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  1. Taylor is selling millions of an album, so people who already bought that (I did) would not need to get the singles since you know... like, the album contains all the songs...it is not rocket science
  2. Their sexual harassment accusations, that's why clearly mister Mottola is a clairvoyant
  3. Katy fans are not... with one tiny obvious exception
  4. 1 - Monday Morning 2 - Understand 3 - Impossible 4 - Back In The Day 5 - Circles 6 - Love For All Seasons
  5. 1. Loving Me 4 Me 2. The Right Man 3. Deserve 4. I Am 5. Let There Be Love 6. I Turn To You
  6. Fighter Bionic Best Of Me Prima Donna Sick of Sittin’/I Don’t Need It Anymore Enter The Circus/Welcome
  7. Vanity Masochist Infatuation Slow Down Baby Just A Fool Somebody’s Somebody
  8. Tough one, I LOVE Dirrty but Your Body is the wiiner for me Your Body Dirrty Come On Over Pipe Mercy On Me Woohoo
  9. Can’t Hold Us Down What A Girl Wants Fall In Line Oh Mother Shut Up My Girls
  10. 1. Birds of Prey 2. Keep On Singin’ My Song 3. I Got Trouble 4. Liberation 5. Army of Me 6. I Hate Boys
  11. well... 1. Get Mine Get Yours 2. Genie in a Bottle 3.Desundate 4. Red Hot Kinda Love 5. Right Moves 6. Still Dirrty
  12. How’s Katy doing lately? If Xtina’s flopping is karma, Katy is lack of personality and voice so well deserve her flopping for filth since Witness and Gaga wining awards right and left (nogrammy4Katy)
  13. I know she did not, that’s why I’m asking for receipts obvs you don’t have them, ‘cause is not true, so incoungruous of you saying her most “messy” era is your personal favorite, it just don’t make sense. But ok. You sure stan her its clear.