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  1. Mariah is a legend. She has nothing left to prove. U tried it though.
  2. No one truly gives a fuck about Xtinct and Decayney. Xtinct lost her passion for music and is too busy being the typical white soccer mom while doing endorsements for Oreos. Decayney is declining each album. It just keeps getting worse. Her numbers are slowly becoming Hilary Duff numbers. Freaking Alessia Cara is doing better than both of these women. It's embarrassing. Neither of them will ever have a hit single unless they collab with someone relevant like Drake, Bruno, Taylor Swift or Rihanna. It's just not looking good for them. I'm worried. Neither of them are certified legends so they will most likely be seen as just icons from the past.
  3. That delusional Jlo stan thinks Jlo can sing? Lol how pitiful. Jlo makes Taylor Swift sound like Aretha Franklin.
  4. But many people still have the same face. Jlo uses excessive spray tan and makeup.
  5. She looks different and unrecognizable
  6. 10 years from now she wont sound good
  7. Adele is smoking and eating 10 cheeseburgers a day. Let's see how her vocals sound in 10 years.
  8. Event

    britney spears perfume music video teas
  9. never realized how much myah looks like gaga
  10. Photos

    Depending on what shade of blonde because the blonde she's had the past 2 years does NOT look better than this maybe if she was a darker blonde then I'd agree
  11. Photos

    She is always serving looks. Beautiful.
  12. Xtinct. Bitch is so hot headed and pressed because she's flopping. Now she thinks she's giving her fans pay back for letting Bionic and Lotus flop. Like bitch bye your fans are the reason why you're even a millionaire. Her fat ass is glued on the voice red chair and she's also stuck doing oreo campaigns. Her fans deserve better. She hasn't released a quality album in almost 11 years. She hasn't toured in more than a decade and she barely gives a flying fuck about how her fans feel about the wait for new music.
  13. No. It's a shame because she had potential. Her debut solo album was great and had great success. She should have rode the coattail of the first album's success. She should have released a 2nd album in 2009. Fuck the BEP. She could have been big during her 2nd and 3rd album but eventually she would have flopped like during her 4th album because of ageism. It's just so stupid though. Who the hell waits 11 years to release another album? Shania Twain waited longer and now she's paying the price. Only Sade can pull it off because Sade releases good music. Fergie needs to stop delaying the album and just release it and flop. The GP are not into you anymore even with a Drake feature she would still flop.
  14. Photos

    This. I mean Gaga looks old in these pics. It's the shade of blonde hair. Just a few weeks ago she looked in her 20s with the brown hair and now that she's almost platinum blonde again she looks a lot older than her actual age. I think she should do a more natural blonde like this