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  1. The parts about her calling producers n***a hasnt been disproven.
  2. Taylor swift is better and doesnt wear a genre like a costume and treat cultures like accessories. Dislike her all you like, but she knows who she is and stays in her lane. Katy however has no qualms in using drag queens as stage props, but when it comes to treating them like actual humans, she is no better than her Trump supporting parents. She can run outside and hug all her fans all she likes and post tweets to all the popstars that are currently more relevant than her. Uts desperate and it can be smelt from a mile away. As far as her beef with Taylor, im on katy's side, but on a human level, Taylor.
  3. The polls are starting to make A LOT more sense now.
  4. Youre looking at this the wrong way. Shawn got a #1 after amassing a Disney watching following. Uk kids love buying Boyband music, hence why One Direction and Bieber eat the charts here. 212 however was a debut single with no label backing, which managed charted top 15 in the UK just off the back of cascade knowledge of the single.
  5. Spotify listens? Really? Of course the Tweens are going to show out for spotify and YT views. Im asking which is more generally known. I honestly havent heard any Shawn song on British radios AT ALL. 212 crossed Channels and oceans. Shawn is Domestic. 212 was a 1st World hit (and 2nd world. The Brazilians llove ha)
  6. We know 212 is superior in terms of quality, BUT Which is more UNIVERSALLY known? Which music attracts more listeners outside of its usual demographic? Just answer via the poll. Xox - Bubble
  7. Knowing that it is midnight on a school night right now in the UK, im hoping that there were no actual children at this concert. But it is an ari concert so i know there were probably a lot of young adults there that may have been killed and injure and my heart truly goes out to them and their loved ones. So sad.
  8. Who needs sleeping pills when you got Malipoo?
  9. Not all of them were huge, stop lying. The only hit there is Shape of You and Pistachio has just topped the charts.
  10. Neither does any of the faves, but thats stan twitter monkey.
  11. Po' Iggy Piggy... struggling to make ends meet and dumpster dives for any piece of food she can get. Is she really resorting to white tears to sell a single? Like fucking really???????
  12. Other

    This song has Blackbear teass. I guess since she looks Bieber now, she's starting to act like him by stealing from Blackbear. Regardless, this is a bop.