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  1. Whatever, stay being fake offended. I said what i said, and stand by my opinion. Camila CAN speak spanish though and that's that.
  2. Its not racist you Race baiting monkey, its a suggestion. Plenty latina singers sound bad in english, but amazing in spanish
  3. Both shit and will never be Madonna, but Gwen looks better at 50 and she's not Australian, so her.
  4. All the goats, sheep and banshees Camila steals her talent from disagree. Camilla cannot dance Camilla cannot sing She wails on cue Camila is not on Normani's level in the looks dept. She is shaped like an eraser, which is fitting due to the fact CITC has vanished from the charts Clearly the label was wrong about who should be a soloist, and ignorantly went on who the 12 yr old girls found the most popular in the group at the time Camila is not marketable and neither is her Llama face Camila should leave the english language alone and go south. I reckon
  5. Surely staying in such a poisonous and career-hazardous environment isnt safe or doing wonders for Normani's talent. She has to dumb down her dancing ability, because her fridge-built and cinder-block-for-feet bandmates dont know their left from their right. Normani carries all the Talent (she sings, dances, acts and can model and you'd be lucky if the others can achieve at least one of these) as well as the group. She's rewarded for all her hardwork and effort by being racially abused by Camila and Lauren stans, who deludedly think that their fave is superior. My question
  6. They dont know what they've signed up for. Poor things - they should've watched all those 90s Hip-Hop biopics before making their decision.
  7. A life or death choice. So who you picking? Question 1: Picking one would result you in having to listen to their two smash hits for eternity. So decide: Some dude and his weird uncle or Shrek and Donkey? Question 2: Madonna and Whitney are scheduled to have a knife fight. You have to decide who will win. Whitney is motivated by the possibility that she will receive some crack if she wins. Madonna just plain hates Whitney and that motivates her enough. Who will you rest your life on? Question 3: You're a recording arti
  8. Thats that white self-entitlement rearing its ugly head in Madonna. Didnt she have like successful albums from the 80s? So dramatic and unnecessary. I'm glad she (tried to) kept this letter to herself and got OVER herself; she stood a stronger test of time than those other girls mentioned anyway.
  9. Yaaaaas Black King. Cheat and rig the system. We love power-playing Entrepeneurs like Shawn, Diddy and Taylor.