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  1. yes, the Xmas one went platinum, Burlesque Gold, and the Spanish Album was certified 6x platinum (Latin) by RIAA
  2. so, shouldn't Mariah be in another category then? her career started in the early 90's, 90's big voice divas Not sure, one including her Celine and Shania, and 80's ladies for Kylie, Madonna and Whitney... I know it has something to do with amount of posts for the artist but I like the order and the current order of the forum is so weird...
  3. Your thread is not very specific about that, it says "are-you-guy-still-mad-that-madonna-will-never-be-on-michael-jackson’s-level" level of what? sexual perversions? Money invested in hidding scandals?
  4. So t's accurate to say that MJ videos areI like the Candy house of the Witch in Hansel & Gretel
  5. MJ used the money he earned with his talent to abuse kids, Madonna in the other hand adopted some children to give them a better life... that speaks volumes...
  6. I can't with the uncultured swines here comparing fiction to reality, I guess they are not familiar with the term "fiction", I mean even "It" by fucking Stephen King contains an orgy part when the protagonists were kids, what about Nabokov's Lolita, sure they don't even know about fucking Sade or Bukowski's literature, that's why they act so shocked reading Madonna's book, Idiots...
  7. Rumor

    Lead single before Xmas, Xtina please...
  8. Mozart's most streamed song barely scratches the 14 million streams while Primadonna has over 73 million streams ...he is a
  9. I would love to have a new album as a Birthday present this year
  10. Maybe she wants to pull a Shania debuting with a number one album in 2027