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  1. They dont know what they've signed up for. Poor things - they should've watched all those 90s Hip-Hop biopics before making their decision.
  2. A life or death choice. So who you picking? Question 1: Picking one would result you in having to listen to their two smash hits for eternity. So decide: Some dude and his weird uncle or Shrek and Donkey? Question 2: Madonna and Whitney are scheduled to have a knife fight. You have to decide who will win. Whitney is motivated by the possibility that she will receive some crack if she wins. Madonna just plain hates Whitney and that motivates her enough. Who will you rest your life on? Question 3: You're a recording artist and one of these penless vixens has to write you a song that will be released as your upcoming single. Who will you trust to deliver you a #1 smash hit? Lobotomknee Spears or Rihammerhead? Note: this is 2011- knee writing your music. Question 4: The single did SURPRISINGLY well both critically and commercially, so you decide to celebrate your global #1 hit. You are drunk from a good night out and require an Uber home. The depot has accidently sent two drivers to pick you up. Whose car are you getting in? Question 5: Why did you get into their car!?!?!? This driver is infamously known for killing someone on road and they've done it again! The driver has fled from the scene, leaving you alone in the middle of the road with a body. you are still lowkey drunk and are panicking. Both of these men appear and promise that they can make this whole situation disappear. In exchange for their kind help, you will have to sign to their label and be under their management. Who did you sign your soul to? Question 6: Which goofy broad? Question 7: It's Met Gala 2020 and theme tonight is Olympiads: The sporting demi-gods, and one of these lames is responsible for making you look the part for the night. Note: Harajuku Oknee cap will be dressing you, not the post-2014 Nicki Question 8: After upstaging the Queen of the Met Gala last night, You are now in an online spat with Rihanna, and she is dragging you by the 2 hair follicles you now have left. She is affecting your street cred and followers ratio, so you now have to go for the jugular and end this heaux in her tracks. Who are you lending your twitter to so that they can handle this broad? Question 9: After x exposed Rihanna with career-ending information that they downloaded from wikileaks, you are now subscribed to the website and receive annoying updates from them daily. Today though, you receive an email to your phone and attached are two videos: - Miley Cyrus is inside a Bukkake circle getting hot slimey cum on her face from Donald Trump, his sons, the leader of the KKK, Perez Hilton, Mike Pence and her dad. - Katy perry has been caught on film making third-world children fist fight for a loaf of stale bread. You want to release both videos to the press, but you only have enough storage on your phone to save one of them. Whose video will you NOT be releasing? Question 10: The funeral of a globally well-respected icon is being fed live all around the world, and you've been assigned to sing a song at the funeral service with these two basics. As you are an 9 octave legend, that can sing in bat and whale frequency, you have been given the task to finish the song on a VERY powerful note that must go on for 30 seconds. Half way through the song, you realise you have strained your vocal cords and can no longer continue to the end. You have to make a quick decision, as your part is coming up. Who are you picking to sing your part and save the peformance? Question 11: Your choice BOMBED that final note and left many deaf after hearing it. After that career-ending performance, you have officially been declared OVER by TIME magazine and have been blacklisted absolutely everywhere. Now penniless and jobless, you come across two job ads that both advertise needing a Nanny. Both of the vacancies were posted by two rich Legends that are tired and in need of someone to look after their bratty kids. Whose ad are you responding to? Question 12: Whilst the parents are away on tour, you give the kids a dose of Ambien to knock them out for the whole night and decide to throw major rager at you employer's palace/mansion/estate. You and your famous guests get totally wasted and high on weed, Speed, Coke, meth, molly and LSD. 6 hours into your party sesh, you receive a knock at the door... it's the police! You need to hide ALL the drugs, grading from class A to C. Who are you trusting to hide and/or dispose of the illegal substances? Question 13: BUSTED! The person you asked to hide the drugs were high as hell and dropped them all over the floor, right in the officers' view. Fast forward a month and you are now in prison. This is a new environment for you and you have no idea how things are run. You need to clique up mama. Who are you latching onto for some guidance inside? Whose prison bitch are you going to be? Lindsay is part of the Aryan legion in prison and can teach you to cook meth, which is good as this is the main economy inside prison and can earn you money and allow you to make negotiations with inmates for contraband or services. Lil Kim rolls with the gym broads and they can teach you to toughen up and get the upper hand in fights. You will never be punked inside. If you mostly likely want something, bitch you just take it. They also run the kitchen and can slip you extra bread rolls or pudding or whatever. Question 14: Years have passed and you have now served your time for the multiple charges put against you. News of your now found freedom has spread like wildfire and as a result, these two vultures would like to get the inside scoop on your life inside. Whose show are you going on and spilling tea to? Question 15: The interview you gave was JUICY and had you relevant on social media for about... 5 days. Mona Scott Young gives you a call and asks if you would like to become part of the Love and Hip Hop franchisr and you gladly accept. Your life has become quite dull since leaving prison, so you make the decision to find someone to partner up with on the show and together you will concoct some fake drama for the cameras. You go through a plethora of head shots and managed to cut those down to only two portfolios. Whose agent are you calling?
  3. Thats that white self-entitlement rearing its ugly head in Madonna. Didnt she have like successful albums from the 80s? So dramatic and unnecessary. I'm glad she (tried to) kept this letter to herself and got OVER herself; she stood a stronger test of time than those other girls mentioned anyway.
  4. Yaaaaas Black King. Cheat and rig the system. We love power-playing Entrepeneurs like Shawn, Diddy and Taylor.
  5. Tea. The Official Charts Company agrees.
  6. Looks like Oreo may be in the midst of creating a comeback hit with Pop's favourite villain. Who is excited for this? The runs, the talk of pussy and liqourice every other sentence, the smell of bleach cream and sight of fake tan running down Xtine's hammy legs. I. AM. HERE. FOR. IT.
  7. Well clearly the media is doing its job because we have p.o.p calling someone he supposedly likes a loud big black woman. Like... I mean...
  8. Media = influence Media displays this image of "typical black woman" > society forms a general view about a whole demographic based off what the media feeds them.
  9. That still doesnt stop the media from generalising BW off the actions of one woman. Thats exactly how those stereotypes came to be and Wendy is as loud as anybody else, white or black, male or female, that does daytime television.
  10. Stubborn in what sense?