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  1. This thread is not something I enjoyed doing, but there's been a lot weighing on my mind and my heart since coming into all of this information.  I'm not in this for drama, I'm in this for the whole truth being made available to everyone here who deserves to know it. 

  2. That's such an absolute lie and I can hardly believe you typed lmao
  3. God Control Some Girls Messiah Rebel Heart Looking for Mercy
  4. With my vote of 10, Don't Speak has gotten the highest score so far of 9.8. It'll be tough to beat this, but we'll see what happens later. For now, we're going to pivot back into solo territory with a song that people either love for how cheesy it is or despise for...everything about it. You be the judge. SONG #10 WIND IT UP
  5. It's a little too late for her honestly. She may still have a cute album on the horizon, but I just don't know if she's going to live up to commercial expectations. It's been too long, the interest just isn't there anymore.
  6. Forbidden Love Paradise (Not for Me) Isaac Easy Ride Amazing
  7. Those are all singles OT: Swim Why's It So Hard Where Life Begins Mer Girl Sky Fits Heaven

    1. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      "Queen Of England"... You can tell that was posted by an American. rip3

  9. They can't win for something they don't submit. Abel's been annoyingly clear that he will not be submitting.
  10. You...you heard it didn't you?? That's not good. Any of it. She's not as bad as the production but that is still probably the worst she has ever sounded.
  11. Mariah's always been more of a singles artist tbh. She has some good albums, but for the most part her albums are the singles and album cuts that aren't really worth talking about. Kylie by a wide margin has the better discography.
  12. Till Death Do Us Part Where's the Party Pray for Spanish Eyes Promise to Try White Heat
  13. They just released a remix of their absolute classic Rasputin with the DJ Majestic. Apparently, a ton of people have this shared experience of having a history teacher play the original Rasputin in the classroom (myself included) so the song has kind of taken on a life of it's own in the 21st century. It was also on Just Dance (the video game) and was one of the most popular songs on the whole thing so people have a soft spot for it and they finally are capitalizing on that I suppose.
  14. We really don’t talk about how The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is one of the best book adaptations of all time enough. 

    1. Gwen Stefanee

      Gwen Stefanee

      The camera work, directing choices, and overall cinematography were so great. Not to mention that the script was amazing and all of the actors who portrayed every characters were doing the damn thing! It's their Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

    2. CHANEL #1

      CHANEL #1

      In general they did a really great job with the entire series. Yeah, yeah they made some changes with Mockingjay. But overall, they did better adapting all the books than can be said for most.

  15. I can't say I adore them but it works so well on a conceptual level. The song being about what it's about, the image of her being wrapped up and constricted by an apex predator is a striking visual metaphor.
  16. Dancing With Our Hands Tied vs. State of Grace
  17. This being in the Ellie section really is a little bit of a scream
  18. This is lowkey really fantastic for her. I'm glad one of her best albums is getting so much sustained love!
  19. What was the moment/album/song/event/etc. that turned you into a Madonna f/stan? For me, it was Confessions. My Dad was a big fan of Hung Up and Sorry (he heard both on the radio and fell in love with them) so he went out and bought the album. He'd mostly just play those two songs, but there was one day he put it on the stereo we used to have at the house and since I was just 4, I was at home and heard it all the way through. I loved what I heard but didn't really have a clue who it was. I listened to the songs quite a bit but didn't really properly initiate myself as to who she was until a fe
  20. Girl I can't wait to see where that one ranks With my vote of 6, Bubble Pop Electric has gotten the lowest score so far of 7.0. Too high but as mentioned it is a little iconic and I guess it's not the worst song on the album (looking at you Crash you big fat, white nasty, smelling fat bitch.) SONG #9 DON'T SPEAK You fags better not do this dirty or I will be having words

    1. GlenCoco


      Queen Laura Bozo 

    2. Chris Morlock

      Chris Morlock

      I thought dolly Parton before Taylor 

  22. The link below the tweet. They’re a pretty reliable source for Vegas entertainment,