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  1. And yet, she never leaves their mouths, they're so obsessed
  2. What happened to Battlegrounds?
  3. Rumor

    No she's not, it will be fighter
  4. Oh my good, so many news, so many rumors I feel alive haha
  5. Game

    Sorry my dear, just not my fave...
  6. and that's why if you don't care you shouldn't talk about other people's faves relevance
  7. Oh no worries, most people doesn't care about most of your fave either
  8. and there are daily news about Panic at the disco or My Chemichal Romance?
  9. yes, but if you read carefully he is also claims that he doesn't care about relevancy of the artist he stans, there is the thing, you care when it comes to the failure of others but not when you fail.
  10. OK but don't try to make a point when it contradicts your personal beliefs about relevancy and artists, please don't be a self-dragger
  11. So, you're only interested in Xtina's relevance? double standards too much?