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  1. Create A Label: Season 7

    SHAWN MENDES INTERVIEWED ON MTV NEWS Shawn Mendes has started an early winning streak. His debut single It All Comes Back to This found success on the charts peaking highest so far in the top 30. Shawn has defied all logic with his success thus far. Mendes' name came into popular culture as a social media celebrity so there were many skeptical that Shawn would be able to pull off making anything worth listening to. With the release of his first single earning positive reviews and Mendes stressing his social message in his delivery, he has created quite the splash. His debut album is currently on pre-order and is gaining a healthy amount of orders as time goes on. In the midst of a long promotional tour, Mendes took a moment to speak with MTV News! ""How have you felt about the success of your debut single so far?" "It's been really incredible! I've always dreamed of hearing my voice on the radio and having my music looked at and thought about so this is a dream come true for me. People have really taken to this song and they've allowed me to speak my mind and not judge what I have to say. There are a lot of different opinions that get passed around daily and those opinions aren't always respected. But people have been open and receptive and really let me express myself. I'm really proud of how the song turned out and I'm proud of the message that the song represents. The fact that people are listening to this song, buying this song...it's really exciting." "How much progress have you made on your album? Is it finished?" "We're in the final stages of production. The entire thing has been recorded, we're in the mixing stage now. We're taking it one song at a time and focusing on individual elements. I recorded with my band live in studio which was really cool. So we have that band recording, but we've also had the band run the songs one instrument at a time, I've done my guitar and piano work solo, and I've sung the song's a Capella. Our goal is to use the live band recording we captured in studio and supplement that sound in certain moments with the individually recorded sound. The whole song won't be that way, just in specific moments where certain passages need to be highlighted or we want to bring out something that's been hiding in the back and put it more up front. So that process takes a while. We're 2/3 of the way through the mixing so it's really close. I think we'll be able to wrap production up by the end of December or the start of January. We're in the home stretch and the album should be out sooner rather than later." "What are some themes that you cover on the album?" "There are three movements on the album and each covers different topics. The first movement is filled with darker themed songs. I talk about social injustice, war, violence, hate, all of those darker sides of life and human nature. The second movement of the album is centered around the ideas of growing up and the confusion that comes from that. There's a song about forbidden love, confusion on sexuality, all of those moments of growing and those questions that come from it. If you looked at the album as someone's life, this middle section is the teenage years when you're working through those identity questions about who you are and where you're going. The last movement is about looking to the future with hope. I talk about unity, acceptance. There's an arc that we take, a journey. At the start, it's dark and dangerous. Then we move outside of that dark realm into the middle plane where things are a little grey and the edges blur. Then in the in the last section we get the resolution, the shot of hope in our vein. It's an emotional journey." "What do you intend to do with your next single?" "The next single is still a little way off I think. It will probably be a little closer to when the album is going to be released. But I've decided that the second single is going to come from the second movement and that the third single will come from the third movement. If people were to take the singles out of the context of the album, I'd like that emotional arc and journey to still be present, even if in a smaller form. So the next single that you'll here is going to be more focused on that grey area, those moments of doubt and confusion and questioning. But it won't be as dark or heavy as we have in the first single. There is one dark song in the middle section, but it fits more into that grey area than outright darkness, however I don't think it will be the next single. I'm leaning toward one of two songs from the movement to release as the next single, but my team and I haven't made any sort of final selection yet." "Do you hope to be involved in the Grammy's this year?" "Yes! I was able to submit the song and the video for potential nomination which was exciting and I was able to apply to perform. Even if I'm not nominated and/or don't get to perform, then I'll still attend. I want to be able to support my fellow artists. Of course, I would love the chance to perform. I've thought it out and I want to, if given the chance to, do a simple performance that highlights the music. Not exactly high production or anything like that. It'll be nice to get there eventually, but first I'd like to show what I can bring to the table. I'd love to be able to prove myself on the Grammy stage, but that's up to the Recording Academy and I'll respect what ever choice they make." "Kylie Jenner said you two did a song together. How was that?" "Yeah, Kylie and I got to work together! Kylie is a really, really talented girl and she's really smart. When we were writing, she had these incredible ideas and she had these incredible word play ideas and it's really amazing to watch. She and I haven't been in this industry long, but I feel we both have a good grasp on how this needs to happen. And she really, really gets it. She writes so effortlessly and she sings so beautifully. The work that she does is really amazing and she's really respectful to me as a person and an artist which is really beautiful when you have a partnership that can work that well, that easily." "What music are you listening to currently?" "The three artists in heavy rotation for me right now are Ariana Grande, Beyonce, and Lady Gaga. I love all three artists and they are all delivering really exciting stuff right now. Ariana has an amazing record and she's doing such exciting things with it. I love all of the neat things she's pulled together and all of the cool ideas she's bringing to the table. Beyonce is taking my breath away. Everything the woman does is instantly iconic and it's instantly better than what anyone else is doing. She puts so much into who she is as an artist and she's got one of, if not the most consistent and strong bodies of work of any artist out there. Primal is going to be earth shattering for sure. Lady Gaga is really putting her foot out there again which is nice to see. She was really tepid with her last single which was a little disappointing as a fan, but she's putting herself out there again and she's showing us the Gaga that we all know and all fell in love with. Her music is really interesting and certainly different from anything we've gotten from her so far. I'm excited to here her record!"
  2. 2017 Grammys: Season 7

    I double checked and I think I did it right, but if you see any mistakes, let me know
  3. Create A Label: Season 7

    SHAWN MENDES ON INTERVIEWED AND PLAYS PLEAD THE FIFTH ON WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE! Andy: "Ladies and gentlemen our first guest is one of the hottest new artists out there right now and his music is pretty good too I'm told. This is his first time in the clubhouse so make sure you give him a warm Watch What happens welcome. Ladies and gentlemen, Shawn Mendes!" [crowd cheers as Shawn walks on. He shakes Andy's hand and sits across from him.] Shawn: "Thank you guys so much!" Andy: "Well, I'd offer you something to drink, but you're only 19!" Shawn: : "I know, if this was Canada though I'd gladly take you up on that." Andy: "Was that strange for you? Being able to legally drink at home and them coming down here and you have to be dry for two more years?" [everyone laughs] Shawn: "I knew I'd have to. I've forgotten a few times though and tried to order something. But everyone's chill about it when they see my Canadian I.D. They give me that 'oh you poor confused thing' look." [laughs] Andy: "So, you were signed to Madonna's record label WILD all the way back in May but you kept the signing a secret until the end of September. Why did you wait so long to share the news?" Shawn: "Well, I wanted to be able to work without anybody asking questions. I knew that if I announced I was signed and working on music that people were going to be busting down the door trying to ask what I was writing, when it was going to be ready and all of that. I knew from the start I was going to be covering some deeper material and I wanted the chance to work with that material and do it justice without having to balance questions and intrusion. We announced when we did because I had 'It All Comes Back to This' ready and I had most of the album recorded so I had much more time to talk about the music more without getting distracted." Andy: "You've gotten a good amount of attention since you released the song, so I see what you mean. You've become a bit of a talking point in music." Shawn: "I have, which I'm really excited about. It makes me feel like I've made the right choices so far." Andy: "One of the things a lot of people have talked about is your commitment to fan interaction especially with you fan forum THE RESISTANCE BASE. You've actually been on there a few times and interacted directly with fans. What gave you the idea to do that type of interaction?" Shawn: "Well, a big part about being an artist is establishing a connection with the fans. The fans are the reason that I am here. They've done so much for me already so I wanted to be able to give something back to them. I know that every artist says that their fans are the best, but I am completely and totally convinced I have the greatest fans in the world. They've supported me through so much and they never, ever turn their backs on me. I want to make myself as available to them as I possibly can. I want to show them what they mean to me. I'm there for them any time that they need me and I really want to get that message across. I've taken on the role of a brother to the fans and I want to show that and show I'm here for them as they've been here for me." [crowd "aaaaw" and claps] Andy: "Now, typically, the fan demographic for an artist your age is typically female. The Justin Bieber's and the Charlie Puth's of the world, they have a heavy female following and aren't seen too much with male fans. But you've been seen embracing and including as many male fans as you do female fans. Do you feel that's something that sets you apart?" Shawn: "Well, you're right that not many artists in my demographic tend to be seen with male fans. There's a taboo that's associated with this age range of artists and it's sad that it has to be that way. But, I want to include all of my fans. It doesn't matter to me if they're male or female. I love them anyway. If a male fan wants a hug, they'll get one. If they want photos or a kiss on the cheek or anything, they'll get one. I'm all inclusive!" [audience claps] Andy: "I've seen on THE RESISTANCE BASE that you've created a small following in the LGBTQ+ community as well. How do you feel about that?" Shawn: "I think it's really cool! I admire the people of the LGBTQ+ community for the strength and perseverance that they have. I've never understood why it bothered people so much. Love's a beautiful thing and it doesn't matter who it's between. I feel lucky to have a following in the community because I want to be an ally to them as much as I can. Madonna introduced me to the love of the LGBTQ+ community and I've gotten a lot from them. I'm proud to call them my fans. I think it's amazing!" [audience "aaaw" and claps] Andy: "Careful, I think the audience may be falling in love with you." Shawn: "Well, that's fine with me!" [laughs] Andy: "So we need to talk about your single. 'It All Comes Back to This' is a thematically heavy song and it surprised a lot of people that it was the direction you went in." Shawn: "Yes, I know that people expected something a little different. But I've decided that I'm in a unique position. I have the ability to share a message and so I took the chance to make start making a difference." Andy: "The song talks about the big mess that we've all managed to get ourselves into over the years. Was it nerve racking for you to be so blunt and to the point?" Shawn: "I wasn't sure how people were going to take brutal honesty, but I wasn't nervous exactly. The message is one that needs to be spread. It's hard for people to hear, I know but I needed to be honest. The only way things are going to change is if we all accept that there's a problem. We all have to accept that we're causing problems and that no one's going to fix them for us. No intervention other than our own is going to save us from the dangers we're creating for ourselves." Andy: "The music video reflected that message with a post-apocalyptic theme. The video was chill inducing and it was difficult to watch. Was that intentional?" Shawn: "Yes. I purposefully included things that were visually uncomfortable. This video needed to be unsettling. The images in the video needed to supplement the messages. The truth is that all over the world, people are suffering, people are losing their homes. It's terrible. But not everyone is willing to look at it. But we have to. If we continue to turn a blind eye, then nothing will change." Andy: "You said the album isn't all this heavy and that it's broken up into movements. What makes these movements distinct?" Shawn: "There are three movements on the record. The first movement is the songs with the dark material, heavy themes, emotion filled tracks. The second act is centered around confusion. Things that we don't understand. Love, sexuality, identity, self worth, depression. All of these things that leave us asking what's happening, where are we going? If you look at the album as a life, this is the teenage portion where you ask questions to grow. The last movement is centered around songs with positive messages moving forward. The songs that ask the listener to look forward with hope. To anticipate life being what they want it to be. A little positive energy goes a long way. But we had to start with the dark and depressing so we could grow to the happy moments. The album is a journey from darkness to light. We have to understand the darkness before we can recognize the light. We have to experience the sadness to recognize the happiness." Andy: "Damn, that's really deep for a 19 year old. Most people think 19 year olds only think about money, sex, social media, and sleep!" [everyone laughs] Shawn: "Oh, trust me we still do but there's more in our head than that." [everyone laughs] Andy: "Before we go, we must do something to welcome you the clubhouse. Shawn Mendes...it's time for you to PLEAD THE FIFTH!" Shawn: "Oh boy, let's do this!" Andy: "I'm going to ask you three questions. You may answer all of them if you want. However, you can plead the fifth to one and only one. If you don't answer a question, then you have to answer the other two. Are you ready?" Shawn: "Alright...let's give this a shot." Andy: "Shawn....shag, marry, kill. Beyonce, Lana Del Rey, and Ariana Grande." [everyone laughs and Shawn blushes] Shawn: "Damn..okay tabloids get ready. I'll...marry Ariana because she seems like she'd be a good person to spend a life with. I'll shag....jeez...um...I'll shag Beyonce because...she's Beyonce. And I'll kill Lana so the rest of us have a chance at a number 1 for once." [everyone laughs] Andy: "Shawn, as a social media celebrity, a lot of people questioned your sexuality. You identify as straight, but have you had any same-sex encounters?" [audience oooo's as Shawn laughs] Shawn: "That's tough, man. That's mean." [Shawn laughs] Andy: "If it makes you feel any better, my producer's daughter wanted me to ask you this question, it wasn't my idea." [Shawn gut laughs] Shawn: "Alright...alright. I'll answer....like most people do, I've been...curious at some points and I've had some interaction on the front. I'll leave it at that." [audience ooo's and then laughs, as does Shawn] Andy: "Last question. Of Brendon Urie and Maxence, who do you think will have a better album?" Shawn (without hesitation): "I plead the fifth!" [audience laughs] Andy: "Oh, come on!" Shawn (laughing): "Nope, not happening!" Andy: "Well, that's all we have time for. It was amazing to meet you and I hope to see you back soon!" Shawn: "For sure!" Andy: "His debut single 'It All Comes Back to This' is available for streaming and download on all platforms and his debut album 'The Resistance' is available for pre-order on digital, CD, and vinyl. Ladies and gentlemen, a big hand for Shawn Mendes!"
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  8. Create A Label: Season 7

    SHAWN MENDES ON POWER 106 FM L.A. Shawn Mendes is currently on a path that many never thought he would be. Coming form a social media background, Mendes was never pegged to be a legit artist, but through careful planning and promotion, Shawn has established himself as an exciting new name. His debut single has performed better on the charts than virtually everyone expected, scoring Mendes his first top 40 taste of success. Mendes recently returned home to Canada for a week to relax before heading back to the U.S. to continue his promotional tour for his music. ON DEFYING EXPECATIONS "It's kind of exciting to be the underdog. I know that when the signing was announced there was a big collective eye-roll from a lot of people. And I don't really blame them. Coming from where I come from, I know there was no sort of expectations other than for me to deliver something bland and forgettable. I went into the studio knowing that and knowing how people felt about me. But I decided early on that I wasn't going to run my career attempting to defy expectation. I went into the studio and made music that I was proud of and that I felt was going to make the kind of impact I wanted it to. None of the music was tailored for what would be expected from me. I didn't intend to do expectation subversion, truly. I just knew that I was more than what people thought I was. And in order to prove that, it needed to happen organically by itself. I wasn't going to prove anything if I was thinking too hard about it. The music is able to speak for itself and that was the goal." ON HIS INSPIRATIONS "There are so many incredible people to look up to in this industry. One artist that I've always loved and respected greatly is Maxence. He's one of those artists that puts his best foot forward and knows what he wants. Everything that he does is original and fresh and he doesn't bother himself with expectation. He sets his own standards and plays by his own rules which is very exciting to watch. Brendon Urie has also been a big inspiration to me due to his strength and power. He has an insane work ethic and whenever he releases something it's always beyond incredible. From female artists, I really admire all of the incredible things that Beyonce has done and continues to do. Primal is shaping up to be one of her most impressive era's and I take a lot of inspiration from her strength. And of course, perhaps my number one is Madonna. She's worked so hard through her career and she's earned absolutely everything. She believes in me and supports me and gives me amazing advice. She is the Queen of Pop for sure and she's one of my closest friends." ON WHEN TO EXPECT HIS ALBUM "It's not happening this year, but it is most certainly coming the first section of 2018. I'm hoping for February. The album is recorded and we're in the mixing process right now. It's going a little bit slower than it may usually be because I'm very interested in learning about production technology and about all that goes into making a record. I'm actually getting a production credit for the record which I'm really excited for. So we're moving a little bit slower while I still learn the ropes but we're more than half way done with album. It will probably be finished shortly after Christmas. I'm considering options of releasing another track before the album itself comes out but it will most likely just be a promotional single. I don't think I'm going to be releasing another official single until closer to when record is supposed to come out." ON UPCOMING LIVE TV PERFORMANCES "Yes I'm getting to do some exciting live TV performances soon! My label has been absolutely incredible and has helped me secure some amazing shows to perform on. I'm very lucky to be able to perform this song for people in the flesh. I've always loved playing for people but it's totally different feeling when you're playing your own music. People know the words to the song and are singing the words back to me which is a lot of fun. I'm beyond excited to be headed to TV to show more of what I'm made of."
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    SHAWN MENDES ON VIRGIN RADIO MONTREAL At this time a few months ago, people were doubting that Shawn Mendes, an artist who initially gained fame through social media, could deliver anything that would be successful or anything that would be good. Well, a few weeks out from his first single's official release and Shawn has scored himself some pretty positive reviews and charted higher than almost anyone thought he would. Mendes returned to his native Canada for a few days to relax, only making a few promotional stops. His last stop on his Canadian return was to Virgin Radio in Montreal. ON THE SUCCESS OF HIS DEBUT SINGLE "It's been incredible to watch everyone be so supportive of the song. I know that when the announcement of my signing came out there were a lot of people that doubted if I could handle taking a step into the real industry. Part of me was nervous that people wouldn't be able to look past the stigma of me being introduced via social media. But, people were able to give me a chance and the respect that I asked for. I never expected the song to achieve what it did so quickly. Being in the top 40 is really mind blowing to me. I never could have predicted that the song would do what it did. I'm really proud of the song and I'm proud of what it's representing to me. It was the right choice for the first single and I feel lucky to have been given so much so early." ON HIS WRITING PROCESS "I have a very particular process when it comes to writing. I'm not someone who can sit down and just write for the sake of writing. There's no magic that comes with just aimlessly putting words on a paper. I'm always moved to write by something that's happened in life. One thing that I commonly do is go and take a walk. You'd be surprised what you see and what you hear. I don't sit in on anyone's conversations of course, I just walk and pick up on little things here and some little things there, I love getting the mood on the street. I also watch the news and read a lot of novels and draw some ideas based on inspiration taken from those things. When I've been hit with a surge of inspiration, I always find somewhere comfortable to write. I have to have sound going when I'm writing; if I'm in the city, the window will be open so I can listen to traffic. I'll turn on music if I need to. I will write the lyrics first typically and then I put the musical frame around it. I'll write guitar riffs and write some piano movements. It's pieced together after each piece has been devoted to. Every aspect of the song is given work and detail before it's all pulled together." ON RECORDING WITH A LIVE BAND "I was really surprised to hear that a lot of artists that make music that's in the genres aligning to mine don't record live. I was told that the instrument parts and vocal parts were usually done separately. I couldn't work that way. I get a lot from the energy of other people's passions. I've got an amazing band that's in the studio with me every day. They are some of the most talented musicians that I've met. We're a family, very close. We talk constantly and we value each other so much. No amount of digital editing or layers can replace that naked, raw power that comes from playing with other artists around you. It's a vital for me." IT ALL COMES BACK TO THIS PLAYS
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    WILDD RECORDS EARNINGS: Madonna Single Sales - $38, 911 Album Sales - $7,125 Total - $46,036 Shawn Mendes Single Sales - $55,432 Total - $55, 432 @Virgin Mary
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    SHAWN MENDES FAN CHAT AND EXCLUSIVE ACOUSTIC PERFORMANCE Shawn is all about fan interaction! On THE RESISTANCE BASE, the official fan community for Shawn and his fans, Shawn logs on from time to time to do some special announcements and spend some quality time with his fans. Tonight, Shawn did both! Shawn hosted a chat session where users simply entered a room on the boards where Shawn did a live stream. For 45 minutes, Shawn opened up the chat option on the stream and allowed fans to talk to him for a bit. Shawn answered some burning questions from fans, and gave a special acoustic performance of his song It All Comes Back to This. "How does it feel to have a debut single in the top 30?" "I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that the song was in the top 30. I never in a million years dreamed that I'd find that kind of footing with my first single. I put a lot into this song and I've put a lot into the record itself to see you guys getting so excited about the music is amazing. When I was writing the song, I was confident that people would understand it, but I did have that sinking feeling that people might not bite on it. It's a lot of hard material to stomach and I know that. But you all have handled it so well and treated the subject matter well. I can't believe that you all have given me this honor. If we keep this up, we can maybe get this to the top. Either way, I'm so thankful to all of you for all the love you've given me." "You talked about two scenes cut that were cut from the video? Why did you cut those scenes?" "Yeah, there were two scenes we filmed that got cut out. There was a scene that was originally going to be before we went to the train tracks that showed the two kids looking in a yard and finding this woman laying there dead while clutching a Virgin Mary necklace. The idea behind it wasn't anything sacrilegious or anything like that. No, the intention behind it was to show this lady holding this signifying that there are innocent people that are being effected by what's happening in the world and that no one is out of the danger. The implication was that she was praying as she died, but I knew when I saw the rough cut that people wouldn't understand and they would interpret to mean something offensive. It was a fantastic idea that just wouldn't have come off right. The other scene cut was a scene from the end in the shelter where the boys and I were going to go look at this wall full of posters of missing people and we see one of the boys reacting to a photo of this woman who's holding him in the photo; his mother. This was cut because I wanted the ending to have a little air of hope. The shelter was to show that there were people who could come together and start to piece it all back together. That scene, while brutal and relevant to the true horrors that are faced, would have taken too much from that ending." "Did you have different concepts in mind for the video before settling on the apocalypse idea?" "Well I talked a lot with Sam about what we could do. We discussed doing several different things. One idea that we actually really considered was having this set in the midst of a war. We had this idea of following this soldier through a war torn country and having the while thing done in POV. In the end, he looks in a mirror and it's me. But the more we discussed it, the more silly it sounded. It was an interesting idea but it's a little...too much I think. Sam was really interested in having the video set during what ever event happened was happening, but we thought later that setting it in the aftermath would provide us with a lot more room to explore the effects of what this stuff brings. We avoided showing what got the characters were they were because we want this to be able to relate to any sort of situation so it would be able to teach in any situation." "You've talked about the album being a journey from the dark of life to the light. What does that mean?" "The album is broken up into three movements. The opening movement is comprised of music that covers dark themes such as this song. The first section gets deeper and deeper with each song into some dark territory. There is an interlude between the end of movement one and the start of movement two. Movement two is centered around uncertainties. It features songs that talk about those moments of confusion that we all face in life; love, our future, what the meaning of all of this is. The last section consists of songs that are aimed toward hope and a brighter future. The idea is that from start to finish, we've taken a journey through discovering what we fear, what we don't understand, all the way to acceptance of the life we can live if we put our hearts into living." "Did you collaborate with any other artists on your album?" "The only other artist that I worked with on the record was Madonna and her voice doesn't appear on the album at all. She was a production collaboration. I wanted this album to feature me without features because I wanted to make this personal between the listener and myself. The idea of this is when you play the album, it's you and I, one-on-one taking this journey. I didn't want to include anyone else in that so there is a special bond between us while we take this trek. I have worked with another artist on their song, but for my album, this is my voice alone." ACOUSTIC PERFORMANCE OF "IT ALL COMES BACK TO THIS" For the acoustic performance, Shawn picked up his acoustic. He strummed the intro lightly before singing the first verse. He is still singing with passion as he does on the song, but it is much more restrained and gentle. Shawn slowly sways with the movement of the song, his fingers lightly gracing the strings. When he moves into the chorus, he adds a little more intensity, but it is still very gentle. Shawn's whole demeanor changes. He is in the zone. He moves his body lightly to the movement of the music. This continues through the whole song. At the song's conclusion, Shawn strums an extended outro before ending in a smile. "Thank you guys so much for tuning in! I'm so thankful to each and every one of you for all that you've done for me. This is my thank you for all of the love you've given the song. Keep streaming it, downloading it, requesting it. I love you all to the moon and back!" It ended with the message IT ALL COMES BACK TO THIS AVAILABLE NOW. PRE-ORDER The Resistance TODAY THE RESISTANCE BASE LIVE ROOM WILL RETURN SOON
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    Holy shit I have my first top 30 single? Shawn may actually become a respected artist? Is this the FOTP CAL I know? I’m really fucking happy now!
  15. Create A Label: Season 7

    Sorry to interrupt the thread but today there is something I must say. Two years ago today, we buried him. It was the last goodbye and certainly the hardest. It didn’t feel real, but the truth is that it was. But the truth was also that he’d never be forgotten. Brent thought his life didn’t matter. But I and many others know that it did. I’ll never know what went through his head at the time, and I don’t know that I ever want to. If I could go back, there are so many things I wold tell him. So many things I’d want to make sure he knew. I was sad. I was shaken. I was angry. But over time, I’ve forgiven his choice. I know that he never meant to hurt anyone. I know he’d never intentionally cause us pain. To him, this was just the only way out. And I understand. I’m going to remember his name, his face, his personality...his friendship for the rest of my life. In the end, he’s still my best friend. I miss you Brent...I wish you were here. It is days like today that I’m so happy that all of you are in my life. You are all like a family to me and I love you all. If you EVER need anything please just send me a message. I wasn’t able to get to Brent in time, but I can listen to you now. Thank you all so much.