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  1. So sad, at this rate soon she will be have the same vocal power as Selena Whispers Gomez
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    Great! I'm sending later today!
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    @Régine Filange Sis, was on vacation, sorry didn't make it to rate the albums, but surely I will add some comments to this thread
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    I love you!
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    off topic but, could somebody give me the background of this legendary emoticon?
  6. Mistress 9

    yeah, she's a living legend
  7. Mistress 9

    What? One Hit Wonder? she had many top 40 US hits back in the in the 60's with Sony ("I Got You Babe" no 1), 3 number 1 singles in the 70's ("Gypsys Tramps and Thieves, Half Breed, Dark Lady") in the 80's she has three top ten hits from the Heart of Stone Album, and three top 40 in the 90's one of them Believe a number one hit, and I mean she was kind of successful again with Burlesque.
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    Some of you... I can't, It's a Fucking 11
  9. Could you please Include Beyoncé and Madonna I'm curious (and Lazy)
  10. Dreamers, is the only one
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    Like I Do Deserves Better
  12. Me Against The Music I Wanna Go Scream and Shout Toxic Radar Everytime Sometimes Slumber Party Now That I Found you
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    More like she doesn't care about the charts, like if she really doesn't care about Music, Liberation would be a shitty album full of fillers like Lotus
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    Kelly Rowland