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  1. . Mercedes

    She has a unique voice! And she seems to be able to rap.
  2. . Mercedes

    She is awesome!!! Do you think she is future super star?
  3. . Mercedes

    Who can singers dance and sing like Alice?🤔
  4. . Mercedes

    I'm not going to make any more Alice threads. I will make this thread the last thread. But I think she deserves fame, so it's sad that it doesn't happen.
  5. . Mercedes

    She is very talented and pretty. and this song is BOP. It's no wonder she is in the Ava max position.
  6. . Mercedes

    yeah She can sing,maybe She is better than Normani But Is she great vocalist of this generation? I feel like lots of singers can sing like her. Is she special?
  7. . Mercedes

    Normani has a 4 octave range, which is comparable to Tinashe.
  8. . Mercedes

    If Tinashe joins the vocalist, Normani can also join the list. They have the same level of vocal skills.
  9. . Mercedes

    Does Tinashe have vocal?. What about Normani?
  10. . Mercedes

    Well Ava max is okay. Is Alice the main pop girl? She has no hit song. I was expecting Dinah jane.
  11. . Mercedes

    In that list, only Alice chater seems to have strong vocal. Are others gifted?
  12. Who is gifted vocalist? However, Lady gaga and Beyonce are old generations
  13. Is it good singing? I feel like child Britney is better
  14. I noticed that many pop singers had talented since they were children What about your favorite one's childhood?
  15. Do you think she has stage presence?