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  1. Why Shakira's Music is most known among Latin Americans and Spanish-Sapeaking people?
  2. Discussion

    Agree 100% is efin iconic
  3. Which Mariah song is as catchy as Hung Up? I'll wait.
  4. In the Zone is Britney at her best, I mean besides the singles the album has amazing songs, Breath on Me, I Got That, The Touch Of My Hand...
  5. the real question is, why isn't she rotting in Vegas next to her peers and wannabes?
  6. Britney with her 8th album and 15 years into her career not with her 4th album (2 flops under her belt)
  7. yeah I think that's the issue, if the artist is focusing on Vegas they kinda leave aside the new material
  8. Agree, however after that we got Britney Jean, Vegas is cursed (Buy Glory on iTunes)
  9. easily offended? @Station to Station
  10. An iconic video/song of one of the best vocalist in the pop world, covered by many and imitated by others, after Dirrty most of the pop girls allowed theirselves to be sexual, lyrics or videos you name it. I see many of the new pop girls citing Xtina's Dirrty and Stripped as an influence, not so much about the other pop girls of the early 00's
  11. Oversensitive SJW warriors everywhere, so easily offended by everything, weak people afraid of how easily their safety bubble could be popped.
  12. Make me...