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  1. http://ladygaganow.co/jean-pierre-mocky-reveals-madonna-suggested-a-movie-with-lady-gaga During a recent interview with LCI, which is a French news site, a director by the name of Jean-Pierre Mocky discussed his most important collaborations and revealed that Madonna had suggested doing a movie with Gaga a few years ago. “2 or 3 years ago Madonna told me: ‘We should do a movie with Lady Gaga’. I don’t exactly know her that well, but I do know that she is a chameleon!” What do you think of the movie situation? Would you want them to do one together?
  2. Siiiis, it's definitely not country pop if that's what you're assuming, lol. Come on now. I never said DIC would do better. I said just because the past two singles flopped doesn't mean it will flop too and I want John Wayne as a single just like the rest of the LM's, but, hey. It is what it is.
  3. It's not really country pop at all. If anything, MR is country pop and the whole album isn't that either. Trust me, I've listened to that album quite enough to know that it isn't country.
  4. Well, you don't know that. Just because PI and MR didn't do as well as planned doesn't mean DIC won't.
  5. I don't know, but it's definitely radio friendly. It's not really reggae at all, but it does fit the "tropical" vibe in a way. It's more dancehall/Bollywood.
  6. I haven't been on due to personal issues, but I'm back!

    1. Slasher


      Welcome back! yas2 

    2. Unstoppable


      Thank you! It feels great to be back hug2

  7. I like listening to songs that Mark produces.
  8. I think she does better with ballads, but I can't bash her pop songs either. Some of them are catchy.
  9. I think she's saving the promo for when she needs it. I haven't given up on her, but we'll have to wait and see what promo strategies she has lined up.
  10. Well, we all ended up with great albums, so I wouldn't say it's the worst.
  11. I wouldn't be surprised since it's part of her name, but I'm here for more Gaga and RedOne music. ?