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  1. I’m fascinated that you’re immersed in the stan world and don’t know who she is. Not a drag, just shocked you’ve been able to not come across her.
  2. They do, but the netting is fucking uncomfortable hence why we wear underwear.
  3. A lot of people do in the US. Either they swim in their underwear or they do what I do which is where underwear under their swim trunks
  4. I mean I do know she is not serious but I also can't help but feel like given the current climate that queer people, especially trans people, are facing, this is a bit of an irresponsible thing to say
  5. So confused as to why the club even let him in in the first place. Like yes absolutely shame on the parent in every conceivable way but was no one that worked at the club gonna say anything?
  6. Oh she's setting herself up a bit with this one
  7. It’s hard to wrap my head around. He gave so much to the world via Friends. An integral part of not just growing up for many but a lifelong companion. The amount of friends and family I have that watched it when it was on and then just kept watching as the years went on on TV or streaming is insane. It touched so many lives and he was such a huge part of it. But he also gave so much to the world via his transparency and honesty about his demons. He worked hard to normalize the discussion of addiction and the complexities of recovery and the difficult to untangle web of depression. I
  8. She's been an avid supporter of peace for both sides for many, many years now. From demanding Palestine be put back on Google Maps so as to not erase their identity because of their occupation, to her calls for peace both in her own tours and at Eurovision, she's been having this conversation for years. She's very correct in acknowledging Hamas is a terrorist group, but she also took great pains in her initial statement to remind everyone that Palestinians are not Hamas and that they deserve peace. This statement at her show to me is not rallying behind Israel alone, but instead ca
  9. Omg yes the trailers were cool in their customization. Her power truly
  10. I adored it tbh. The cinematography is stunning. Up there with Stop Making Sense for me in terms of it's visual presentation. And yes the energy is amazing. I didn't have people up and dancing but we all sang, did the chants, cheered, and applauded. It was an amazing experience.
  11. Originally got famous as an actor/musician on a super popular Disney Channel show from the 2010s, then grew up and transitioned into being an indie pop/rock singer in a band with his brother called The Driver Era. He's been one of the internet's favorite thirst traps for a few years now.