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    Thank you to the two people that reviewed the album! There was a lot of very valuable criticism and advice which I really, really appreciate. Sure it’s meh score (is it the worst reviewed in the game?? Idk haha) but that just means there’s room to grow! This era is far from over so get ready!
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    Oh wow! That's really cool!!
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    Shawn Mendes Singles $388,322 Albums $69,800 TOTAL $458,122
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    I'm okay with a two week break as long as do really beyond a shadow of a doubt come back in 2 weeks.
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    SHAWN MENDES CALLS INTO HOT 99.7 Shawn Mendes is in the midst of the official album promo tour for his debut album The Resistance. The album came with a high expectation from music fans as well the music world. Coming from a social media background, Shawn had to prove that he wasn't going to be taking the route laid down by artists such as Justin Bieber. He proved just that with his debut single. The song took on the role of social awareness, which was a risk for the 19 year old, but one that paid off. His single as well as his album have both shown that audiences are captivated by what Shawn has to bring to the music scene. Shawn is already a top 10 artist, his single taking him to the top section of the charts and there are no signs of slowing down. ON THE RESISTANCE "It's the album that I wanted to make and that's a big deal for me. When I got signed, a big part of me thought that I was going to have to fight to make something I wanted to put my name on. You here all these stories of young artists being told to do this and that but I was lucky enough to be signed to a label that let me do what I wanted to do. This album is very much an extension of me. When I hear the music, I instantly feel that rush. The format of the album allowed me to do a lot thematically. I didn't have to balance out the heavier material with the lighter material. I got to have both of those styles without making an album that's inconsistent. I won't lie, it was a challenge to keep that format at times. Sometimes I contemplated scrapping the whole thing and starting over but I'm glad that I didn't. When I look back on this album, I think I'm always going to remember what it's done for me. This album validated that ambition I've had and that's something that can't be taken away." ON THE POTENTIAL SECOND SINGLE "I'm still in the debating process but there are two songs that I really have been considering. Crises is one of my favorite songs on the album. I was raised to love and accept people for who they are so I've always been a supporter of the LGBT community. I take a lot of inspiration from the LGBT community as well. There is so much strength that comes from the community and that's something that we all should take inspiration from. The song is one of the most important songs on the album for me because of that reason. I think it would be a fantastic single choice. It would get that subject on the radio which I'd love to do. The other song that I've been seriously considering is New Year's Day. It's the most uplifting song on the album and it's one of those songs that I feel so happy singing. It was written toward the end of the writing sessions but it was the first to be written for the third movement. It closes off the album very well but I think that it can stand by itself. It's optimistic and very feel good, so I would love to explore working with it more. But it's still going to be a little bit before I release another single. I've still got a lot of plans for It All Comes Back to This." ON OPENING FOR HALSEY "I'll be opening for the US leg of the tour which starts on June 21. That's still a little ways away but I'm already feeling the pressure! [Laughs]. Her show is incredible so my set has to be good. Halsey and her show deserve having an opening act that is put together with the same care that the main show is. I've never played in an arena before so that opening night is going to be something completely new to me. But I know that I have Halsey's support and I know that I'll have the crowd's support as well. Her fans have been very gracious to me since the announcement came out so I'm looking forward to getting to perform for them. I'll be doing six songs in my set. Five songs from The Resistance and one cover song. The show is in line with my other performances. It's got a theatrical flare to it, telling a mini-story through the entire set. I'm so excited to get out there and show what I've been working on. I hope that Halsey will love my set as much as I love her show!" "It All Comes Back to This" and The Resistance is available now worldwide!
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    SHAWN MENDES CALLS INTO THE LATE SHIFT Shawn Mendes is in the midst of the official album promo tour for his debut album The Resistance. The album came with a high expectation from music fans as well the music world. Coming from a social media background, Shawn had to prove that he wasn't going to be taking the route laid down by artists such as Justin Bieber. He proved just that with his debut single. The song took on the role of social awareness, which was a risk for the 19 year old, but one that paid off. His single as well as his album have both shown that audiences are captivated by what Shawn has to bring to the music scene. Shawn is already a top 10 artist, his single taking him to the top section of the charts and there are no signs of slowing down. ON IT ALL COMES BACK TO THIS "It's hard to believe that the song was released over 5 months ago. It completely blows my mind! But after all this time, I still feel the pull of the song that made me choose it as the lead single. The feeling that I had when I heard the final mix of the song is something that I can't even put into words. And I still feel that. The minute I strum the first note of the song I fall back in love with it all over again. That's the reason I've not released a second single yet. I still see so much potential for the song to continue giving and delivering. The song is extremely topical. It talks about things we all are familiar with which is a big reason people come back to this song. With each passing day, things continue happening and the themes of the song continue to be validated. I don't feel like I have a responsibility or any authority to preach on the song like some people may think I do. The obligation I do feel is to take this song to everywhere it can go. There's more from this song and I intend to see it through until it's reached it's full potential." ON CREATING HIS OPENING SET FOR HALSEY "The day everything was confirmed, my team and I went about putting the set together. There were a lot of really amazing ideas but we found one central idea that we're going toward. Though I will only be playing six songs, we've decided to do a thematic show. There is a storyline that will run through the set which is something that I'm very excited for because Halsey's stage opens up so many possibilities to do something that can genuinely give something to the crowd every night. I know completely that my set is going to knock Halsey's off and I really don't want it to. I want to make a set that can compliment hers. Her show, in my view, is a perfectly designed and executed show. The way I'm approaching this set is that I want there to be a smooth accompaniment to her show. Often times, there is such a divide between the opening act's performance and the main artist's performance. To me, that would be a big middle finger to Halsey's set. She and her show deserves a set that is worth being around that show. The last thing I want to do is deliver a show that's just not worthy of being there. So the storyline in this set is important to me. I hope that she loves the show and I'm excited to show it to her!" ON POSSIBLY TOURING ON HIS OWN "That's one of the things I'm most excited about touring with Halsey for. It's going to teach me so much about what touring is like. She's really going to be a mentor to me on what it's like to create show that can be a support to the music that it's born from. I know I'm going to catch the touring bug once I'm out there. I have a potential meeting on the cards for after my stint with Halsey to discuss the possibility of solo touring. Truthfully, I've been thinking about the kind of show that I'd like to do if I got the chance to. This album is strongly thematic so the show supporting it need to be as well. Of course, I'll be playing theaters and amphitheaters, but that excites me more than you'd think. Being able to do a theatrical show that's also intimate is an exciting prospect. We'll see how everything comes into play going forward!" "It All Comes Back to This" and The Resistance available now worldwide!
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    SHAWN MENDES ON JAM 97.8 Shawn Mendes is in the midst of the official album promo tour for his debut album The Resistance. The album came with a high expectation from music fans as well the music world. Coming from a social media background, Shawn had to prove that he wasn't going to be taking the route laid down by artists such as Justin Bieber. He proved just that with his debut single. The song took on the role of social awareness, which was a risk for the 19 year old, but one that paid off. His single as well as his album have both shown that audiences are captivated by what Shawn has to bring to the music scene. Shawn is already a top 10 artist, his single taking him to the top section of the charts and there are no signs of slowing down. ON THE UNIQUENESS OF THE RESISTANCE "The album has taken on a life of it's own since it's been released. The fans have helped tremendously in making the album what it is. They're actually listening and picking up on the words and understanding what I'm saying through the album. I was honestly nervous that the majority of people who listen to the album would only hear what's on the surface and not what's behind those lyrics, but I've been proven wrong for fearing that. The Resistance is something that's very unique. I took great care to make sure I wasn't releasing something that had been done before. I didn't want to take what someone else had done and just twist it in my favor because that would have been a massive middle finger to the artists who brought that in. I think that I was successful in making an album that is unique. It's not just the concept. The sound is something that's different. I am personally a huge fan of straight forward pop music. But I know I can't make straight forward pop music. I can't make music to dance to because I can't dance. I can't capture that pop sheen so I didn't want to try it. I wasn't really aware when I decided on the soft rock style that it would be the only major album out in that moment that fell into that genre. I personally think that's really cool and I'm happy to be in that genre. I feel I have a lot of room to breathe within the genre." ON OPENING FOR HALSEY FOR HER U.S. TOUR "It's insane isn't it?! Halsey is one of my favorite artists and her tour is absolutely astounding. It will be the biggest stage that I've ever played on without a doubt. This is one of those milestones of being a new artist. It's a huge push in the right direction. What I'm most amazed and shocked by is that she came to me. She brought up she had a slot and she asked me if I wanted to do it. Of course, I said yes immediately. She is by far one of the coolest people I've ever met. She is a very sweet person which is huge. She doesn't cary that celebrity attitude. She's given me the freedom to use her stage any way that I want to. It's a very advanced stage and that opens up so many creative opportunities. The plans that have been put in place for the show so far are very exciting. I want my performance to feel that it's fits with hers. A lot of times there is such creative clashing with slots like that, the two performances being world's away from the other. She has created a very fluid and cohesive show. I want my set to be able to mesh with that cohesion. I'm of course not doing anything in my show that she's doing in hers, I just am aiming to make my performance feels like it belongs there." ON THE SECOND MOVEMENT OF THE RESISTANCE FILM "This second half is vital. It's what kicks off what you'll see in the third and final movement. There is a narrative storyline to the film, but not to the songs so a lot of work went into making the songs stand beside the story of the film. The big final showdown is coming, but it has to start here. The characterization in this second movement is vital. The audience needs to see the character's motivation to be able to immerse themselves into this story. The New Pillars are introduced by name for the first time in this section. It's clear, or it should be at least, that this organization is a huge threat and that the Resistance has a tough task ahead of them. My character's actions in the third section of the film are important so we needed to build my character as much as possible. He's seen what's happened in his world and he has been given that push to stand up and fight back. I'm sure that everyone's picked up on the World War II parallels, especially with the book burning. That's the complete intention. It makes things clearer because it's something familiar." "It All Comes Back to This" and The Resistance available everywhere now.
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    Just wanna say a massive thank you to @Beauty Queen for giving me the amazing opportunity to have Shawn open for Halsey! I promise I won't let you down sis! You won't regret it!
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    The film opens with a shot of a painting of someone’s reflection shadow/reflection in a puddle. The camera pulls out and we see that the painting is on a bare wall. We now Shawn sitting in a bare room save for two chairs. As Shawn paces around the room, the Fallen Kingdom interlude plays. At the end of the interlude, Sarah comes into the room. Shawn: “Can you explain to me what the hell is going on?” Sarah sits and gestures to Shawn to do so as well. He does. Sarah: “Relax Mendes. I see that you still ask too many questions.” Shawn sits in silence. Sarah: “As I said, this is the resistance. We’re the last who refuse to fall in line with the New Pillars.” Shawn: “And how’s that treating you? You can’t honestly believe that you’re going to win against them.” Sarah: “Listen. After the blast, they took the survivors and they did try to make something out of all of this. But they’ve changed. They don’t care about us anymore. They have to go.” Shawn: “And you think you’re little band of misfits here are going to be the one to take them out?” Sarah: “Careful, Shawn. You’re one of the misfits now.” Sarah stands and heads to the door. She looks back before she walks out. Sarah: “Now that I think about it...you always were.” She leaves the room. Exhausted, Shawn sits down. He looks down at the floor and notices a tube of lipstick. Sarah dropped it. Shawn picks it up and looks at it. We see the memory that the lipstick triggers for the entire next song. SWEETEST SIN Sweetest Sin begins. We’re back to the time before the blast seen in the flashbacks of movement one. During the first verse, we see Sarah applying the lipstick in her mirror. A pebble taps her window. She gets up and slowly opens her door and heads out into the hallway. She briefly looks into her parent’s room. They are fast asleep. She then sneaks downstairs and out the back door. Shawn is standing in her backyard, a smile on his face. They grab hands and take off into the night. During the chorus, we see the two of them running through the streets. They tease playing hide and seek, weaving in and out of the street lights. They run until they reach the downtown of the city. The streets are bustling and full of life. The city life is full of happy people who all seem to be having fun. During the second verse, Shawn and Sarah are seen doing things together in the city. But we see that there is someone seems to be keeping their eyes on the two of them. Shawn and Sarah are completely unaware of the person that’s watching them. As the chorus returns, Shawn and Sarah start walking back to Sarah’s house. They hold hands and are more calm than on their way into the city. They smile at each other as they walk under the street lights. The person that was watching them is trailing them. The bridge comes in as Shawn and Sarah arrive back to her house. Shawn leaves in for a kiss but Sarah puts her finger to his lips. She steps up onto her porch and gestures for him to follow with a wink. She opens her front door and her parents are standing behind it. The person watching them comes out from across the street. It’s Sarah’s brother. The final chorus comes in as Sarah’s parents pull her into the house. Her brother pushes Shawn away from the house. Sarah is seen asking Shawn to fight for her but Shawn, feeling defeated, turns to walk off. We see that he goes to his mother’s apartment building. It is the same night as seen before in a previous flashback. Back at Sarah’s house, she is sadly look out her window. Out in the distance, she sees the massive explosion. This means the previous flashback of Shawn seeing the explosion happened on this night, explaining his sadness when that happened. The song comes to an end here. Shawn’s reflection is interrupted with the door opening. Sarah enters followed by two men. Sarah notices his look. Sarah: “Are you alright?” Shawn: “I don’t know what you want me to do with all of this. How am I supposed to help you? And why should I?” Sarah: “Why should you?” Shawn: “I know what the New Pillars have done. They promised to help and all they did was hurt. But we’re too small to take them on. We’re nothing.” Sarh looks at him with a stare full of anger. Sarah: “Do you know what they’ve done?” Shawn: “I know they’ve-” Sarah: “No. Do you know what they’ve done? They’ve taken everything that makes someone an individual and ripped that away. They’re taking the kids. They’re feeding them propaganda and turning them into mindless cogs in their machine. If we don’t do something now, they’re going to start offing the older ones. You can’t teach old dogs new tricks and we’re old dogs Shawn. Do you want them coming in here and putting a bullet in your brain? Do you? Shawn we are carrying the last hope that we have. We’re it. If you want to sit back and just wait for them to come and end you, then do it. But we’re not going to sit by and let it happen to us.” Shawn thinks for a moment. Shawn: “Show me. Show me that they’re doing the things you said. Maybe seeing it will light my fire.” Sara looks at the men beside her, thinking. She nods. Sarah: “Okay.” She gestures for Shawn to follow. Sarah looks down at her watch. We see a closeup of the watch. It suddenly skips forward and we see that they’ve now arrived at new location. It’s a huge, factory like building. Sarah leads Shawn over to a fence which they climb. They hear noise coming from around the corner of the building. They round the corner and see hundreds of kids standing around a large fire. Shawn: “What is this?” Sarah: “A book burning.” Shawn looks closer and sees the kids throwing books into the flames. The commandos surround the area. There is also a massive banner hanging from the building side; the symbol of The New Pillars. Shawn is stunned by what he sees. Sarah: “With those books out of the way...these kids will believe whatever the Pillars tell them.” REVOLVE Revolve begins. Shawn is still stunned and frozen in his place. During the first verse, we see more of the kids throwing books into the flames a the commandos. Shawn notices a small hole in the fence. Without thinking he walks through it. Though she is clearly angry, Sarah follows him. Shawn keeps his distance at first, but he starts to move closer. During the second verse, he starts moving closer. A whistle is blown and the kids start dispersing away from the massive fire. The chorus comes in as the kids start rushing past Shawn. He stops one little girl. She is wearing a solid white uniform with the New Pillar symbol on it. Her eyes look glazed like there is no life behind them. Shawn lets her go. He then remembers the presence of the commandos and runs back over to the fence. There is a little boy sitting against the wall. The third verse comes in as Shawn notices the boy. The boy is sitting and reading a book, one he was supposed to be burning. Shawn notices one of the commandos coming over. Shawn tries to get the boy’s attention but Sarah pulls him back to the other side of the fence. She puts her hand over his mouth as he starts to scream out to warn the boy. The commando grabs the book, throws it, and grabs the boys collar and drags him around the other side of the wall. We never see what happens to the boy. The fourth verse comes in next. Shawn is sitting against the brick wall completely overcome with what he witnessed. Sarah helps Shawn up and they start to walk away. The chorus comes in as Shawn notices the most disturbing thing of the whole area. This is a large field with headstones. The headstones all ready the same thing: “Exempli Gratia” the latin word for example. This is a gravesite of all of the kids that the Pillar’s couldn’t “train” and they were made an example of. The hook comes in as a spotlight lands on Shawn and Sarah. Sarah grabs Shawn’s hand and they take off. They can’t make it out of the fence range. They are forced to run inside the building as the song ends. Shawn and Sarah are inside the building now sitting in a dark corner. Shawn is looking for a way out but he notices that Sarah’s attention is caught on something else. She hits Shawn’s shoulder and he turns his attention to what she sees. There are teenagers in small cells along a long hallway. These teens are clearly not being recruited by the Pillars. Judging by how they all look, they’re being used for some sort of study purposes, maybe even some sort of experimentation. Shawn points to one close by cell. We see the young man inside tying his bedsheets together and hanging it over the side of his metal bunk bed frame. It’s clear he wants to escape but he has only one way in his mind to do it. Shawn moves slowly along the wall and peeks around the side. No commandos in sight. Shawn runs up to the cell. Shawn: “No! Stop!” The teen continues as we was doing. Sarah comes up and quickly produces a lock pic. She puts it in and the cell door comes open. There is sound from down the hall. Shawn grabs the teen’s hand and pulls him out of the cell. The three of them back into the corner Shawn and Sarah were hiding in. They sit in silence, holding their breath as a commando walks by, but seems to not pay much attention to the open cell because other cells are open implying that it’s not an uncommon sight. Shawn closes his eyes and we go back into a memory of Shawn’s. ESCAPE PLAN Escape Plan begins. Shawn, appearing younger but still very much him, sitting in the cathedral seen from the first movement. The first verse comes in. This is taking place after the big explosion (but well before the main portions of the film). Shawn is injured. His arm is badly burned and there are bruises and cuts all over him. There are many other injured people in the cathedral in varying states. The ones who are most gravely injured are up front with the priest. A man sits down next to Shawn. He has similar injuries. The first chorus comes in. A nurse, or what appears to be a nurse, comes over to tend to Shawn and another nurse the other man. Both of them take their shirts off and reveal other burns and cuts. It’s clear that they are both in extreme amounts of pain. The other man reaches for the pain medication in the nurse’s pocket, but she has to slap his hand away. His injuries aren’t severe enough. As the nurses walk away, seeing the other man’s obvious misery, Shawn becomes more aware of his own pain. The man stands and walks away. Shawn, curious, follows. The second verse comes in. Shawn follows the man to a room in the cathedral away from the main room. He is looking in a mirror at the injuries on his body. It’s clear he doesn’t know how to handle the pain. Shawn continues watching silently as the man moves over to a desk. He opens the drawer as the pre-chorus comes in. The man pulls a revolver. Shawn rushes forward but the main simply says (we only see him mouth it due to the music) “It’s over. End it on your terms.” It cuts to Shawn’s face and we see him wince, the man dying in front of him. Chorus one repeats (as it does in the song) as Shawn rushes out of the room and into the main cathedral. He gets his first real glimpse at the dying. He sees how horrible the situation is and is completely overwhelmed by it. Verse three comes in as Shawn turns to walk back to the room he was in before. Seeing the dying has confirmed to Shawn what the man said. End it on your own terms. Shawn picks up the revolver and looks at it. As the second chorus comes in, a nurse happens to pass by the room and runs to knock the gun out of his hand. This fades back to the present day. Shawn has ahold of the teenage boy he and Sarah saved. The song ends as the boy tells Shawn, who is completely shocked with what he hears, “I want it to end on my terms.” Shawn looks down at him and shakes his head. Shawn: “Why are you here?” Teen: “My...mother gave me...in exchange..” Sarah: “In exchange for what?” The teen sits up. He seems to be coming to his senses now. Teen: “I am...what she never wanted.” Shawn and Sarah look at him very confused. The teen takes a breath and starts telling his story. We see this story played out in a memory format. CRISES Crises begins as we see the teen sitting in an alleyway with another teen boy. It is after the explosion, the streets showing the almost apocalyptic nature of the fallout. The first begins as we see the two boys holding hands. They stand up and start walking out down the street. Despite their surroundings, the boys seem happy to be in each other’s company. They come across a neon sign that has fallen of a building. It’s in the shape of a heart, but the sign has been broken in half leaving the two jagged pieces on the ground. The two boys don’t pay much attention and walk on. The pre-chorus comes in as the boys make a shortcut through the park. Away from them but still in view, an older woman in the same tattered clothing style looks at them with shock and disgust. She takes off. The first chorus comes in as the two boys stop. Despite the destruction all around, this section of the park seems to be preserved a bit, showing restrained but natural beauty. The two boys share a kiss and walk on. The second verse comes in as the boys arrive to a house. It’s the home of the boy Shawn and Sarah later find in the cell. He opens his door and finds his mother standing with two commandos. She points to hm and the commandos immediately come and handcuff him. The other boy he was with takes off running. As one of the commandos leads the boy away, the other throws to pieces of bread to the woman who hasily takes it and slams her door. Chorus two comes as we see how both boys react to what just happened. The one who got away is sitting alone in his home afraid and ashamed. The other boy is strapped down in the back of a transport. The transport arrives to the building we’re familiar with. Verse three comes in as we seem him subjected to intense images of violence coupled with images of homosexulity. They are trying to make associate homosexulity with the violence seen to earn control over him. He resists. They remove him from this room. Chorus three comes as we see the other boy sitting lifeless in his room, dead of an unknown cause to the viewer. For the outro, we see the surviving boy thrown in his cell down the long hall. The song ends. Shawn and Sarah find a chance to escape. They both grab the teen boy’s hand and they take of running. They don’t look back, just keep running forward. They pass through the park, past Sarah’s old house, past the boy’s old house, past Shawn’s mother’s apartment. They arrive back to the resistance base. A team of doctors come to take the teen boy off for treatment. Shawn and Sarah are sitting alone and breathing heavily. Shawn stands up and thinks for a moment of all he’s seen. He turns to Sarah and runs his hand through his hair. He has two words: “I’m in.” It cuts to black, ending movement two.
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    I had a stomach virus all day but I'll be back to work later this evening
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    @Ronlop When you can check CAL Business. It's not really a pressing thing so you can take your time with it <3
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    I'm perchT for the Metacritic update and CALTube update
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    SINGLES (excluding charting album tracks if you don't count those) $114,086 SINGLES (including charting album tracks) $121,076 ALBUMS $582,500 TOTAL Without Charting Album Tracks: $696,586 With Charting Album Tracks: $703,576 @Ronlop
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    SHAWN MENDES ON MAGIC 102.7 Shawn Mendes is in the midst of the official album promo tour for his debut album The Resistance. The album came with a high expectation from music fans as well the music world. Coming from a social media background, Shawn had to prove that he wasn't going to be taking the route laid down by artists such as Justin Bieber. He proved just that with his debut single. The song took on the role of social awareness, which was a risk for the 19 year old, but one that paid off. His single as well as his album have both shown that audiences are captivated by what Shawn has to bring to the music scene. Shawn is already a top 10 artist, his single taking him to the top section of the charts and there are no signs of slowing down. ON "THE MIDNIGHT SESSIONS" OF RECORDING THE RESISTANCE "Those nights were some of the best of the whole project! The studio where the album was made, Platinum Sounds Studious, is fairly low traffic compared to other studious in New York so were allowed to go over the scheduled times nearly every time we wanted to. The midnight sessions were extended sessions that lasted well through the night and into the early hours of the morning. The longest we did that was the night we were recording the final masters of Alone which is the most musically complex song on the album. We knew that was going to be the toughest track to get so we scheduled the studio from 9 in the morning to 6 in the evening but we still weren't done. We all decided to just got until we got it. We ended up leaving the studio around 3 in the morning. Of course we took breaks. I napped a bit! But we didn't want to leave until we had that track down. The whole album was recorded as a full band in studio, nothing was done separately. So we had to really grind to get it. These late, late sessions weren't really common, but when they did happen they were incredible! There were so many laughs and fantastic times held in those sessions." ON PERFORMING WITH MAXENCE "It still doesn't feel real to me. He is unquestionably one of my idols. Watching him come through in the music scene the way he did, completely rewriting the playbook of what a male artist can do was something that gave me more drive to work at my dream. The music scene today on the male side of the industry would be so different if it weren't for him. I don't quite remember exactly how the performance idea came about. I arrived to the venue and I was immediately taken with the size of this show. The backstage was so bustling and full of life. I loved watching the tech crew go through and do their thing. It was all so focused and streamlined. I'd never been behind the scenes of a real show like this. I didn't anticipate getting to spend any time with Maxence at all but he was very present. The crew all loved him and I saw that immediately. He was around everywhere, never closed off from anyone. I was lucky enough to get to spend time with him and talk about music. He gave me some amazing advice going forward which I'm thankful for. When it came to the performance, I don't think I've ever been that nervous. I was standing in the wings with very little clothing on the upper half of my body and was about to head out to a crowd of 12,000 people. I don't know how he heads out on stage with such minimal clothing, I was a nervous wreck. But once the song itself started, I got wrapped up in it all. It was a magical moment when the crowd was sining the song, everyone on stage was loving it, and then there was me in the middle like a kid in a candy store. It was a moment I'd looked forward to for a long time so I'm so glad I had the opportunity to do it with one of my biggest inspirations." ON HIS LIVE PERFORMANCE STYLE "I've always been a fan of theatrical performing. There's of course something to be said for a straight performance of a song, but I get really caught up in pushing the song to take on something more conceptual. To me, performances should be an extension of the music, bringing those words to life in a completely new way. When I head into planning my performances, I visit the song first. I separate out the themes the song talks about and I put a lot of focus on those themes. Once I've got those ironed out, I head into the lyrics and build the performance around the structure of the song, verse by verse, and I include the theming into that as it builds. By the end, I want to have something that can stand by itself taken out of context of the song itself." The hit song It All Comes Back to This and the album The Resistance available now worldwide!