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  1. Mistress 9

    I got it, just the old stuff
  2. Mistress 9

    You forget to include her song with a ABGW (is a duet not a feat)
  3. she was thick not fat IMO
  4. everyone!! one of the best eras eveeeer I really enjoyed it in all its glory, mtv videos, premiers tv interviews it was magical I was 11 so I became a fan right away
  5. Mistress 9

    I don't like reggaeton either however I live in LatinAmerica and that Becky G is a big thing, she is a constant thing on the radio... J Lo is a non factor since On the floor (most people called it the pitbull song with Marc Antonhy's wife)
  6. Mistress 9

    Celeb News

    He says he is a Gaga stan himself that's why his name is Agu-gaga, I would doubt he stans any of them, he is an Ariana stan, I'm sure.
  7. Mistress 9

    Lies, Shakira and even Becky G are bigger names in LA
  8. Mistress 9

    Someday is one of her best singles...
  9. Mistress 9

    So AIWFCIY peaked at 6 this week right?
  10. Mistress 9

    It would be 100% since one them is not able to hit them anymore, But Xtina -it's not screaming honey- still can and i'm sure Britney will drop a big vocal surprise with her next album
  11. Mistress 9

    I'm changing my original statement, I think 5 of 12 of your stan badges can't sing anymore, that's why the 42% ... I should have explained that better.
  12. Mistress 9

    Half of your faves can't even reach one octave range so keep it cute
  13. Mistress 9

    Good vocals, but very average song tbh, not bad not great...
  14. Beautiful Ballad, great vocals, single-worthy