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  1. Mistress 9

    yes, that's what I'm saying, that's why I think hot 100 is a mess, radio, streaming, sales, they are trying to measure so many things and at the end it makes no sense, It still feels like they are still trying to figure out how to incorporate streams to their old system, because note this, there are not teenagers trying to make sense of those charts, the rules should keep on changing. yes and I choose not to, but I pay for the service and having spotify advertising that shit it's just annoying.
  2. Mistress 9

    good, I don't need you to agree with me
  3. Mistress 9

    Like, you quoted me the same goes for you bad bunny stan: If it bothers you that much, ignore it Am I speaking about streamin? yes so that has something to do with the topic, I'm explaining my issues with the charts and the streaming, if you are not capable enough to see the relation there is not on me...
  4. Mistress 9

    Billboard will give the same weight to YouTube streams as it does to those from Apple, Spotify or any other platform: 1,250 clicks from a paying subscriber — or 3,750 clicks from a nonpaying user — are counted as the equivalent of one album sale that's what I found for albums, not sure about singles.
  5. Mistress 9

    as, I said before yes I know they exist, that's why I don't see the need of the hot 100 Can you please tell where I'm stating that Drake gets so many streams because banners vs what I have ACTUALLY said that it was annoying to see his face everywhere?
  6. Mistress 9

    1.- yes I want them appart we can have 2 differnet charts one for streaming and one for sales, if streaming is king now I see no need to keep the sales with the streaming numbers. the number one song in streaming is what rules the country, and then you can focus on your market as a streaming artist, and the same goes for sales, it gets easier to read and UNDERSTAND the data. 2.- Billboard charts are surely not created from thin air, but they are proven to be not as good at measuring sales with their ever changing rules, we have plenty of bad measuring in the hot 100 and the albums chart, e.g. Britney's Blackout outcharted by The Eagles for some last minute change of their rules, or Gaga peaking within the Top ten thanks to Youtube commercials. with a song no one but her stans remember. 3.- exactly that, if you have the free service you listen what the platform wants, (only 6 skips? shitty), some artist are so anoyingly promoted like Drake EVERYWHERE in banners, paylists and whatnot.
  7. Since Lewis hamilton just confirmed (as if needed) he is XNDA I'm listening Pipe
  8. Mistress 9

    in my opinion, streaming is pretty much like what radio used to be, my issue with the streaming and the charts is the weird way they try to mix sales + streaming, I think It will make more sense and will be easier to understand two independent charts instead of one messy one merging several categories that don't blend well together like the hot 100 messy charts.
  9. Mistress 9

    Jamie Spears thinks he is so clever...
  10. ok... so that means that non-album singles are her Lettuce? or Xtina's 2 top ten feat singles in 2013?
  11. It's just the way it is... ...and maybe it's never gonna change
  12. Sis lettuce had some chart-worthy singles, Your Body peaked #34 on the hot 100, this feels more like Katy's Liberation
  13. Mistress 9

    The actual (not-dead-aunt) folk one
  14. Mistress 9

    I think she already is a main pop girl