don't think he's a terrible person. This isn't a political thing, they're just friends. There are plenty of cross partisan friendships. Hell, the Obamas are both pretty great friends with Bush and his wife. I'm not at all a supporter of Bush's presidency, or his party in general. But that doesn't mean I wouldn't speak to the man, wouldn't be in his presence. I can see where it may be a bit problematic concerning her status among the community, but really Bush wasn't the one was staunchly homophobic, that was Dick Cheyney. It doesn't excuse his bad decisions both politically and morally as a president, but to drag someone for an innocent friendship is just juvenile. Cancel culture's really gotta get a life.
  3. Mr. Mendes


    Celine, Britney, Gaga, and I think Tina have one as well. I know Celine and Knee have 5-6 years
  4. Mr. Mendes

    Confessions on a Dance Floor. I first heard it at 5 years old and it's stuck with me ever since. It was the album I listened to before coming out, the album I listened to before my first date, the album I listened to before starting high school, the album I listened to before graduating. It's just been there for me. It's weird to think of a collection of music as a companion but that's kinda what the album has felt like to me over the years.
  5. Mr. Mendes

    I'd say she was a it girl but never the it girl. At her peak, she had a ton of success and very impressive success at that. But in my mind being the it girl means you were leading the pack and didn't have really have anyone around you that was equalling what you were doing and in Xtina's case, there were people around her that were and they ended up overtaking her pretty quickly. Her success cannot be diminished, but I don't think she was ever the head bitch.
  6. Mr. Mendes

    You're really defending that kind of behavior? There is no defense for wishing AIDS on somebody. I don't give a fuck what some trash media says about you, that's not an okay thing to say. There are plenty of people that get beat up on social media and in the media much worse than Cardi does and they don't act like this.
  7. Well apparently this knee injury has been around since rehearsals so that could explain her mood. She's been in pain ig. That explains her knee raps, compression socks, and everything. Now with the cancellations of these three shows this week, ig she's made it worse by performing on it.
  8. Mr. Mendes


    I've got a collection of 30+ tour books from all kinds of different artists and not a one's got photos of the show in them. Tour books are almost always designed before the tour even begins, which is the case for this tour, there was just a delay in the printing.
  9. Mr. Mendes


    It looks fantastic, idk what you're looking at
  10. I for one am glad the no phone policy is in place. By nearly all accounts, it's added so much to the show to have the audience that invested and their attention on what's happening. And that means she's more into the show. I'd imagine she's enjoying this tour more than any she's ever done.
  11. Every time he swoons over the editing I just think to myself "don't get used to it"
  12. @LittleDudeNT5 @Rebel Bitch @SockBitch @Alvarø @ParentalAdvisory