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  1. I disagree, everybody remembers her on that performance, the kiss between Britney and Madonna got more media attention yes, but is not like her name never appears next to other two everytime that performance is mentioned on the media
  2. Stop the childish behavior, this is a serious forum, we don´t push fictional narratives, make assumptions about the sexuality, weight or mental health of the celebs, to the point we MUST be ashamed if we found dark humor funny at all, because is problematic to our little bubble-world of safety in which we all live
  3. thanks to this post I need to see the Stripped Tour DVD concert again, Love the short version of Contigo en la distancia
  4. What about Like a Virgin with Madonna, Britney and Missy...
  5. Mistress 9


    Maria Pipe Deserve Masochist Accelerate Like I Do Unless Is With You Twice Right Moves Fall in Line Sick of Sittin’
  6. Mistress 9

    This award is not about being innovative is about being iconic... so
  7. Mistress 9


    a grea time to be a kid...
  8. Mistress 9

    Xtina or Gaga
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    ol' good times...
  10. Mistress 9

    exactly, a whispering entertainers stan, no much left to say....
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    The Voice Within Beautiful Mercy On Me Blessed Reflection Your Body Fighter Ain't No Other Man Birds Of Pray Dirrty Pero Me Acuerdo De Ti Telepathy Cruz Monday Morning Maria
  12. well, be thankful that some artists still pay homage to her -and her last truly iconic era - because her material after COADF is not exactly memorable...
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    The Beautiful Queen ... I can´t...
  14. Mistress 9

    Yes... by me