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  1. Mistress 9

    Kesha by far...
  2. Mistress 9

    Tell Him Barbra Streisand & Celine
  3. Mistress 9

    Katy Trainor or whatever her name is
  4. Mistress 9

    Bop, it is a Bop...
  5. So nowadays get a tan is cultural appropriation, i guess I should be careful when basking in the sun next summer people get offended pretty easy these days...
  6. Mistress 9

    So you agree “shone”?
  7. Mistress 9

    well...Witness and her last 7 singles aren't hits exactly... thanks God Katy had her time to shine 2011-2014
  8. Mistress 9

    she’s not the best writer or singer she’s below average, from all the new girls she’s the weakest of the pack, I know it hurts but if you’re a singer - even tho she’s more like an entertainer -Grammys count
  9. Mistress 9

    I have no problems if I look like a fool I'm not even using my real name so... yeah Xtina will never reach the "others" level just like Katy will never reach the level of “other” actual SINGERS like Lady Gaga, writers like Taylor Swift or won a grammy like Peppa Pig sure will
  10. Mistress 9

    that happens a lot, just take a look at the eminem look alike you stan, she was everywhere and now she is only remembered thanks to Miss Taylor Swift's classic hit Bad Blood, harassing her dancing staff and "judge" in a singing competion - the inferior one btw - while she's unable to actually hold a 2 sec note live and steal eminem's look since her disastrous Flopness era
  11. Mistress 9

    One thing is not being in the same level of another singer - just your opinion - they never asked about her virginity because she never preached she will keep herself virgin until marriage, people STILL care about her personal life sometimes even more than they care about her music, proof? the Paper magazine shoots before Liberation, the fights with P!nk or Kelly Osborn, you belong to a different generation, I'm pretty sure you didn't see her during her prime firsthandly, again is just your opinion and mine...
  12. Mistress 9

    you're like 12 right? She was the It girl during her first years, dolls, commercials, musical success, host of the MTV Europe Music awards she was everywhere even during back to basics, she just what you're describing, people were obssesed with her transition from good to bad girl with Stripped... I'm not writing an essay just google it...
  13. Mistress 9

    Kelly, Xtina and Katy all on them forgettable, however two of them are actually singers and won the most important music award not the kids choice ones...