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  1. Oh my GOD Maluma looks hot af
  2. She looks great, a natural born beauty
  3. Grammar police detected
  4. Can you handel mine?
  5. You created a thread about her...so, who's pressed?
  6. So are Janet and Mariah now
  7. Been judged from some random-gay-dude commenting in a celebrity's website, I think she's doing great, not as good as beyonce but not that bad.
  8. And I ask you again, where Did I say Britney is not declining in sales?
  9. Here 1991-2003 list[11][edit] Come On Over / Shania Twain ~ 14,896,911 Jagged Little Pill / Alanis Morissette ~ 14,200,822 Metallica / Metallica ~ 13,803,308 Millennium / Backstreet Boys ~ 12,056,675 The Bodyguard / Soundtrack (Whitney Houston) ~ 11,741,779 Supernatural / Santana ~ 11,333,627 Human Clay / Creed ~ 11,291,067 No Strings Attached / NSYNC ~ 11,069,789 Falling into You / Celine Dion ~ 10,614,005 ...Baby One More Time / Britney Spears ~ 10,472,878
  10. Yes and I'm saying it's stupid compare Britney single sales with Rihanna's since they Musical careers has began at diferent moments in the music industry history, when Music sales format is changing constantly (SPS, itunes etc.)
  11. I said US only, Avril wasn't near to sold 10 million records there, so remove her from that list of legendary acts (her case in declining sales it's even worst than Britney's) Could you please point to me where I'm claiming she did not "Downgraded" her sales?