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  1. Amazig, thanks for sharing this jewel
  2. You forget to include her song with a ABGW (is a duet not a feat)
  3. I don't like reggaeton either however I live in LatinAmerica and that Becky G is a big thing, she is a constant thing on the radio... J Lo is a non factor since On the floor (most people called it the pitbull song with Marc Antonhy's wife)
  4. Lies, Shakira and even Becky G are bigger names in LA
  5. 1 ...Baby One More Time 2 I'm Slave 4 U 3 Gimme More 4 Make Me... 5 Womanizer 6 My Prerogative 7 Oops... I Did It Again 8 3 9 Hold It Against Me 10 Work Bitch 11 Me Against The Music
  6. Oh my god STAN an iconic villain

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    2. Hylia


      One of my favorite villains, like, ever. Hotaru in general is just such a great character

    3. Mistress 9

      Mistress 9

      By the way, you stan Miss Tomoyo Daidouji she's one my faves from CLAMP 

    4. Hylia


      The Clear Card arc is AMAZING oprah4 

  7. However I agree Xtina is a best Mom