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  1. Since the game is ending, does anyone want me to post Shawn’s album?
  2. So what now?
  3. SHAWN MENDES ON HIT 89 FM GERMANY Shawn Mendes has put himself on the radar far more than almost anyone expected. Currently, Shawn is just shy of breaking the top 10 with his debut single. His album is also selling exceptionally well in pre-order numbers. On Monday, Shawn performed a set at the Glastonbury festival. Shawn's set earned general acclaim from fans and even some of his fellow artists found themselves impressed with Shawn's half hour set. In just a couple short weeks, Shawn will be releasing his debut album which is currently one of the most anticipated albums of the first part of 2018. Shawn took a day off following his Glastonbury set but now continues his European promotional tour in Germany. ON THE REACTION TO HIS GLASTONBURY SET "I had never been more nervous for a performance in my life. Glastonbury is one of the biggest music festivals in the world. Playing on that stage, to that crowd, it's something that no one can ever truly prepare themselves for. Heading into this set, I knew that this was the first time I'd been showing what kind of performance I am capable of. I wanted to make sure that nothing was wasted in this set. When I stepped out onto the stage, there was automatically this wash of calm that came over me. The crowd was absolutely incredible. They all knew this was my first time doing something like this and they welcomed me into the ranks so easily and that meant a lot to me. They sang with me, they jumped, they had fun. And seeing how people responded to the performance on CALTube as well has been so incredible. I'm so glad that people enjoyed the show. All of the positive words of encouragement really mean a lot to me." ON BRENDON URIE'S GLASTONBURY CONTROVERSY "It's really sad to see him getting bashed so hard for what happened. Clearly he wasn't comfortable with having to perform that way, but he went out on that stage to not disappoint the fans that were highly anticipating seeing him perform. And, despite the circumstances, Brendon gave a stand out performance. Musically, it was incredible. His voice was perfect, the arrangements were fantastic. It's a shame that the best elements of his performance are being eclipsed by these events that were beyond his control. I think people see Brendon as an easy target to throw these comments at because he's such a kind person. But, I know that this all must hurt him. Brendon is one of those artists who has given so much to the industry and asked for nothing in return. In the face of bad circumstances, Brendon stood up on that stage and gave everything he had. Maybe in time, people will be able to look back on this performance and see all of the good that was in that performance." ON BEING ON TRACK TO BEING A BIG NAME ARTIST "The life that I'm getting to live is something that I've always dreamed of. I've always wanted to make music and share with the world and be able to see how the world reacts to it. To see my music almost in the top 10 is humbling to say the least. Through this journey, I've learned so much about being an artist and what it means to really work at what you want. I've gotten to do incredible things and I'm so thankful for it all. To say that I'm an artist that audiences want to pay attention to blows my mind. I was convinced for a while that I was just going to be this Canadian kid with a dream he never chased. I'm so lucky things went the way they did. I still can't believe the success I've been blessed with. And it's not that I want the fortune and glory. This success means that my music has reached people and resonated with them. That's what this is all about. That's what every artist works toward. I'm so lucky to get to do what I love." "It All Comes Back to This" Plays Pre-Order The Resistance now
  4. Woh what the hell did I miss?
  5. Gonna really miss you! I wish you luck in whatever comes nex Georgie!
  6. Thank you! That helps me a lot moving forward!
  7. So I’ve been nervous and stressing for a week on this so I wanna know: What did everyone think of Shawn’s set? I knew that everyone else was going to bring it, so I worked extra on it haha. It’s my first time doing a long set.
  8. @Ronlop Will we get CALTube comments on Glasto sets? Just wondering!
  9. It worked on my end! Thanks
  10. I did think I had some issue with it, What do I need to convert the audio file to to upload? It's been so long I've forgotten
  11. @Ronlop I think I uploaded Sweetest Sin to Encore but I'm not 100% sure it did haha
  12. Alright everyone! I've been waiting for this for a while...what do you all think about Shawn's Glasto set?