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    I'm here for it!
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    I'm so out of the loop nn what exactly is the plan?
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    SHAWN Singles: $275,200 Albums: 65,885 Total: $341,085
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    It's all good! You've got a lot to do
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    Seeing A Star is Born in a few hours!
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    SHAWN MENDES ON THE LATE SHOW WITH STEPHEN COLBERT Shawn Mendes is officially back on the promo trail to continue supporting his debut album The Resistance, this time putting a focus on his collaboration with Halsey on a reimagining of his song "Crises". The song has taken Shawn back into the top 20 in a big resurgence in the era, sparking a slew of new ideas for the 20 year old. Shawn's looking to continue his work with this era until around November where he plans to bring things to a close in a big way. However his time and energy is focused now on this single which has earned a fantastic response, especially from the LGBT community. The song gave way to a beautiful performance at the weekend's BBMAs which featured members of the community uniting to tell a story of the strength in the community. Next stop on his promo tour is The Late Show! ON HIS BBMA PERFORMANCE "It was something very powerful to be a part of. It felt like no other performance I've ever done. It felt like we were up there really showing and saying something deeply meaningful and it moved me. Putting in front of an audience was so different from rehearsal because we were feeding off the energy that was in the room. It was full of very like minded people for the most part so they all got the message. The idea was a pretty simple one. I decided to just have it set in two distinctive periods in LGBT history that displayed the courage and strength clearly. That was their fight to be heard during the AIDS crisis and their victory in the same-sex marriage legalization. Two very different tones but both representative of the strides the community has made. Halsey loved the idea and she told me that she had some friends that work for The Trevor Project and we ended up getting 25 amazing teens who are members of the community to come and help us tell the story. That's what gave me goosebumps...seeing them come out on stage and telling their story and the story of millions of others. I'm so happy to have gotten the chance to do it!" ON THE MUSIC VIDEO FOR THE "CRISES" REIMAGINING "Halsey and I have decided on a concept but we're still working out the finer details. I couldn't really commit to doing it until my tour leg finished but now that I'm free for the next little while, I expect to have the video filming in a week or so. It's going to be a tight schedule, most likely just two days of filming. That's all we'll have time for. But as I said we have a concept and it's very representative of the song. It's a polar opposite of the video for the original version and I'm excited to go down a new avenue with it. I try to have my videos look visually stunning and the idea we have is going to make that happen without even really having to try. We want to tell the song's story but to also tell the stories of the community around the world. I've got some time set aside to talk with Halsey about getting this going." ON LANA DEL REY'S RETURN TO MUSIC "Isn't it exciting? I've been a fan of her for so many years now. Back in the Vine days, I did a lot of her older songs. I went to 'Summertime Sadness' a lot because it's an interesting vocal melody. I use it to this day as a vocal warm up. I think that Lana's just got her finger on the pulse of the world at the moment. She's so aware of the world around her and her place in it but she doesn't let that changed things for her. She's such a huge artist but she doesn't carry around the arrogance that comes with that. I've never gotten to opportunity to meet her, even at award shows. But I really want to and I'd really love to work with her. Her willingness to experiment musically is a pull because I'd like to branch out and try new things as well. I think we'd make a good pair! Honestly though I'm such a big fan of hers at heart. I don't know I couldn't be. Im so glad that she's back and that we're staring down her new music more and more each day!" PERFORMANCE OF "CRISES (REMIX)" WITH AUDIENCE MEMBER The performance is a simple one. The main focus is on Shawn and the guest vocalist playing off each other. Shawn selected a fan from the audience to perform Halsey's portions of the song. The performance begins with Shawn opening things lightly with the first verse. The lights take on a deep blue as we see some of the footage of the AIDS marches seen in the BBMA performance. Coming into the chorus, the lights slowly cycle through the different colors of the pride flag. When it comes time, the fan took over vocals as Shawn moved to the side continuing to play. For the shared portions of the song, Shawn and the fan stand close to each other and sing the lyrics with huge smiles on their face. At the end of the song, Shawn gives the fan his guitar strap and they bow together. "Crises (Remix)" with Halsey and The Resistance available now!
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    I think it's amazing how Bradley Cooper has never directed a movie before and his first time out he not only made an amazing film, he perfectly casted the lead, AND gave her the room to make good music for it as well. I was skeptical about the pairing but from everything I've seen, they're a perfect combination.
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    SHAWN MENDES ON WNIC 100.3 Shawn Mendes is still in the midst of his first era and it continues to be successful for him. Scoring his second top 20 hit with his recent collaboration on a reimagining of his song "Crises" with pop icon Halsey. He also just closed off the first leg of his debut tour. Though no announcements have been made, Shawn says he hopes to perform a few more shows. This weekend Shawn performed at the BBMAs with Halsey in a performance that encapsulated the message of the song in a visual way that few expected. Shawn's not quite ready to bring his first era to an end, but he does have his eyes on the future and what could possibly be coming next. ON THE BBMAS "I had an amazing time! It was an incredible evening and I got to see and be a part of a lot of exciting things. I enjoyed my time on the red carpet because there were a lot of fans that got to be there. It wasn't just a horde of media flashing cameras and yelling out questions. Interacting with fans is something that's a big priority for me and based on what I saw, other artists share that priority. The show itself was just as fantastic as I thought it would be. The performances were all stunning. The team behind the awards gave us some incredible visual opportunities and that was capitalized by so many artists. Brendon of course did fantastic. I never doubted that! Lana's opening was also a total stunner. She gets better and better the more time passes which is amazing considering she started at such a high level of excellence. The whole evening just showed how much the people in this industry are working hard all day every day. To have been nominated along side the people that I look up to was humbling to say the least. I'm just so grateful to have been there!" ON THE RESPONSE TO THE "CRISES" REIMAGINING WITH HALSEY "The response to the song from the album version was fantastic but this reimagining has hit people in a different way and it's been beautiful to watch. The LGBT community has expressed on social media how much they love the song and what it means to them. I want to be a strong ally for the community and to do that, this incarnation of the song needed to be easily embraced by the whole community. I watched so many artists growing up that fought and supported the community through their work. I've been given a unique platform and Halsey has as well so we both knew what this song needed. I've gotten to talk with several members of the community and get their responses and it makes my heart swell every time! The people that came on stage with us during the performance were members of the community and they shared with us their own personal stories and they expressed to us what a song like this means to them. That's something that I'll keep with me my whole life." ON WORKING ON NEW MUSIC "Well, The Resistance's era isn't quite over yet but I am looking to the future. Now that I've found success, travelled to so many different places, gotten to see things from a different point of view, I'm so much more aware of what this job is and what it takes. It's not been an easy go. I've had many days where I wondered if I was going to continue with all of this. But I decided that I would. But if I am, I'm not going to forget those struggles and those days of questioning what all of this meant. For the new music, I want to strip away the conceptual angle from The Resistance and talk about me as a person, discuss what I've learned and what I feel about the industry around me. I'm excited to explore new territory. Right now things are more just in conversation but I think I'll be making progress on it very soon." The Resistance and the Crises (Remix) with Halsey available now!
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    The performance begins with the stage going down all the way. On the screens, black white footage filmed at marches at the height of the AIDS crisis is displayed on the screen. Shawn’s band comes on stage from in the audience. As they take their place, a bright light at the back of the stage illuminates and we see Shawn’s silhouette with his guitar in front of it. He walks forward strumming a soft introduction to the song. As Shawn reaches the mic, he stops strumming as the crowd cheers. Shawn smiles as the song begins. The screens continue to show footage from important moments from the AIDS crisis. This represents a critical point in LGBT history. It shows how strong the community was in the face of something so awful. Joining Shawn on stage are two teen boys who are both dressed like some of the young people shown in the videos. The two boys themselves are members of the LGBT community. They stand in a spotlight on the left side of the stage. During the first verse, Shawn is very free with his playing, keeping things gentle. His voice is clear and calm. The two boys stand in the spotlight looking around them, but determined. Based on the footage we’re seeing on the screen, these boys in this moment are portraying people from the videos. As the first chorus comes in, two females, around the same age as the two boys, come on stage to the right. They stand in a spotlight as well. They appear dressed similar to the boys, showing they are also portraying people who are in an AIDS march from the late 80s. Shawn and the band bring the energy forward with the chorus. The screens continue to display the march footage as the two boys and the two girls pick up signs that were laying on the stage that are signs similar to those displayed by the marchers on video. Shawn’s playing grows into something more precise, less loose than before. There’s a new determination in his voice but it’s not aggressive. It’s powerful, matching the determination of those seen on the screen and on stage. This performance is currently taking place in the midst of one of those marches, one of the first large scale displays of strength of the LGBT community. Holding the signs, the two boys and the two girls begin walking to the runway like the march is advancing forward. When Shawn finishes singing the chorus, the band enters an added instrumental section as Shawn joins the four, taking part in the march. At the end of the runway, Halsey appears in a spotlight as the crowd cheers. She begins the second verse. Around here, four more people come onto the stage dressed like the others. Shawn and the original four arrive at the end of the runway. The 8 people hug each other as Shawn joins Halsey’s side. She and Shawn smile at each other. Shawn plays as Halsey sings. As she sings, she herself hugs a couple of the people and signs her name on one of the signs. She grabs the hand of one of the girls and the entire group of 10 begin walking back to the main stage. As the second chorus begins, sung by Halsey, the screens transitions from the footage of the AIDS marches to showing footage of the day same-sex marriage was legalized in the U.S. The 10 people remove parts of their outfits that fit them in with the 80s footage to reveal completely modern day clothing. They walk onto the main stage but Shawn and Halsey remain on the runway. Halsey continues singing the chorus as Shawn stands next to her playing his guitar. She leans forward and touches hands with some of the crowd. For the post-chorus, Halsey holds her mic out and lets the crowd sing it as she and Shawn arrive back to the main stage. Shawn heads back to his mic. As the shared bridge begins, more people begin coming on stage from the runway and from on the mainstage. They are all carrying signs, some saying “LOVE WILL ALWAYS WIN” and “WE FOUGHT AND NOW WE’RE FREE”. In all, there are around 30 new people on stage. The third chorus comes in. Shawn and Halsey stand next to each other center stage, Shawn at his mic and Halsey next to him holding hers. All of the people on stage raise their signs as lights shine all over the venue in the colors of the pride flag. Coming into the outro, everyone sits their signs down. Everyone them embraces whoever is next to them, no matter the gender coupling. Halsey and Shawn sings the outro one more time totally acapella. Shawn has taken his guitar off and is singing next to Halsey. On the last line, they two embrace as everyone goes into silhouette as the screen shows a rainbow fist raised in triumph, ending the performance.
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    @Maria I'm here so I should be able to post Shawn's performance myself
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    SHAWN Singles: $98,430 ALBUMS: $65,884 TOTAL: $163,314
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    @Maria I’m going on a roadtrip today and there will be times I have no wifi. In theory I should be on wifi by the time the show starts but if I’m not can I send my performance to you and have you post it if I’m not here to do it? Hopefully I will be.
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    SHAWN MENDES ON CHANNEL 955 FM DETROIT Shawn Mendes continues writing his own Hollywood success story more and more each day. The 20 year old Canadian is about to wrap up the first leg of his inaugural concert tour, perform at one of the biggest music award shows of the year (as well as being nominated for three awards), and is currently boasting some impressive sale numbers for a song featuring one of modern pop's biggest artists. Coming from a social media platform into a legitimate career didn't come easy but Shawn managed to create a unique artistic identity that makes him stand out in the crowd. His performance style, his willingness to discuss uncomfortable topics, and his personal desire to give his fans something genuine has given Shawn a platform to do something different which is an opportunity that he has taken head on! ON HIS 3 BBMA NOMINATIONS "It's incredibly exciting! Even if I don't win them, the nominations alone feel like a victory for me. Sitting at home as a young teenager and watching award shows like this, I always wondered what the people who's names were being read out felt. And I got my first taste of that at the VMAs. But this time I think it will feel different for me. I'm at a point now where I don't feel like the new kid on the block. I've become much more comfortable with my position in the industry so I'm not as nervous as I was for the VMAs. I'll be going to the BBMAs knowing that these people see me as a peer. And truthfully, to be nominated alongside some of the artists I am blows my mind. I'm endlessly inspired by what they've all done in their own careers so to be recognized with them makes me feel so proud. Whatever ends up happening, whether I walk home with an award or not, it's going to be a fantastic night!" ON WHAT HIS BBMA PERFORMANCE WILL BE LIKE "I'm...well I should say we will be performing 'Crises'. Halsey will be coming along and it's going to be fantastic. I use a lot of visual media within my performances but I also like to use real people to assist in telling the story. So I decided that this performance was going to focus more on the people than the video content. This song is about real people so real people need to be there to make this work. The concept of the performance is to have it portray two very different periods in LGBT history, but the common link is the strength that the community showed in both of those periods. At it's core, this song is a love letter to the community. I'm so amazed by all that they've done over time to fight for the treatment they deserve. So I want to show that to the world. That's the whole idea for this performance." ON HASLEY AS A CREATIVE PARTNER "Going in, I didn't know to expect. We're both fairly new but she's gotten so huge so fast. I didn't know if I'd be coming in to work with her and cramp her style or something like that! I was really stiff at first and fairly quiet. But she made me remember that it was my writing on the original track and she treated it with so much respect. From that moment on, it was a brilliant experience. Halsey and I are similar people but very different artists and very different in the way we do things. But that's what made us the perfect combination. I learned a lot from her and hopefully her from me. It was one of the easiest sessions I've ever had. Her lyrics flowed out so naturally. She's got a golden personality and she puts that into her voice when she sings and it gives me goosebumps every time. She's much more free when she records. I'm very intent and focused, maybe a little too much when I'm in the booth. She taught me how to loosen up a little bit." ON DREAM COLLABORATIONS "Well it's no secret I'd love to work with Brendon Urie. Every artist has that one artist that inspired them to get into it and he was that artist for me. I'd been such a huge fan of Panic! and when he went solo, he hooked me even more. His new record is unquestionably an instant classic. I'd love to get the chance to watch him work and get to share ideas with him and all of that. I'd also like to get to work with Beyonce at some point. Beyonce and I are really different musically but I feel like we'd do well as a pair. She's very musically open minded and likes to tackle different genres and that's so cool to me. She's a musical chameleon, willing to try anything at least once. It blows me away. I'd honestly be honored to stand i the same studio as her!" Crises (Remix) feat. Halsey and The Resistance available now!
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    Thank you! And thank you for the opportunity as well