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  1. julia here

    I just got hit with the "I forgot how hot you are" text brit0

    1. Hylia

      Sorry I'll quit texting you!

    2. Infrared

      I got hit with that when I changed my profile picture a few months ago um2 

      fuck a fake bitch

  2. julia here

    I spent so long on my tumblr theme today appreciate it



  3. julia

    mixtape #1

    A nice lil mixtape of music I like. A lot of it is really underrated, so give it a listen!
  4. julia

    Dear god I hope so. America is too stupid to stop believing in something that's proven to be defective or hateful, though. Obviously.
  5. So happy about this. He did such an awesome job with the Tonys
  6. julia here

    I can't listen to Young and Beautiful without being reduced to tears cry9

    1. Kuba

      Relatable brit2

    2. julia

      It's kind of a dumb cliche song but it was playing during the single happiest moment of my life and now that that's gone to shit I can't @Kuba cry5

  7. This movie had no coherent plot but I was okay with that. It was fucking HILARIOUS
  8. The Mrs Carter Tour was iconic and amazing, but the Formation World Tour is in a class of its own. It was literal art.
  9. julia

    Love it (most of the time) Dick
  10. Black girl magic at work The only good thing that America has ever done
  11. Disappointed. Y'all aren't talking about this enough Hamilton is revolutionary (hah punny cause it's about the revolutionary war hah) if you haven't listened, you really should. Even if you're not a fan of Broadway, it's completely different than anything you've heard before
  12. Why are people still listening to him?